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Revlon Sun Candy Nail Enamel Review

I haven't been to the drugstore beauty aisle in ages. Back when I was extreme couponing, (oh yea...I was a crazy couponer!) I was at CVS every week, running up and down the aisles stacking my coupons and getting baskets of cosmetics for practically pennies. But since I moved, I've been so incredibly busy that I haven't had time to coupon, therefore I haven't been drugstore makeup shopping in ages!
I don't tend to fawn too much over nail polishes. I know they have their own cult following, but for me they were never something I felt like I needed to have. I'm more of a eyeshadow palette kind of girl. Even so, there are the occasional polishes that really make me swoon. Interestingly enough, the last time I ran from store to store looking for a product, it was for the scented Revlon nail polishes in the pretty perfume-like bottles.
It seems like Revlon has reeled me in again with their Sun Candy polishes!
from left to right: celestial shine, fiery, lava flame, northern lights, pink dawn, shimmering sunset, solar flare, sun burst, sun shower, white hot
I like my nails to look two ways: Dark and vampy, or bright and sparkly. The Sun Candy polishes make all my sparkly dreams come true! Not only are the shades gorgeous and unique, but they separated the glitter so you can choose to wear the polish on it's own, or with the sparkly topcoat!

It was absolute torture trying to choose which shades I wanted to grab, but I decided on Sun Shower and Solar Flare.
I have an affinity for pale peach and mint, especially together, so I thought these would be the perfect shades to try out! And look at that glitter!
I don't know what it is about these, but the glitter looks like it's actually glowing.


And of course, there's the less sparkly, but still gorgeous polishes. These are both pastel shades with a creme finish. I found that the consistency of these polishes is actually a bit watery, although it didn't effect the ease of application at all. 

Let's take a closer look at each shade!

Sun Shower
This is the most perfect mint shade you will ever find. It's so lovely! I found that the polish and the glitter from this shade were much more watery than with the peach. A little really goes a long way with this one, so make sure your brush isn't too overloaded with product or you'll have a gloppy mess on your hands. 
The glitter flecks are made up of different shades of blue, with a few pale yellow iridescent flecks mixed in to give it a really gorgeous glow.
One coat of the polish looked a bit streaky, however 2 coats made it completely opaque. The glitter is easily buildable as well, so you can swipe a little bit on, or go all out and make those fingers really sparkle! The great thing about the glitter formula is that it doesn't have a gritty feel once it's dry, so you can really layer it on!

Solar Flare
This beautiful peach shade actually photographs a bit more pale than it actually is. In certain light, I would even say this is a bright peach. Having said that, it's an absolutely beautiful color and would look especially stunning on someone with a deeper skin tone. The formula on this one is a bit less runny, however I think this line of polish in general has an overall watery formula. 
The glitter flecks are made up of golden peach and pink shades, which look even better in person. The camera doesn't pick up the pink tones in the glitter very well, but it's definitely unique!

Like the mint shade, 1 coat of this polish leaves behind a few streaks. I do think it's a mix of the watery formula and the type of brushes these have, however 2 coats solves the streaking issue just fine. 

-Glitter and polish are separate, giving more options for wear
-Dries relatively quickly
-Colors are vibrant and unique
-Wide variety of shades

-Brush is on the thin side
-Polish formula is watery
- Can be a bit difficult to hold when applying
-Glitter could be more concentrated

Overall Thoughts
I think these polishes are absolutely fantastic overall. The shades are so interesting and will work on many different skin tones. I love that the glitter varies depending on which shade you're using. I may just pick up more of these so I can mix and match the glitter and have some fun with it. These polishes really do make my fingers look like their glowing, so the name is quite fitting! I had the mint shade on for just a few hours and had 2 people compliment me, which is not something that happens very often in regards to my polish choices! While the formula is a bit runny, it's not unworkable. The benefit of the thin consistency is that there's a faster drying time. I would highly recommend looking out for these polishes the next time you're in the drugstore beauty aisle! 
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  1. wow I have to keep a look out for these next time I'm out. They're SO pretty!