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Beauteque Head to Toe Spaliday Gift Bag Review

 Beauteque is always coming out with incredibly tempting limited edition beauty bags. While I am always buying and hoarding Korean skincare and beauty products, nothing gets me more excited than a good mystery bag! For the Holiday Season, Beauteque has curated and released 3 separate bags for their "Bagstravaganza" event!
I was asked to review all three bags, so I will be giving each one a separate review, as they are all full to the brim with goodies! This review is specifically on the Head to Toe Spaliday Bag!

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Each Holiday Bag costs $28 plus shipping.
Shipping is $4.95 for US shoppers
$6.95 for CAN Shoppers, and
$10.95 for EUR shoppers. 
 (these shipping charges apply to each bag purchased)

Limited Time Deal! 
Beauteque is offering a limited time deal where you can earn gift cards for buying more than 1 bag!
Buy 2 Bags and receive a $10 gift card in the mail.
Buy 3 Bags and receive a $20 gift card in the mail.

 Head to Toe Spaliday Gift Bag
The Head to Toe Spaliday bag contains 7 full sized products to help you relax and treat yourself during the hectic holiday season! Beauteque has provided a card with more information on each product.
(the prices I am giving on the included items are estimated. I researched each item and found comparable products, or found an average price for each item)

The Spaliday products come in this large velvet bag. My cat, Artemis, was very adamant about being in every single picture I took of this red velvet bag. I think she has a thing for it as she proceeded to fall asleep on top of it after I took everything out!

Exfoliating Body Buff ($5)
 Tucked into a rose-patterned gift bag, was this fun body exfoliator. I have used these in the past and have always loved how they make my skin feel! There's an elastic band on the back so you can slide your hand in, then wet the buffer with water and apply some body wash. Use the buffer in a circular motion on your body to remove flaky skin and cleanse at the same time. Remember not to use this on sensitive areas, and moisturize well when you get out of the shower!

Missha: Dong Baek Oriental Shampoo ($8)
I'm a fan of Missha products, although I have yet to try their hair care! This oriental shampoo is packed with ingredients like Camellia Oil, Licorice Extract, Angelica Root Extract, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Gingko Leaf, Peony Root, Safflower Extract and tons more. It treats the scalp so that your hair grows in healthier and shiner. I've had great like with oriental-type shampoos, so I'm very excited to stick this one in my shower!

 Danahan Ecopure: Watermelon Juice Sheet Mask ($1)
This was the product that had an option at checkout, where you could choose the type of mask you wanted. I chose Watermelon, because I'm almost positive I've never had a watermelon sheet mask before! This sheet mask has 3 layers of sheet so it stays moist longer and allows for better absorption. Watermelon extract is used to moisturize and soothe skin, and is especially good on burned or irritated skin. This will come in handy after those long days outside on the playground at work! (I work with kids, so we're outside a lot...even in the cold!)

360 Degree Hair Brush ($10)
This brush looked incredibly intimidating at first, but it's actually pretty neat! This type of brush can be used for all sorts of hair styling, and even helps create waves! It also can detangle hair and be used as a scalp massager. The construction of the brush allows for heat to travel through it, so if you're styling with a blow dryer, this is a great tool to have. During my research on this brush, I found a little how-to video that you can find on this page HERE.

Nature Republic: Phyto Massage Cream in "Avocado" ($7)
This is quite an interesting product, and something I definitely don't already have in my collection of skincare. This cream is massaged onto the face as a way to improve the skin's elasticity and smoothness. It's used after cleansing, and simply massaged in until the cream "melts", then the directions suggest wiping the product off with a tissue. I haven't tried this yet, but I am very interested in testing it out since it seems so different from what I normally use.

Holika Holika: 92% Aloe Shower Gel ($12)
I already have the Aloe Gel from Holika Holika, so this shower gel is a nice little addition to my collection! It's rare that a shower gel is included in any kbeauty box or bag, so I was very happy to get this. My Etude House Milk Talk shower gel is almost completely empty, so I'll be sticking this right in my shower. This body wash contains 92% aloe, which is used to give skin a bright and healthy appearance. It's moisturizing, rather than drying, and contains no parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol BHT, or artificial colors. I don't take care of the skin on my body as well as I should, and I pretty much use any shower gel I have laying around. I'm excited to see if this improves the appearance of my skin, as I am always dry and itchy during the colder

Every Strand: Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Treatment ($2)
Beauteque claims that this product may vary on the info card, however I don't recall being able to choose an option for this. I'm assuming they will include a random hair treatment in each bag. This one is an argan oil leave in hair treatment. It's used to eliminate frizziness and split ends while providing shine and manageability to hair. It has a very liquidy texture, and the directions indicate using the entire vial in one use. My hair is ridiculously long, so I probably won't have issue with that, however I'm sure there could be 2 uses here for someone with very short hair. It also says to shake the vial to activate the product before applying.

Overall Thoughts
This bag was $28+Shipping, and has an estimated value of about $45. This isn't a confirmed value, as I based my pricing off of what I could find for sale around the internet. Since Beauteque is a small company, I am pleased with the value of this bag, although I would have liked to see a couple extra sheet masks thrown in. I can never have enough sheet masks! Like with Memebox, the value for me isn't completely based off of dollar amount. Since most of the items here are from Korean brands, it's not as easy to acquire these products in the US unless you're willing to pay a usually high shipping fee. I think that for the price, this is a great gift to give to a friend or family member who you'd like to introduce to kbeauty products, or even one that is already into them! It has a nice variety of items for the hair, face, and body, and would make for a relaxing evening! Overall I'm quite happy, especially because it contains some products I needed, as well as products I've never tried before!

If you're interested in this, or any of the other bags I reviewed, you can pick them up on the Beauteque Site! Don't forget: You get a $10 gift card mail to you when you buy 2 bags, or a $20 gift card when you buy 3!
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  1. Aloe seems to be pretty popular in Korean beauty. This bag looks great :D And I love the fact that your cat couldn't get enough of the red bag :D So cute!

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