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Beauteque Polished Holiday Gift Bag Review

 Beauteque is always coming out with incredibly tempting limited edition beauty bags. While I am always buying and hoarding Korean skincare and beauty products, nothing gets me more excited than a good mystery bag! For the Holiday Season, Beauteque has curated and released 3 separate bags for their "Bagstravaganza" event!
I was asked to review all three bags, so I will be giving each one a separate review, as they are all full to the brim with goodies! This review is specifically on the Polished Holiday Bag!

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Each Holiday Bag costs $28 plus shipping.
Shipping is $4.95 for US shoppers
$6.95 for CAN Shoppers, and
$10.95 for EUR shoppers. 
 (these shipping charges apply to each bag purchased)

Limited Time Deal! 
Beauteque is offering a limited time deal where you can earn gift cards for buying more than 1 bag!
Buy 2 Bags and receive a $10 gift card in the mail.
Buy 3 Bags and receive a $20 gift card in the mail.

 Polished Holiday Gift Bag
The Polished Holiday Bag contains 7 full sized products to help you keep your nails polished and gorgeous all season long! Beauteque has provided a card with more information on each product.
(the prices I am giving on the included items are estimated. I researched each item and found comparable products, or found an average price for each item)
 All the items included in the Polished Holiday set come in this large, black velvet bag. Beware if you have pets- as you can see from this photo, it was covered in cat hair the minute I pulled it out of the shipping box!

4-Sided Foot File ($5)
This is of course, a foot file, which is something I think everyone on the planet needs in their life! I have 3 different ones that do different things, but interestingly enough, this one is double-ended and has a different type of file on each side. One on end, you have the typical "file" (not pictured) and the "cheese grater-like" file. While it might look scary if you've never used one like it, the grater is great for those really hardened calluses on the heels! The other end of the file has a pumice stone as well as a brush to clear away the dead skin as you buff. This is very useful for someone who wants all types of foot files in one!

Looc: Mineral Nail Polish Remover ($3)
I wasn't able to find this polish remover anywhere online, so I had to take a wild guess in regards to value. There's not much to say about this: it's a nail polish remover. I did a quick test on it and it seems to do a pretty good job, and it has a nice scent once it dries. Interestingly enough I'm on my very last bit of polish remover and continue forgetting to pick some up at the store, so this will definitely be used!

Scandal Nail Polish in "Luxury Purple" ($6) this is a very awkwardly shaped nail polish. Even more awkward when you go to paint your nails and you have to position you hand right on top of the little plastic boobies. It's just...odd. 
Aside from the scandalously-shaped handle, this polish is actually very pretty. It's a purple/magenta color with silver shimmer. Not overly exciting or different, but it'll definitely be used. It's actually quite a nice shade for Fall/Winter!

The Face Shop: Hand & Body Shiffon Cream in "Green Grape" ($8)
This hand and body cream smells AMAZING. Think of a sparkling white wine with some sugar on top! The best part about this stuff is that the scent lingered for a quite awhile, and I kept getting wafts of it hours after I applied! While this lotion does contain jojoba oil and some other skincare goodies, there are also a lot of fillers in here that make me want to pass this on to someone with less "ingredient issues." It's not a major issue since this isn't used on the sensitive face skin, but on the body, which for most people is a lot less sensitive. Unfortunately, the amount of moisture this lotion gives just isn't enough for me to want to hold on to it, so I'll be handing this off to my mom.

Essie Nail Polish in "The Lace is On" ($8.50)
I'm not crazy-into nail products, although I do know that essie has a huge following. This shade is a gorgeous magenta color, which I love, unfortunately, it's incredibly similar to the Scandal polish I received in this bag already. I chose the purple Scandal shade, however the essie polish was chosen at random. I actually think I like this blue-toned purple much better for the season, so I'll be holding onto this one and gifting the boobie polish to someone who will get a little chuckle out of it!

The Face Shop: Make Me Trendy Nail Art Pen in "Silver" ($4)
While this product is described as a nail art pen, it's actually not that at all. This is basically a silver nail polish, however it has a very fine-pointed brush that can be used to make designs on the nails. It provides the same outcome as a nail art pen, but definitely not the same thing. Either way, I think this is a fun, festive way to decorate my nails for the holidays!

Flip Flop Nail Care Kit ($5)
These little nail care kits are so perfect to have around! This one includes nail clippers, a file, cuticle cutter and scissors. I was worried at first because these little kits can sometimes lack in quality, but the clippers work quite well as does the cuticle cutter, which I use to get the dead skin off around my nails rather than clipping the cuticle. I haven't tried the other items yet, but I'm happy to have some essential nail tools on hand!

Overall Thoughts
This bag was $28+Shipping, and has an estimated value of about $40. This isn't a confirmed value, as I based my pricing off of what I could find for sale around the internet. This bag has the lowest value of all three, however I do think it's nicely curated and would make a very nice gift for a friend or family member who loves nail products! I especially think this is a fun gift for a teen or a younger girl. I'm not in love with the theme of this one in general, though, just because I'm not really into nail polishes. I would have liked to see more hand and nail care products instead. The hand cream and foot buffer are wonderful. I would have been happy with a foot peeling mask, and a hand mask in place of the nail art pen and one of the polishes. I think that would have rounded out the bag a bit more and made it more up my alley, personally. Overall though, it makes for a nice gift!

If you're interested in this, or any of the other bags I reviewed, you can pick them up on the Beauteque Site! Don't forget: You get a $10 gift card mail to you when you buy 2 bags, or a $20 gift card when you buy 3!
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