Thursday, November 20, 2014

Memebox While You Were Sleeping Review and Unboxing

The memebox mania rolls on!
As much as I love overnight-focused skincare products, I didn't immediately buy the "While You Were Sleeping" box. The description was a bit generalized, and I tend to get weary of boxes that are too far open to interpretation. However, I had a bunch of points burning a hole in my pocket, and the City Girl/ Foot Therapy/ While You Were Sleeping bundle was way too enticing to pass on. While City Girl was not the best box for me, I absolutely loved Foot Therapy, and I was hoping that this box would be just as fabulous. I use the most products during my nighttime skincare routine, and doing my skincare regimen at the end of the night is one of my absolute favorite ways to wind down after a long day!

(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their Superboxes, which contain all full size products.
  "While You Were Sleeping" cost $29 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 8 products.
From Memebox:
Say goodnight to all your imperfections with this luxurious While You Were Sleeping box! This night care recovery box bursts with skin, body and hair miracle workers that combat all signs of aging for a younger, brighter, more beautiful you. As aging and hormonal changes weaken skin, body and hair at their structural levels, even a full night's sleep can't provide optimal recovery, giving you a less than perfect look. Don't fret because this ultimate beauty box will regenerate, repair and replenish your beauty- all while you sleep! Skin will look younger and re-plumped and hair will be silkier and shinier- more beautiful than the day before!
Rosemine: Azulene Calming Gel
(Full Size Product: $29)
This is a multi-purpose gel product that soothes and calms red, irritated skin and dry patches, but it also helps combat blemishes and irritation on oily, troubled skin. This (if I remember correctly) was already featured in the Herbal box, as it contains chamomile, aloe vera and rose water. While this particular azulene gel is from Rosemine, there are many other brands that carry this type of product. Azulene is an oil that is created from the distillation of chamomile, and It has a wide array of healing properties. I don't usually have red or irritated skin since I am very diligent about moisturizing and caring for it, however this might be a good product to have on hand on those days when I get razor burn or a bit too much sun in the Summer.

A.H.C: Whitening Specil Gen Skin Care Kit
(Solution, Serum and Cream)
(Full Size Product: $18) 
This set was a spoiler for this box, and a huge reason why I finally decided to buy it. This skin tone brightening trio includes a toner, serum and moisturizer. It's formulated with green tea, lavender, sage, rose hip oil and many other natural ingredients which help repair the look of fine lines, skin discoloration and dull-looking skin. I am addicted to whitening skincare. A lot of Western skincare brands shy away from the word "whitening" in regards to skincare, mostly due to our cultural love of the sun and tanned skin. However much of the time, these whitening products simply brighten the skin and even out the tone. If you suffer from redness or uneven tone on your skin, whitening products could be your best friend. I have seen a significant difference in the amount of redness I have around my nose and on my chin, and my skin looks a lot more even and bright since using whitening products in general. I am super excited to have the 3-steps here in this kit and I cannot wait to finish up the stuff I'm currently using so I can dig into this!

Mizon: Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream
(Full Size Product: $9) 
More Mizon, more celebrating from me! Mizon has slowly become one of my favorite brands. I have tried their products a few times before, and now every Memebox that comes with a Mizon product is a good one for me! I haven't tried much of their brand outside of facial skincare, so this was a fun product to receive. This is a foot cream made with olive oil and cacao butter and it is used to soften and nourish dry, cracked heels. It's best to use these kinds of creams after you've buffed your feet with a pumice stone or foot scrub of some sort, as it helps the absorption of creams. While I did just get a box full of foot care goodness, I will definitely try this out and add it into my foot care regimen that does not yet exist. I figure if I have a facial skincare regimen, the rest of my body should have one too, right?

Dr. MJ: Jasmine Sleeping Water Mask
(Full Size Product: $24) 
This is a sleeping/overnight skincare box, so it makes perfect sense that there would be a sleeping pack included! This Jasmine sleeping water mask delivers nutrition to the skin while detoxing, soothing and brightening. (yay brightening!) It also has a really lovely jasmine scent that relaxes and calms your body and mind, which is kind of perfect when you're about to go to sleep!
I'm obsessed with sleeping packs, but they can't be heavy-feeling. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a sleeping pack, slapped it on my face, and felt like I was wear a pound of gelatin on my skin. I sounds weird, but that's the best way I can describe some of the ones I've tried. This one is light and feels very nice on my skin!
Sleeping packs are used to not only moisturize your skin throughout the night, but they also create a sort of protective film on your skin while you sleep. Some of them are to be washed off in the morning, and others are like a moisturizer, and don't need to be removed when you wake up. I prefer the latter type, because there are many mornings where I don't even realize I'm awake for at least an hour. I always get up hours before I need to get ready because it takes me so long to be able to function, haha. I'm not a morning person, we'll leave it at that!

Grinif: Queen of Rose Water Eye Cream
(Full Size Product: $50) 
Ahh yes, the elusive eye cream! Toners and eye creams are not as common in Memeboxes, so it's always a pleasant surprise when one does show up! This one has the cutest packaging ever, (it matches my blog!) and is formulated with rose water, collagen, peptide, macadamia seed oil, witch hazel extracts and amino acids. It delivers deep nutrition, wrinkle care and tone balancing to the skin- all of which I need! I'll be 30 in about 4 months, so I have already started my anti-aging skincare. Eye creams are ridiculously important, no matter how old or young you are. The skin around the eyes is so thin and sensitive, that it's important to care for it properly. I do have some very fine crows feet around my eyes, so I am happy that this is an anti-wrinkle cream as well. I'm not super fond of rose-scented items, but this is very subtle and fresh.

Glam Up: Highly Enriched Ampoule
(Full Size Product: $2) 
This little vial of hair-care goodness is highly concentrated, and made to nurture healthy hair condition and growth. It's packed with ceramide protein, hyaluronic aid and natural PCA moisturizers that support keratin production. Keratin helps the hair appear fuller and thicker, which is definitely something I need right now! Due to the surgery I had in July, I am only able to eat small amounts, therefore I don't get the full amount of nutrition and protein I need. Because I don't get as much protein as I should, my hair (which is made out of proteins) has been falling out in clumps. It should stop with time, but for now I will use whatever I can get my hands on to slow the thinning process. My lazy self loves that I can apply this to my hair when I get out of the shower, and then just go to sleep without worry about rinsing it out! Memebox suggests using this with a hair cap for better results, so maybe I'll give that a try!

Grinif: Shea Butter Multi Balm
(Full Size Product: $13) 
This is a "multi-balm" which means it can be used many different places on the body, for lots of different things! Its enriched with shea butter, vitamin A and E, and is recommended for dry patches on the face, lip and body. Interestingly enough, it can also be used on the ends of hair to repair damage. It replenishes and nourishes skin while creating a barrier for preventing future dehydration. Another fun use for this product, is to melt it into bath water! I rarely take baths, but it's pretty cool how many uses this stuff has!

Pure Smile: Potion Pack Hand in "Pearl"
(Full Size Product: $5) 
While Pure Smile is a drugstore/low cost brand, I have still enjoyed many of the products I've tried from them. I especially like their sheet masks, so I was pleased to see their hand mask in this box. Since hands are more vulnerable to dehydration and aging than the face or body, it's really important to keep them hydrated and cared for. While I use hand lotion as often as humanly possible, I still like to use masks and scrubs to keep them looking their best. This one is a glove-type, so you simply slide the gloves onto clean, dry hands and massage the hands together to get the essence inside to coat them evenly. Then simply leave on for 20 minutes, and remove. In my experience, there is usually quite a bit of essence left over on the hands, so I like to rub them together gently until all of it is absorbed.

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $29 + $6.99 shipping, and has a total value of $150.
This box far surpassed my expectations, and I honestly couldn't be more thrilled with the contents. There are some things that are less exciting for me, like the Azulene and the shea butter balm. I can't see myself using them often enough, nor do I think they really have a major place in a nighttime skincare box. Even so, everything here seems to be of good quality, and the box is well curated in regards to the theme. I also love a box that is filled with items, and since I've been getting a lot of 6-item boxes lately this one seems chock full! I'm excited for the weekend, because that is when I finally have the time to go all out on my skincare regimen. I'm going to have a foot pampering party, followed by a bunch of overnight treatments! I'll use up my giant Memebox hoard if it's the last thing I do! Overall, this is a really solid box, and well worth the $29 price tag!
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  1. I really think this box is great and I'm bummed I missed it! I think it's what I was hoping Sleeping Beauty would be like. :)

    1. This is exactly what Sleeping Beauty should have been like! They definitely have enough products to choose from...almost everything that is skincare related in the kbeauty world can be turned into an overnight product! I really do love this box though! Lots of stuff that I don't have much of in my skincare hoard!

  2. Ohh I love using beauty products which work while I sleep teehee! ^ - ^

  3. I dare say, this is a GREAT box! I didn't really think anything of it when it was released either, but it's nice that it turned out to be awesome. I kind of like heavier sleeping packs though! Sometimes I feel like the lighter ones absorb too quickly for me.

    1. I have a small collection of heavier sleeping packs that I use in the winter, but even then, there's the occasion when I wake up and look like I just got slathered in oil. I really like the Missha Aqua Snail because it's a cream but it still really light in application- it just feel more moisturizing than a gel-like one. I have a love affair with sleeping packs though, so they all have a place in my routine at some point, haha :)

  4. That's actually one of the best boxes I've seen lately! It's too bad we never know in advance which one is going to be awesome and which one will be disappointing!

    1. I couldn't agree more! I was pleasantly surprised with this box! I totally wish I had a sixth sense thats sole job was to tell me if Memeboxes were going to be great or not, LOL. I would save so much money that way, haha :D

  5. Great review! I bet the rosewater eye cream is amazing! I'm with you... I'm 36 and I covet eye creams. #kbeautybloghop

  6. Have you tried the Queen of rosewater eye cream yet? How does it compare to other eye creams you've used?

    1. I just tried it recently for a few days and I didn't find it to be any more or less effective than other eye creams I own. I don't really like the scent, but it's a nice enough eye cream if you need moisture and it does feel like it's giving my eyes a bit of a lift. I will keep using it, although I don't think it's something I would seek out again to repurchase!