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Memebox My Pouch Essentials Review and Unboxing

Sometimes, I end up with Memeboxes I never wanted because they were in a bundle with a box I did want. Why would I even do that, you ask? Obviously- Mama needs her express shipping!
My Pouch Essentials is one such box. Nothing about this box interested me. It screamed, "box full of random makeup", which is the furthest thing I want from a Memebox. But express shipping on my Cleanse and Tone box kept calling to me, so I went ahead and grabbed the bundle. I figured there would at least be some useful items in this box, right?
 (product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are based around a specific theme.
  "My Pouch Essentials" cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 6 products.

From Memebox:
What's in your makeup pouch, or shall we say makeup pouches? Bursting with daily beautiful essentials, tested and approved by us, this box has just the right products to give you perfect touch-ups throughout the day, or help you dramatize your look! No more lugging around heavy makeup bags full of unreasonably bulky products, just carry this box with you everywhere for your prettiest look everyday because we got these boxfull of handy goodies down to a tee!

KWALINARA: Perfume de Moist Hand Cream
(Full Size Product: $4)
While I'm normally excited to see a hand cream in my Memeboxes, I feel like I'm a bit overloaded at the moment and this particular one doesn't seem that exciting, unfortunately. It has a musky floral scent, close to what I'd call "white musk." It contains almond oil, shea butter, allantoin and panthenol. It claims to be fast absorbing, and it is, but I don't feel like it really stands out in performance at all. My mom loves musk scents, so I'm going to be passing this on to her.

TonyMoly: Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer
(Full Size Product: $5) 
This is a waterproof cream concealer that contains lotus flower water, marine collagen and ceramide. There were two shades that could have come in this box: light and natural beige. I received light which should be a close match for me in theory, although it's way too dark and yellow-toned for my skin. I can't really complain about that though, considering it's made for women with primarily yellow undertones to their skin. Even so, I wouldn't consider this shade light in the slightest. Sometimes, a lighter concealer isn't always the way to go, though, so I might keep this around and see if it works under my BB cream to hide my dark circles.

Rosemine: Vitamin E Lip Balm in "Rose Fairy"
(Full Size Product: $7) 
I already received this lip balm in a different flavor in the Oh! My Lips box. This one is "Rose Fairy." I'm not a fan of rose scents, especially on my lips, so I have already passed this on to someone who will enjoy it much more than I would! It does claim to have a fruity-floral fragrance, but anything floral on my lips just doesn't sound appealing. These balms are formulated with vitamin E, ceramide, rosehip oil and 7 different essential oils. It leaves a moisturizing layer over lips that protects against external damage and dehydration.

Witches Pouch: Radiant Lolli Tint in "Funky Bloom"
(Deluxe Sample $8 / Full Size Product $15 ) 
This Witch's Pouch tint is another repeat that I received in a past global box, however it's a different, more appealing shade. I also really enjoy the formula of these tints, so I was happy to get this one! This is a 3-in-1 tint in that it's a gloss, tint, and lipstick. It can give a very sheer appearance if applied lightly, or a more dramatic color payoff if applied more heavily. it's a gorgeous orchid/mauve shade that really compliments my skin tone, so I'm definitely keeping this one in my makeup bag for quick lip touch-ups!

TonyMoly: Crystal Stick Shadow in "Luxury Gold"
(Full Size Product: $5) 
Sigh. Cream shadow. I don't know why Korean brands have SO many cream shadow sticks, but I am overloaded with them and they don't work well on my lids. I have very, very oily lids. Even with a heavy duty primer, the best cream shadows end up creasing within a few hours. Since this is a $5 shadow, I can't say I have too much hope for this one lasting through the day. It contains micro flat-type pearls, mica powder and rosehip oil and claims to have long lasting adherence and color pigmentation. I do think the pigmentation is nice, and while I'm not really into gold, I think it could create a nice holiday eye look. I'll be passing this on as well, because it's just not worth it to me to even try a look with this only to have it crease later on. I will say though- cream shadows do well as primers underneath similar colored shadows. So if you were to use a gold shadow on top of this, it might work very well!
swatches- Left: TonyMoly Crystal Stick Shadow / Right: Witch's Pouch tint

Hanskin: Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB
(Deluxe Sample: $7 / Full Size Product: $54 ) 
I have heard amazing and wonderful things about this BB ampoule. I've received this exact product in this exact sample size 3 times now, and while I'm sure it's a wonderful product, I already have my Holy Grail BB creams that work wonders for me. Since this is such a pricey product in it's full size, I'm admittedly a bit afraid to try this and fall in love with it, considering the sample is so small. The directions claim that you only need a single drop to cover your whole face, and while I'm not sure if that's actually true, it might make this smaller sample last a bit longer! This BB cream contains royal jelly extracts and leaves a visibly silkier and brightened complexion when applied. Might be worth checking out, especially if you have dry skin!

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $23 + $6.99 shipping and has a total value of $36.
Honestly...I can't even deal with that value. If someone purchased this box on it's own, they would have paid $30 shipped for a $36 value. The fact that some of my past Memeboxes have had almost a $200 value makes this one look absolutely pathetic. People buy Memeboxes not only to try new things, but to get a great value while doing it. I probably could have gotten many of these items on sale and paid less than I did for this box. Not a single thing in this box would be considered an essential for me, and nothing here is exciting enough to excuse the extremely low value. I have gotten boxes with values on the lower-end that I've been incredibly happy with due to their contents. This one was no such box. I've complained about boxes in the past, but it feels kind of silly now considering those look amazing in comparison to this one. I need to learn to never trust a Makeup-based Memebox!

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  1. they really could have made this a nice box. The lip balm & lip gloss are really nice ~ but if I was in charge of curation (lol), I would have added some beauty tools that had a nice design on them (a nail clipper, a crystal nail file), a little perfume spritzer container in a colorful shade - you decant your own perfume in this little mini spritzer - one of those mini oil control compacts (innisfree makes them, as so many other companies), a mini facial spray, a concealer in a stick form...I could go on!! Plus they could have selected a cute bag to go in here (not the horrid one in the traveller's box). In fact, this box does remind me of the travellers box, which was meh, okay, but it could have been a major wowza. I am sure Memebox has their hands on nice deluxe samples that can be stuffed into these types of boxes.

    1. It sounds like they should have hired you to curate this box! LOL ;)

  2. I don't think that most of the items they chose for this box are bad, but the value to price ratio is really pretty bad. If this were a $15 box (like the Mini boxes way back when) I'd probably be more excited.

    1. I agree- the products standing alone are all fine, but the value is awful and the curation just doesn't cut it for me. If this was a $15 box I would have been much happier with the overall value.