Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Memebox "Thank You" Value Sets On Sale: Free Shipping, Free Gift, and Coupon!

Okay, so I normally don't post about Memebox sales since I already spam Memebox goodness enough as it is...but I HAVE to share this with you guys just in case you don't visit the Memebox website very often. You know this must be an awesome deal if I'm posting about it here!

Memebox has some new value sets for sale, and they're all brand-based. There are 4 sets: Kocostar, Benton, YET, and Arial!

Check them out at THIS LINK.

Why is this Sale Awesome-Sauce?
-These sets are deeply discounted, some of them are over 50% off!
-You get a FREE full-sized mystery gift with purchase
-You get FREE Shipping
-You can use a coupon code to save even more! 
Use NRTE7U at checkout to save $5 off your $30 purchase!

Here's a look at some of these sets!

 (Originally $63, on sale for $30!)
I'm telling you-this one is going to sell out ridiculously fast. Not only does it include an adorabel "catgirl" waterproof eyeliner and a lip and cheek balm, but there's also a set of TEN sheet masks and a beautiful 5 piece tint set that screams "holiday gift" to me! Buy it HERE.

(Orginally $54, on sale for $30!)
This value set comes with some amazing products. The Snail Bee High Content Essence has been buzzed about for awhile now as a holy grail product for clearing up skin and making it look absolutely perfect! There is also a pack of TEN Snail Bee sheet masks, and Benton's famous Snail Bee Steam Cream, which is perfect for sensitive or acne-prone skin! Buy it HERE

(Orginally $52, on sale for $30!)
This set includes their stress relieving cleansing foam, Berry Gel Mist, Tell Me Your Wish hand cream, and an assortment of 3 sheet masks. I have a few products from this brand, and I've been very happy with them! I think this is a fantastic deal and also a very cohesive group of products that would make a great gift! But it HERE.

DDung Value Set 
(Originally $40, on sale for $20!)
This is a nice set of products for $20! Granted these products have some "creepy doll syndrome" going on, but the things I've tried from this brand I've really enjoyed! This set includes 2 boxes of cotton puffs, which, if you are a kbeauty addict, you how fast one can go through cotton rounds! On top of that, there is a peeling gel which is applied to the skin and massaged. As the product balls up on your skin, it pulls dead skin cells off along with it! A classic cleansing cream and a vitamins wash-off pack are also in the mix. Actually a really great set for the price! Get it HERE.

Don't Forget!
Once you've chosen a set you love, you can use my $5 off coupon code to make the price drop down to $25! Use NRTE7U at checkout!

As I said above, these sets also come with a free full size gift AND free shipping
Told you this deal was awesome! Especially since there's been such a lack of boxes lately, these will fill the meme-void in your life!

If you're picking up a set, I'd love to know which one! I think I'll be grabbing the YET set, and I'm trying to decide which of the others to add to it. I have to get more than one because this sale is just too good. My brain tells me BUY BUY BUY when it's the holidays and there's a really good deal to be had!

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  1. I snagged that Benton one so fast!

  2. It looks like everyone else is too! They've already sold out twice, I can't believe it! LOL I mean... I can believe it, but wow...maybe everyone is just dying to buy something since the boxes have been lacking lately haha ;)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I just picked up the Benton set and the DDung set! I got the DDung cleansing cream in the cute wishlist 3 box and really love it! So now I have a backup and other products to try from the brand! Yay! I am also super excited to try the Benton products as I have acne prone skin and its super sensitive so this looks really promising! Thanks again for letting us know- oh and I used your code and got 5 $ off and I had 4 meme points so I got everything for $41. Such a great deal!!! (Its sad how excited I get over stuff like this lol)

    1. Omg you're so welcome!! :D I noticed that they weren't doing a ton of promotion on these and I thought they were a ridiculously good deal! I think you made a good choice with the sets you picked. I really liked the ddung cleansing cream too! :) And LOL you are in good company when it comes to getting excited over saving money! LOL Anytime I can find a really good deal on stuff that I love, I get waaay too excited over it! haha So excited for you to get your order. I hope you enjoy everything! :)

    2. Thank you so much!! Have you picked out which set/sets you will get? Whatever you pick I look forward to your reviews! Your reviews are the best!

    3. Aww thank you! :D <3 A wonderful blogger friend of mine purchased me the Benton set as a gift because I've been really wanted to try their essence! Since the holidays are coming up, I'm scrambling to figure out which of these sets my sisters would like (if any) and going from there. :) I seriously and embarassingly want to buy them all, but since it's the holidays I have to force myself to stick to a tiny budget for the blog and only buy things I really need!
      However if for some reason I get some extra money, I will probably pick up the YET set since I have so much skincare already- I'd like to try out those lip tints! ;)

  4. This is my first time ordering from memebox. Just wondering, have you guys purchased these sets living in the US and have you received them yet? It's been about 3 weeks and I still haven't received the Ddung value set. Is this the typical wait time? Thanks!

    1. I got my set rather quickly and I live in the US, but sometimes they take FOREVER! When they do ship it out they send an email saying they are shipping and give you a tracking number. If you are concerned about it though you can contact them to try and see whats going on. Hope you get your set soon! :)

    2. They absolutely can take a very long time for some reason. I have gotten orders incredibly fast, and others I thought would never show up. I know someone in a forum I frequent has been waiting over 40 days for one of her orders. Memebox told her that they are incredibly delayed in shipping right now, apparently? However I know most people have received their value sets from this selection by now. I would contact Memebox and let them know how many days ago it was ordered and that you still don't have any information on where your items are. You can also check your account under "orders". If it says "shipped" there should be a tracking number available there for you if one wasn't sent to your e-mail. If it's not yet shipped, I would contact them asap. Just a heads up, they usually take a long time to respond, and even more so because of the holiday, but they will get back to you! It's all about patience with them. They are a great company with not the best customer service sometimes! Their reps are great, there are just not enough for them for the volume of product they sell! I hope your set shows up soon!

    3. I thank you both for your information. I'm concerned even more so now because i checked tracking, and it was shipped Nov 26. I did call usps Monday and they told me it's still in Seoul. That same day I emailed memebox and their reply was that it was on its way. I wrote them an email about it again last night. I just hope it's not lost because they're sold out on this set. Seems like I've not had too good of luck with my first Korean purchases. My first order from eBay appeared to be lost as well and they sent me another package and this time I actually see its on its way. Thanks again for your replies, much appreciated! :)

  5. I finally got my Memebox Ddung Value Set, after 7 weeks. I thought it was a loss cause. Thanks again!!!

    1. omgosh that's AWESOME! Glad it finally came and I hope you're enjoying it! :D I heard there were some issues with shipping for the past month but it seems like things are on track again thank goodness!

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