Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Memebox Global #17 Review and Unboxing

The Global Memeboxes have been some of the best boxes in Memebox's repertoire. They don't have a particular theme, so it leaves them completely open to being potentially super interesting and unique. There have been some really fantastic Global boxes in the past, and for a long time, I was buying every single one that came out. I did fall off the Global bandwagon for awhle, but jumped right back on after seeing the fantastic Global #14. None have lived up to that box since...but I was hoping that 17 would be the one to do it! Unfortunately, my unboxing didn't start out so well. I opened the box to find a peculiar pink substance spilled absolutely everywhere. I had to rinse everything off, throw away the boxes of most of the products, and get rid of the box. Fortunately, nothing was damaged any further than being a little sticky, although I did lose quite a bit of products from the leaked bottle.
 (product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their global edition boxes, which have no theme, so anything is possible!
  "Global #17" cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 6 products.

From Memebox:
 We announce the arrival of Memebox Global #17! Our Memebox Global Editions have never failed your expectations and we can guarantee your utmost satisfaction receiving this 17th edition, also packed with beauty goodies totally worth the wait!

Shara Shara: Bee Tox Spot Cream
(Full Size Product: $18)
The minute I see the name "Shara Shara" my face looks a little something like this:
Love my Girl NeNe Leakes for always having a facial expression for all of my moods!
It's not like every single product from Shara Shara is bad...it's just that SO many of the products I've tried have been on a scale from mediocre to awful. The good thing is, a lot of their skincare is semi-decent, and that's what we're looking at here.
This is a spot cream for acne-prone skin types. It is formulated with bee venom (which I love!) to help control sebum secretion, and contains 6 types of herbal extracts that help mitigate troubled spots and blemishes. Since this is a spot cream that is made to help get rid of acne, I might feel a bit more comfortable using this. My skin reacts well to bee venom, so this might just be the first Shara Shara product that makes it off the mediocre pile into "pretty good" territory!

Dr. MJ: Real Mucin Restore Sun Cream
(Full Size Product: $41)
I have a couple of products from this brand that I'm already a fan of, and I'm actually really excited to try this as well! I love sunscreen because I am very adamant about keeping my skin protected, regardless of what time of year it is. I'm kind of obsessed with the idea that this sunscreen also contains snail mucin! This is a mild sunscreen that protects and balances the skin while also nourishing and moisturizing the skin. SPF 45 is pretty good. I like to have 50 usually, but I will wear anything that is over 30, so this will do nicely! I've been getting a lot of sunscreens from Memebox lately, but I'm just happy I now have some to choose from as I didn't have many in my collection.

Shara Shara: Pink Piggy Collagen Cream
(Full Size Product: $22)
Shara Shara. Bring on the NeNe Leakes facial expressions!
I just can't even deal with the overload of Shara Shara products right now. I feel bad because I do joke a lot about how much I'm indifferent about them, but honestly- I feel like they pop up WAY too often in boxes. I don't need to collect every single item from their entire line of products. This is not Pokemon. I do not need to catch them all.
I honestly have no interest in collagen creams. This claims to enhance the skins elasticity and resilience with collagen, hyaluronic acid and argan oil. It also helps moisturize, rejuvenate and treat fine lines and wrinkles.  I don't think collagen products have ever worked or shown any sort of improvement to my skin, so I'm not even bothering with this bad boy. Not to mention a few collagen creams I've used in the past have given me breakouts over time. Cute packaging for sure, but I'll pass it on to someone who might be interested.

Palan: Crysence Home Care Pouch Set
(Deluxe Sample: 80ml $15 / Full Size Product: 1000ml $186)
Oh no, Memebox. We've gone back to foil packet samples now? 
Before I go on my foil packet rant, let's check out what these guys actually are. This is a "deluxe sample" set of Palan's protein shampoo and protein treatment (see: conditioner). It nourishes damaged hair, clarifies and rejuvenates the scalp. It's formulated with 100% natural minerals, hydrolized protein, keratin, jojoba oil, salicornia herbacea, tea tree, meadowfoam seed oil and citric acid. Memebox goes rambles along on the info card about how korean stylists and celebrities rave about this product and how effective it is after just one use. Maybe I will struggle with the foil packets once and see if it's worth it.
Let me be clear: I don't really have anything against foil packet samples...but I'm so overloaded with products that the last thing I reach for is a foil packet sample. I'm fine with getting them as a gift with purchase, or tossed in my bag with my Sephora order, but I really dislike getting them in subscriptions in general. The worst kind of foil packet sample is when it's a hair product. Nothing is worse than trying to rip these stupid things open in the shower, and there is NEVER enough product in the packet to completely cover my hair. Just thinking of using this is making my anxiety rise, so even though these sound like they could be amazing I'll pass these on to a friend who doesn't mind foil packets as much as I do!

Cheek Room: Lip Palette
(Full Size Product: $24)
UGH. Get this hideous, cheap piece of garbage away from me. Seriously. I can't even waste my time reviewing this. Cheek Room is hands down the WORST brand of cosmetics I have ever tried in my entire life and I wish Memebox would cut ties with them immediately. Their packaging is almost sickening to look at. It pains me to see that horrific clip art font, the weird Scarlett Johansson/ Marilyn Monroe mash up of a woman on the box...it's all too much. This palette has the quality of the makeup I used to buy at the dollar store when I was younger. The brush that comes with this feels like it's made out of the cheapest plastic on the planet. Everything about this makes me shudder.
Now that I have ranted, I will say that objectively, the lip colors in this palette aren't absolutely terrible. They have a pigment to them, which is a shocker. I've seen a few bloggers swatch these, so at least there is some benefit to them. However my life is way too full of fantastic beauty products and lippies to be bothering with this. I'm going to be giving this to my mom, as she makes up little gift bags for some of the low-income families at the school we work at, and gives them to the school psychologist to pass out to some of the grade school girls. I think a young girl would really love this!

Climax: Water Pool Cleanser
(Full Size Product: $34)
Here is the culprit of the mystery goop that was all over my package. About half the bottle was gone by the time I got to it, but maybe it'll still get some use. Can we talk about how dirty the name of this product sounds? Climax Water Pool Cleanser? Mmkay. 
This is a elastic, sticky textured cleanser that is enriched with soda water and contains 22 naturally derived components. It's a mucin-like gel that melts into the skin, extracting and dissolving dirt, oil and makeup residue that is piled up on the skins surface. This is actually something different and interesting and like nothing else in my cleanser collection. If the ph is right, and the full list of ingredients looks good, I might just keep this guy around and test it out for awhile. I can't really gift it considering it leaked everywhere. I'm half hoping I hate this product since there's only half a bottle left!

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $23 +$6.99 shipping and has a total retail value of $154.
I'm not going to comment on the retail value like I usually do, because you really can see for yourself that there's no way this box is worth that much. I'd say about half the box I have an interest in using, but really the only thing I would go out of my way to try is probably the Dr. MJ snail mucin sunscreen. I find this box completely disjointed, filled with mostly lackluster product and brands, and nothing brings the wow factor into play at all. Something tells me this is a throw away box filled with stuff that Memebox had laying around in their warehouse, which is really unfortunate. This combination of items might be great for someone else (minus the crap cheek room palette) but for the most part there's just nothing here that makes me excited like many of the past globals have done.  I really can see how this would be a pretty good box for some people, but I've been getting Memeboxes long enough to know what is a good box for me and what isn't. I think this might be in my top 5 most disappointing Memeboxes ever. Womp.

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  1. Shara Shara is okay to me, but Cheek Room? That's a definite Girl, BYE. Sorry this box turned out to be so lame :(

    1. hahah omg I totally agree. I just...I can't even look at Cheek Room without laughing. It really looks like pretend makeup that a little girl would use right down to the packaging.
      And honestly I just have so much fun giving Shara Shara a hard time. Most of their makeup is crap, but some of their skincare really is decent. I'm just SO. INCREDIBLY. TIRED. of seeing "Shara Shara" on my info card. Like...cool it a little bit with the shara shara, Memebox! lol ;) At least the collagen cream in this box is a new(ish) product?
      Lame is the perfect descriptor for this box, lol ;)

  2. OMG you have the best reviews!! The Pokemon part made me laugh so much ..lol

  3. it feels good to let it all out! :) I have done that so many times, that sometimes, I have to take a step back and see things thru "fresh" eyes....

    1. haha you're so right. Sometimes I need to go on a meme-rampage. I'm interested to see how my opinions on these things change once I'm over the initial annoyance about this box. There are some nice things in here, so we'll see! Maybe I'll be a Shara Shara convert someday! ;)

  4. I have such mixed feelings about this box. A couple products are ok, but I just don't feel as impressed as with past Global boxes. #kbeautybloghop

    1. I completely agree. I think I was more let down by it because I expect more from the global boxes. There are some nice things in here, but nothing that made me SUPER excited. Crossing my fingers for global #18!

  5. I'm so glad I found you review when this became available again as I certainly don't need more sunscreen, another Shara Shara item or the crappy cheek room palette. Shara Shara has become the replacement for Hope Girl! And your Pokemon comment is priceeless.

    1. hahah I've been getting a lot of praise for that pokemon snark! LOL ;) I totally agree about the shara shara/hope girl comment! I mean...at least shara shara has skincare that isn't AWFUL? their makeup makes me cringe but I'm sure there are friends/family I know that will enjoy the skincare items that I won't use! The good thing about Hope Girl is their lipsticks- seriously if you don't have one they are worth every penny. I am obsessed with them!

  6. I've been thinking about buying a couple of Meme Boxes and was looking at reviews to help me decide. Your review certainly left me underwhelmed by this box, so, thanks.

    However, I have a couple of questions. Does the sunscreen actually have snail mucus in it or is it some synthetic version? Likewise with the bee venom.

    Thanks Tezza

    1. Hi Tezza!
      I'm so sorry this box left you underwhelmed! I suggest checking out some of my other reviews as there have been lots of great boxes lately! I have a few coming up that are really awesome as well!

      The bee venom and snail mucus are actual, real venom and mucin. If you do come across products that contain snake venom (spelled syn-ake) then it's synthetic.
      Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks. I'm even more underwhelmed - the thought of snail mucus makes my flesh creep and I've got to admit I'm not very fastidious, in fact, not picky at all.

      I'll out your reviews of the other boxes. That will be a good guide.


  7. I do have to highly recommend you struggle with the foil packets because that treatment is amazing. AMAZING. I already purchased 3 more sets of these and will gladly take yours off your hands ;)
    I have thick hair that is naturally wavy to curly and gets frizzy at the drop of a dime. The first time I used these things, I air dried my hair (that NEVER ends well) and it came out looking friggin fantastic! I'm very tempted to hunt down the full size because I've never had anything make my hair quite so happy before. I did have it recently cut fairly short, so that helps as far as the foil packets go because there isn't a ton of product in there unfortunately.
    Excellent review as always! #kbeautybloghop