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Memebox My Cute Wishlist #4 Review and Unboxing

The Cute Wishlist themed Memeboxes and I have a sort of love/hate (really hate) relationship. The first Cute Wishlist was one of my all-time favorite Memeboxes, filled to the brim with cute cupcakes, snow white eyeliners, polka dot hair bows...all painfully cute. Cute Wishlist #2 was not cute. Not even a little cute. But it did contain some relatively decent products, so I didn't feel like it was a total waste. Cute Wishlist #3 was a nightmare of dead-eyed doll faces. Probably one of the weirdest boxes I've received, and out of the entire thing I've only used and enjoyed one product. So why, you might ask, did I not cancel my order for Cute Wishlist #4? Good question considering it's track record, but I figured it might just be one of the last ones they released (and so far I'm new cute boxes since this one) and then I'd be able to compare them all. So, did Cute Wishlist end with a bang or a fizzle?
(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are based around a specific theme.
  "My Cute Wishlist 4" cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 7 products.

From Memebox:
We bring you the latest edition of our Meme-fans' most favorite series: My Cute Wishlist! For endless days and nights, we scoured the entire country searching for the cutest, most loveable products in the world! We went through a deluge of beauty product wonders and carefully selected only the best to bring you a box packed with whimsical and effective beauty products that will once again make the My Cute Wishlist series a memebox fan favorite! Loaded with some seriously adorable and hard-to-find beauty loot- straight from the hotbed of cute beauty products- this box will make you ridiculously giddy with excitement!
TonyMoly Apple Red Tox Honey Cream
(Full Size Product: $12)
While I admit this is super cute, it's a repeat item from the Cutie Pie Marzia #2 box. Since they have so many of those boxes leftover, Memebox has unfortunately started the leftover products into other boxes. Luckily, this is a fantastic product, so I am totally fine with receiving a second one.
This cream is made from red apples (obviously!) as well as black honey, manuka honey, royal jelly and propolis. The ingredients work together to increase skins elasticity, increase moisture, and soothe skin problems. 
This cream starts out looking and feeling sticky and gel-like, but once it's applied, it absorbs fairly quickly and has no sticky residue. Memebox suggests using this after toner application, as it's an AHA gel and has some exfoliating properties, however I have read that it can be used in many different ways, even as a sleeping pack if so desired. The great thing about this cream is that it can be used on dry or oily skin, so it's very versatile. I know oily skinned ladies have a hard time finding products that won't make them breakout or become an oil-slick- but I've heard this is a great product for you! smells drool-worthy. Like, seriously, I start to salivate when I smell this. It's that yummy.

Yadah: Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel + Puregreen Moisturizing Cream
(Full Size Product (set of 2) $24)

So I personally believe that these products belong in "My Nightmare Wishlist" but hey- I guess some people find an angry, possessed looking girl and her deformed dog-creature cute. This pair of creams apparently retails for $24, which...I just had to laugh. The jars are VERY small and shallow, and they're not even filled half way. Not impressed with the value, but maybe they're amazing products?
The posessed girl jar is a vita-whitening gel that is made with rosehip extracts, niacinamide and cactus extracts. It provides softnening, firming, brightening and moisturization to the skin.
The Terror-dog-from-the-depths-of-hell jar is a puregreen moisturizing cream that is enriched with royal jelly extracts, cactus extracts, bean oil complex, sea buckhorn berries and birch tree sap, and delivers deep moisture to the skin. I'm assuming it would be used more as a cream/moisturizer at the end of a skincare routine.

Ddung: Liquid Eye Liner
(Full Size Product: $12)
What about creepy-looking lolita dolls and the word "dung" sounds cute to you? Nothing? Ok cool, me too.
I know that ddung is a popular line of dolls in Korea, but why did they have to go and make a cosmetics and skincare line? I don't get it. It's not cute to me, although I know there are some people out there that would find this I guess there's that. This is a liquid eyeliner, and the brush, formula and application is acceptable. I think it's a bit watery and difficult to work with, especially if you're not used to liquid liners. However the formula is pigmented, and dries relatively quickly. It says it's waterproof and smudgeproof, although I was able to sort of wipe it away with some friction. I do think it should last a decent amount of time on the eye, though, so I'll actually be keeping/using this.

Etude House: Sweet Recipe Candy Stick Lip Balm in "Lemon Candy"
(Full Size Product: $5)
This is a repeat product, and while that normally doesn't bother me so much, this is a repeat from the original Cute Wishlist. Why would you include the same product twice in the same line of boxes? Annoying beyond all reason. Luckily, I got a pink shade the first time, so at least it's a different one!
These lip balms are enriched with bilberry, sugar maple, and fruit extracts. They moisturize and naturally plump up dry, chapped lips.
Since I got the pink shade last time, I was a bit worried to see yellow. How the heck would I pull off yellow-tinted lips? Luckily, this is actually an even prettier shade than the pink I currently own. By some sort of sorcery, the yellow balm applies to the lips in a gorgeous light pink shade. It looks really lovely on my lips, and gives a hint of color and shine without being over done. It's a great thing to toss in your purse and have to apply in a pinch.
Left: swatch of Ddung eyeliner / Right: Swatch of Etude House Lemon Candy Stick Balm
Pure Smile: Choosy Lip Pack in "Milk"
(Full Size Product: $1)
Another repeat item. I'm side-eyeing Memebox so hard right now with these repeats. I received 2 of these lip masks in my Sweet Shop Scent box, and I really hated them. Also what is cute about this? Help me understand, Memebox. Explain how a puckering glossy mouth is cute.
Pure Smile is a drugstore/low cost brand and that is totally fine with me. I love their Snail lip balm and hand cream (see below) as well as their sheet masks. But these lip masks...just, no. They smell like chemicals (this one smells like glue to me), the gel patch itself is thin and weirdly huge, and my lips feel absolutely no different after using it. You might like this one if you like lip masks in general, because it sticks better to the lips than the thicker versions from other brands. I don't mind $1 products in my boxes, I just want them to work or have a point.

Pure Smile: Snail Hand Cream in "Milk"
(Full Size Product: $5)
Here's an example of a Pure Smile product that I am obsessed with. This hand cream is made from snail slime extracts an milk protein that both help soothe, moisturize and revitalize the skin on your hands. It also improves the elasticity and appearance of the skin as well.
I love snail products, and I love the Pure Smile snail lip treatments, so I was hopeful I would love this too. And I do guys, I really do. The lotion is thin, so it absorbs super quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It has a very mild milky scent, and it leaves my hands feeling incredibly soft and moisturized for the whole day. I do reapply this throughout the day because I love the way it makes my hands feel, but the moisture and softness stays strong with just one use. It's a great hand cream to take along with you, and maybe use a slightly thicker one before bed. Since it only retails at $5, I put it on my Memebox wishlist hoping that they stock it soon. I need more!

Holika Holika: Pig-Nose Clear Black Head Steam Starter
(Full Size Product: $6)
I'm a big fan of Holika Holika and I've seen this stuff around, but never really had enough blackhead issues to warrant getting it. This is a steam starter that opens up clogged pores when you massage it into the skin. It apparently melts away blackheads and skin impurities and uses aloe vera gel as a way to soothe and moisturize the skin at the same time. Simply massage into skin for about 3 minutes- anywhere that has excessive blackheads, then rinse off with warm water. I did try this out, and while I didn't see a ton of difference in my skin, I also don't have a whole bunch of blackheads. Most of the time I have none. My major issue is gigantic pores, so if this also made the craters in my face disappear, then that would be something! I'm interested to chat around with some other bloggers to see if this actually helped their blackheads or not! As for cute factor...I guess it's pink and has polka dots. It has a pig snout on it, which I'm sure some people find cute. I'll give it a pass, since I do think it's semi-cute.

TonyMoly: Egg Pore Nose Pack
(Full Size Product: $4)
Here we have the cutest product of them all: Egg Pore Nose strips! What is more unbearably adorable than some eggs and pore strips covered in fuzzy blackheads and impurities that were ripped out of your nose?
I don't understand why these were put in THIS box, but I use a pore strip once or twice a week, so I know they'll be used happily. These are made with charcoal and egg complex, which work to effectively treat enlarged pores (yess!) and excessive blackheads and whiteheads. They're used like any other pore strip: wet your nose, apply the strip, wait until the strip is hardened, then slowly peel off. You'll see the little forest of grossness that was pulled out of your nose, feel satisfied, and do the process again in a few days. I have yet to try a pore strip that performs insanely better than any other, but maybe these will be the ones!

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $23.99 + $6.99 shipping, and had a total value of $69
That might be one of the lowest valued Full-priced Memeboxes I have ever received. Worse yet- if you take out the set of creams that "retail" at $24 (yea right) That makes the value only $45. 
Aside from the value issues, there is a clear issue when it comes to cute-factor, but that's not a shocker considering the history of these boxes. I do think it takes second place behind the original cute box, because of the candy cane, the appletox cream etc. There are some seriously cute things in here, and also some strange things that don't really fit at all.
That being said, I'm not really disappointed with this box! There isn't really anything that I won't use except the lip mask, and even that is really just a $1 throw in item. After the horrible mess of the last cute box, this one is truly an improvement. I don't know if they will release any future cute boxes, although I don't think I'd be willing to risk buying any in the future unless they showed a significant improvement.

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  1. These products are so cute, I want them! xoxo

  2. When I saw that photo I scrolled down to the Tony Moly honey cream since the packaging is so distinctive to the brand! So cute! This Memebox makes me want everything (except for that glossy thing).

    Tiff | AMtoPM

    1. I love that not only is the TonyMoly honey cream SUPER cute, it's also incredibly effective and inexpensive! Everything I could want in a k-beauty product! ;)

  3. I actually find the holika holika package is really really cute. The pig nose is cute too.
    I would like to try the tony moly honey cream since I love the peeling in the green apple!
    The handcream seems good and super cute.
    The rest I agree is not really cute themed.
    Even with Etude House balm (I own the orange one and like it), I feel there could be tons of more cute things from the brand

  4. Rachel I'm so surprised that you have 'huge' pores but they are unclogged!? What toner do you use? I have pore problems too but mine are so easily clogged. :/

    1. Hi Daisy!
      My pores are very large and noticeable after years of not caring for my skin and sleeping in my makeup. Little did I know that makeup sits in the pores and loosens them/makes them more visible over long periods of time, which is why I always am diligent with my skincare now!

      Even though I have a very strict skincare regimen, there is nothing that will permanently shrink my pores, so they'll always be pretty large. I use a clarisonic and foaming cleanser in the morning, then afterwards use the Ladykin broccoli toner (available on the Memebox site) and whichever essence and moisturizer I'm using for that day etc.

      At the end of the night, I do a double cleanse: first with oil cleanser, then with a foaming cleanser. I use a konjac sponge (review on the one I use is coming soon!) instead of the clarisonic at night so I don't overdo it. Then I use the same toner, except I will use my Paula's Choice BHA gel Exfoliator right after my toner, which has been a lifesaver for my skin. Highly recommended!
      After the gel exfoliator, I will use a sheet mask, then essence, eye cream, serum, moisturizer, sleeping pack and spot treatment. (A LOT of steps!)

      I also use a pore strip once a week. I personally think what attributes to my pores not being clogged all that often is using a clarisionic, as well as using very little foundation anymore. I do use a CC cream sparingly, but I'm very lucky that my pores don't get clogged up nearly as much as they used to. My nose is still a trouble area for me, but the mix between my clarisonic, paula's choice exfoliator, nose strips and toner seem to be working for me! :)

  5. Hi Rachel!

    I may have just print-screened your comment because it was so helpful! :) Especially coming from the blog writer of a blog I've been stalking for awhile ^^

    I also love reading about other people's skin care routines. I use the clarisonic (but twice a day!) and have tried to be more diligent with my skin care routine but not as much as you!

    Do you feel like the Paula's Choice BHA gel Exfoliator is too much exfoliation for daily use? But you follow it with a lot of hydrating steps so I get how you can make it work for the daily. Ok I just looked up the Exfoliator and you leave it on! :o I may have to go out and buy some now!!

    What spot treatment do you use? My face has cleared up a lot but I still get small bumps here and there. Also any recommendations for acne/pimple scar removal? I used to have really oily skin and acne/pimples which have scarred my face :(

    Last question! :P Do you feel like essence makes a difference? I've seen them in your memebox unboxings and I know they are a big thing in Korea but not really that big in the US and I've never tried one..

    Thanks for the great advice though and the informative blog! :) You should do a current skin care routine blog post! :)

    1. Daisy thank you! I'm glad it was so helpful! :D I actually have been working on a skincare routine post for a LONG time now, I've just been so bogged down with other reviews (sub boxes, memeboxes etc) that I can barely find the time! Now that Memebox is releasing less boxes, I think once the holidays are over I can finally get it finished! I'm excited to share it with everyone :)

      I love the Paula's Choice BHA gel! I don't use manual exfoliators because they tend to irritate and/or open up acne and blemishes, making them worse. The BHA gel is very gentle, and you can use it daily! I only use it at night by swiping it over my face with a cotton pad. It lasts a REALLY long time too, so it's worth the money! You only need a little bit each night, and it does a great job keeping my skin and pores clear. I also love that you don't need to rinse it off, because I have so many steps in my skincare that I like to just put stuff on and move to the next product, hehe :)

      I use a lot of random spot treatments since I get so many in Memeboxes, although I really enjoy the Ciracle Red Spot treatment. I believe you can get it on the memebox website although it is a bit pricey. It works wonders getting rid of the redness and swelling when I get a breakout!

      As for acne/pimple/scar removal, there is one product I've recently started using that is truly a miracle product! It's the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence. Check out some of the reviews on the memebox website! I've only been using it for a week, and the small breakout I had is completely gone. Even better- it works to lighten and reduce acne scarring! It's been a life saver for my skin and it's reasonably priced!

      I definitely feel like essences and serums make a huge difference! I try to avoid really oily/thick serums,though! They have so many beneficial ingredients and are really potent so when you find one right for your skin (acne clearing, anti-aging, moisturizing etc) it will do wonders! A great source to learn more about each step in a korean skincare routine and why it's important is a blog I REALLY love called Skin&Tonics. She wrote a fantastic resource that I continuously refer back to!

      Hope that helps! :)

  6. "endless days and nights, we scoured the entire country searching for the cutest, most loveable products in the world! We went through a deluge of beauty product wonders and carefully selected only the best to bring you a box packed with whimsical and effective beauty products"

    Is it just me or does it seem they scoured their warehouse for leftovers and overstocked items? I was happy with the lovely boutique box that came at the same time as this box. It has really cute items- It did have 3 Shara Shara items in it though so I don't think you would be overly happy with that lol! You would need some more NeNe facial expressions lol ;)

    1. hahaha I do agree that there's no way they "scoured the entire country" for these items. And if this is what they came up with as the most "loveable products in the world" then they need some serious help in regards to marketing LOL. And hahaha the lovely boutique box wasn't my personal favorite but it was defintiely better than some of the other "cute/pretty" type boxes! NeNe Would not have approved though! ;)