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PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014 Review and Unboxing

Cutting it incredibly close, my November PopSugar Must Have Box showed up on my snowy porch the day before Thanksgiving. Of course, I was on my way out the door to stuff my face with turkey, so I wasn't able to get my review up until now. Had my box been any later, I'd probably be reviewing it in December. I've never received my box this late in the month before, and I'm really hoping it doesn't become a regular thing considering I just treated myself to a 6 month subscription during their Black Friday sale!

If you're not familiar with PopSugar Must Have Box, I've got to say it's my absolute, hands-down favorite subscription. I've had sub boxes come and go- but PopSugar is consistently high valued, curated well, and includes unique and interesting items. They don't just focus on one type of product, either! They include cosmetics, skincare, snacks, home decor, jewelry, books, kitchen gadgets- you name it! I think that the variety is what makes this box so special.

The Cost
PopSugar is $40 per month, however you can save more by buying a longer subscription, or if you gift yourself a box each month, you can use the frequent coupon codes they have available (usually monthly) that range from $5 off, to sometimes $20 off! 

Now let's dig into the November Box!
Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes Hardcover Book ($35)
This is an absolutely beautiful, huge and heavy hardcover cook book by Dominique Ansel, who is apparently the inventor of the famous "cronut." This cook book focuses on desserts and sweets, and is an absolute pleasure to glance through- the photos are outstanding! While I really love baking, I tend to take the easier route and do the classics (cookies, pies etc) so any fancy pastry baking isn't really up my alley. Even so, I think this would make a great gift for someone I know!

 G.H. Cretors: Chicago Mix Popped Corn ($3.69)
PopSugar rarely fails when it comes to delivering tasty snacks. This popcorn is an interesting mix of buttery caramel and cheddar cheese, and while it sounds a bit odd- it tastes absolutely delicious! I got approximately 1 handful of this popcorn before my fiance completely ravaged the entire bag. It was good. Really good! Maybe Jeff will get lucky and find a big bag of this in his stocking this year!

Wine Glass Writer ($9.95)
This is a 3 pack of fast-drying, nontoxic "markers" that you can use directly on glass. It apparently washed off with some friction and hot water, or a run through the dishwasher. While I am the only one in my house that enjoys wine, I think these could probably be used on any kind of glass, so in the craft drawer they go! I also think these would be a great addition to a hostess gift or a wine gift basket. You could also use them to mark glasses and use them as seat markers for a big family gathering!

K. Hall Simpatico: Ambergris Shea Butter Cream ($22)
This shea butter hand cream is so fancy-looking! I love old-timey or classic-looking packaging, so I was really drawn to this! The scent is "Ambergris" which sounds a bit disgusting to me at first. If you don't know what ambergris is, allow me to provide a definition:
a waxlike substance that originates as a secretion in the intestines of the sperm whale, found floating in tropical seas and used in perfume manufacture.
Mmkay. Well, luckily for this hand cream, it doesn't smell anything like a waxy substance that would be found in a whale's intestine. In fact, it has a sweet, musky scent that is right up my alley. It is also very moisturizing and thick, which is perfect for this freezing weather lately!

Tiny Prints: Thoughtful Heart Stationary ($15)
This little stationary set is adorable! I'm already thinking about switching up the Christmas cards this year and doing little hand written notes on these cards instead! The design was created by Lisa Sugar (the mind behind PopSugar!) and is a very cute watercolor-like pattern. There was also a $25 gift card to Tiny Prints included in this box, however I can't seem to find it, so I'm guessing mine was missing. :( I already contacted PopSugar about a different issue, so I'll probably just let this one go, but I thought I'd mention it as it is a nice bonus!

Sorial: Saffiano Wallet on a Chain ($49)
When I saw the spoiler for this box and found out we were getting a wallet, I shrieked with joy; Because instead of going out and buying products I actually need (in this case- a wallet) I will spend my extra spending money on subscription boxes instead and simply hope that one appears. Such rationality, right? Luckily, a wallet showed up in this box; Unfortunately for me, it's more like a change purse than a wallet. 
This "wallet on a chain" by Sorial is made with vegan leather, and is actually a very well-made piece. It's navy blue on the outside and has leopard print fabric on the inside. The zipper pocket on the back is helpful for extra storage, although I'm not a big fan of the chain. I find the look of a teeny purse hanging off someone's shoulder very odd. It just makes the person wearing it look gigantic or something. Am I the only one that thinks that? I was disappointed to see that the chain doesn't clip on and off on it's own, but I think I can just use some jewelry clippers and snip it off. I intend on using this as a change purse. I like to keep some spending money in a smaller pouch in my purse along with a lip balm and other small items so I can just grab it and go. It's nice to be able to run in and out of the store without lugging my gigantic purse in with me, so this little guy will be useful for that!

Overall Thoughts
This box retails for $39.99 a month, however I used a coupon code that made it $29.99. The total value of the products in the November box is $134.64, which as usual, is a fantastic value.
Not everything in this box was a complete home run for me, but I think it's beautifully curated, and would actually make a nice gift on it's own, or parted out and the items be gifted individually. I think I will definitely be gifting the recipe book, simply because the recipes seems way too complicated for my liking! Everything else is quite unique and useful, so I am pleased overall!
Next month, (December) will be my 1 year PopSugar Anniversary since I subscribed for the first time in December last year. I'm incredibly excited to see what they have in store for the end of the year. I'm hoping chocolate and jewelry!

If you'd like to join in on the fun, you can sign up for PopSugar HERE.

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