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Beauteque Tra La La Travel Holiday Gift Bag Review

 Beauteque is always coming out with incredibly tempting limited edition beauty bags. While I am always buying and hoarding Korean skincare and beauty products, nothing gets me more excited than a good mystery bag! For the Holiday Season, Beauteque has curated and released 3 separate bags for their "Bagstravaganza" event!
I was asked to review all three bags, so I will be giving each one a separate review, as they are all full to the brim with goodies! This review is specifically on the Tra La La Travel Bag!

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Each Holiday Bag costs $28 plus shipping.
Shipping is $4.95 for US shoppers
$6.95 for CAN Shoppers, and
$10.95 for EUR shoppers. 
 (these shipping charges apply to each bag purchased)

Limited Time Deal! 
Beauteque is offering a limited time deal where you can earn gift cards for buying more than 1 bag!
Buy 2 Bags and receive a $10 gift card in the mail.
Buy 3 Bags and receive a $20 gift card in the mail.

 Tra La La Travel Gift Bag
The Tra La La Travel Bag contains 7 products that will fill your travel bags this holiday season, and make your on-the-go beauty regimen that much easier! Beauteque has provided a card with more information on each product. 
(the prices I am giving on the included items are estimated. I researched each item and found comparable products, or found an average price for each item)

The Tra La La Travel items come in this very vibrant, shiny yellow/orange bag. All you'd need to do to gift this is add a bow and/or wrap up the gifts inside and you're good to go!

Etude House: Kissful Lip Care Balm in "Cherry" ($5)
This is a basic lip balm from Etude House. It has a cherry scent/flavor and no noticeable tint or color payoff to it. It does feel very moisturizing and lasts quite a while on the lips. Believe it or not, I don't have many lip balms, but I do like to use them regularly throughout the day. I apply them frequently when I'm at home on my computer so I keep one by my laptop. This one will probably end up in my pocket on work days when I don't have time to do my makeup, but need to keep my lips protected and hydrated.

The Face Shop: Herb Day Cleansing Tissues 20ct ($5)
I have heard fantastic things about these cleansing cloths! I haven't tried them yet, but I'm really excited to! While I try not to use facial cleansing wipes too often (as they can damage your skin over time) I do like to have them on hand for those days when I'm just way too lazy to take off my makeup. I try to make time to do my skincare routine every night, but sometimes I just can't bring myself to get out of bed and do my whole oil cleansing/cream cleansing situation. Having these on hand is perfect, and since they have such great reviews, I'm even more excited to see them in this bag!

My Beauty Diary: Egg White Gommage Peeling Mask ($20)
My Beauty Diary is actually a Taiwanese company, but they've been embraced by people all over the world for their affordable and effective sheet masks. I myself am a huge fan, especially of their Imperial Birds Nest sheet masks. I was actually completely unaware that they made products outside of sheet masks! Doing some research on this product, I noticed that it's not easy to find, so I'm pretty happy that it's included here. This was one of the items that I was able to choose at checkout, and I believe there were a few different options available. I chose the egg white gommage on a whim. It's kind of like a facial scrub and mask in one. To use, apply this product to wet skin after cleansing. Massage it into the skin until it begins to foam up. You can leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes for extra hydration, or you can simply wash it off like a typical cleanser.

It's Skin: Mini Bebe Creamy Foam in "Pomegranate" ($5)
This is an adorably packaged travel-sized pomegranate cleanser. This was another product I was able to choose, and I went with pomegranate because I don't have many products in that scent/type. It's a typical foaming cleanser that, when massaged into skin, creates a silky foam that feels so nice on the skin. This is a great addition to a stocking, or a great product to toss into your travel bag if you are visiting relatives during the holidays.

Mizon: Ampoule Essential Peptide Sheet Mask ($3)
Powerful peptides in this face mask work to firm, lift and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used daily, and is good for all skin types. I'm interested to see if this mask will have an effect with just one use, because my skin could definitely use a lifting/firming treatment!

Holika Holika: Juicy Sheet Mask in "Blueberry" ($2)
This was the 3rd product in this bag that had different options to choose from. I went with the Blueberry sheet mask because it sounded so refreshing! This particular mask is supposed to be "energizing" and helps to create more vibrant and bright skin.

Etude House: Collagen Moistful Skin Care Kit ($6)
I have had my eye on some of these Etude House sample kits for some time now, as I think they're a great way to try a line of products without spending a ton of money! Etude House releases these kits pretty frequently, and I've wishlisted quite a few on various sites. This Collagen Moistful kit is also the perfect size to travel with, so it fits with the theme of this bag very well! To use, first apply the Facial Freshener, then the emulsion, followed by the essence and finally the cream.

Overall Thoughts
This bag was $28+Shipping, and has an estimated value of about $46. This isn't a confirmed value, as I based my pricing off of what I could find for sale around the internet. This was by far my favorite of the 3 holiday bags! Every product is from a popular brand, everything is travel friendly, and very useful! I'm absolutely thrilled with the contents, especially that My Beauty Diary Egg White Gommage! Can't wait to try that out and possibly do an updated review later on. I really think this is a fantastic gift for any lucky lady on your holiday gift list!

If you're interested in this, or any of the other bags I reviewed, you can pick them up on the Beauteque Site! Don't forget: You get a $10 gift card mail to you when you buy 2 bags, or a $20 gift card when you buy 3!
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  1. I love the concept of this bag, though I'm not sure I'd shove a full-sized tube of gommage goo in my travel bag. The TSA would steal it! Everything else is pretty spot-on though.

  2. Love the MBD wash-off. I got the honey one because I needed a steam pack and gosh its love. :')
    The whole travel concept is a win!

  3. I am glad to see this. I am gonna try this while traveling to my next trip. But from many years, I am having, skin care products by Dermology and I am very happy with the results. But I think the above mentioned kit is not gonna harm me either.