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Memebox K-Style 2 Review and Unboxing

Memebox K-Style boxes are makeup-based boxes that include everything you need to create the ever-popular makeup looks worn by k-celebs. While I'm not normally interested in the makeup-heavy Memeboxes, I had received the original K-Style box and absolutely loved it. When Memebox said they were sending me K-Style 2 to review, I was excited and hopeful that it would be as good as the first one.
This box is actually quite old by Memebox standards, as it shipped back in early September. Memebox must have had some extras hiding around their warehouse for review purposes. K-Style #3 and #4 have already been released at this stage in the game, but I was still pretty interested to see what this box would contain as I hadn't seen any spoilers.

 (product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special editions, which are curated around a specific theme. 
The K-Style 2 box cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping. Most of the time, unless it's a "Superbox", Memeboxes usually contain a mix between full size and deluxe size samples. In the case of the K-Style 2 box, all 6 items are full size.
From Memebox:
You know when you catch yourself with your eyes glued to the screen wondering what the hell K-celebs put on their face to look so jaw-droppingly gorgeous? Find out the K-Style secret with our K-Style 2 Box!
Korean makeup is all about radiant feminine beauty, and with this box, you’ll be able to recreate all of your favorite K-celeb’s beauty looks! Whether you want to take the spotlight with a fun and dramatic K-pop eye and lip combo, or want to perfect understated elegance with bright and flawless skin, and signature K-drama celeb lips, the final results will be some kind of gorgeous.
Upgrade your beauty collection with this box, and your makeup pouch will be the envy of every Seoulite!

Original Raw: Ten Cushion Foundation
(Full Size Product: $32)
Upon reading the info card, this foundation seemed like a dream in a tube. Memebox says this foundation is a CC Cream, essence, moisturizing pact, makeup base and sunblock all in one. It's also supposed to soothe, brighten, and moisturize while covering skin imperfections. Of course, after reading that glowing description I couldn't wait to open it up and see this magical product in action. 
Unfortunately, I was more disappointed than wowed. It's called a "Cushion Foundation" which immediately makes me think of, well, a cushion foundation. If you're unfamiliar, it's essentially a container with a sponge inside that is soaked in foundation. This product is definitely not that. It is just a tube of extremely watery liquid that has a yellow undertone. This stuff is SO watery that I barely had to squeeze the tube before product was pouring out. It's terrible packaging for the consistency of this foundation. It's also way too yellow for my skin tone, so I wasn't really able to try it on my face successfully. In the swatch photo at the end of this post you can see that it covered the discoloration in my hand, so that's something I guess!

Royal Nature: Pantone Shadeliner in "Black"
(Full Size Product: $12)
So you buy a K-Style box hoping to get products that help you replicate your favorite K-Celebs makeup and you find a black liner. I know black liner is timeless and ever-popular, but I can't help but feel like everyone on the planet has enough black liner to last a lifetime. Fortunately, Memebox offered a few different shades- I just happened to get the black one. It's an auto-type liner and it twists up from the bottom. It claims to dry within 5 seconds and have a waterproof finish. You'll see with my swatches below, that's not the case at all. This liner doesn't seem to hold up on my hand, so I can't imagine it'll do much better on my oily lids.

RiRe: Luxe Mirror Eyeliner in "Black"
(Full Size Product: $14)
Just what you need to create a unique k-beauty look: 2 black liners. 
Seriously another black eyeliner? I just don't understand the thought behind the curation of this box at all. However this liner is at least a bit better than the previous one. 
I have received RiRe products past boxes and enjoyed them. I use the RiRe champagne colored liner from the first K-Style box regularly in my water line and on my inner corners, so I was happy to see another product from them in this box. Even so, I couldn't help but be disappointed in the packaging and appearance of this product. It's all well and good that they've included a mirror on the back of the bottle, but the cheap sticker haphazardly thrown on to the front was slowly peeling back when I took it out of the box. The presentation is really lacking here, and it makes me wonder about the overall quality of their brand in general. I don't think companies really understand how important packaging is! This swatched very smoothly and evenly, and gave a solid black line, but it also didn't seem like a liner that would last a very long time.

Eglips: Real Color Lip Lacquer
(Full Size Product: $14)
This lip lacquer is a gloss, tint and lipstick in one, which seems to be a popular selling-point of Korean lip products. This can be used a a tint and applied to the inner contours of your lip and blended out for a gradated effect, or it can be applied all over the lips for a more intense full-color look. While this shade is incredibly bright for me, it has nice pigmentation and isn't sticky or greasy. I did notice it streaking a bit in the swatches I did, but overall it applies nicely when blended. I have a lot of pink lip tints, and this shade is a bit too bright for me to wear full-coverage, so I think I'll pass this on to a friend.

Shara Shara: Color Eyes Stick Shadow in "Sugar Pink"
(Full Size Product: $7)
Shara Shara, which I have now dubbed, "the doll head brand", has been showing up in many Memeboxes lately. Some of their products are nice and some are not-so-much. This is a cream shadow stick, and I received the shade 'Sugar Pink." The shade itself isn't something I would normally wear on my eyes, but it is quite pretty. I'd say it's a mauve-pink with a really pretty shimmer to it. It's nicely pigmented, but doesn't seem to set very well on the skin. Because of that, I can't imagine it would last more than a few minutes on my eyelids before creasing like crazy. This is another product I'll probably be passing on.

Secret Stargirl: Cat's Lash in "Cats Eye"
(Full Size Product: $7)
What k-beauty look would be complete without a pair of lashes? While I do wear lashes on special occasions, I know a lot of people aren't fans of them. Even so, I think this is the perfect kind of box for lashes to be included, as you'd be hard pressed to find a Korean woman who doesn't own a zillion pairs. These lashes are endorsed by the group Girl's Day, which is awesome! I'm a casual fan of k-pop, and Girl's Day is one of the groups I listen to regularly so it was really fun to see them in a Memebox!
Luckily, these are the exact kind of lashes I like to wear. I love that they are cut at an angle so they fan out and make your eyes look huge! The crisscrossed pattern of the lashes also blends in nicely with your real lashes, making these look natural, but dramatic. Excited to use these on my next night out!

So here are the swatches! You can see that the Royal Nature Pantone liner is pretty dull-looking compared to the RiRe liquid liner.

Here's what the swatches looked like after rubbing them off. The lip gloss left behind a pretty intense tint, but the color itself is muted, which is nice since the shade was too bright for me. The Shara Shara shadow never seemed to dry, although it did hold onto my skin a bit better than expected. I think someone with dry lids might be able to pull it off well. The liners were both disappointing, although the Royal Nature practically faded away with one wipe. I waited at least 10 minutes before attempted to remove these, so seeing how faded it became made me realize that this liner is anything but long-lasting.

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $30 shipped and contained $86 worth of product. I do want to point out that the foundation alone had a retail price of $32, so the combined value of everything else was $54. As you know, I tend to expect high values when it comes to my Memeboxes, so this one didn't really hit the mark for me. 
Monetary value aside, this box also didn't contain products that interest me. I have more than enough black liner and pink lip tints. Cream shadows don't work well on me, and I can't use the watery foundation due to it's yellow tone. The only products in this box that I will use are the lashes and the liquid liner. Even so, the liner will be a backup to my backup at this point. I don't really feel like this box is engaging like the original K-Style box. The original made me feel excited about trying out the entire look together, while this one just makes me feel let down. I'm sure I could create a nice-enough look from what's included here, but I know I have products that are similar and work better. Unfortunately, this box is the first complete miss for me in a long time, further extending the lack of interest I have in makeup-based Memeboxes.

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