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Memebox: The Next Best Thing In Skincare Review and Unboxing

I have discovered that I cannot resist Skincare boxes. When Memebox released "The Next Best Thing in Skincare", I scooped it up before I could even process what I had done. Do I even need more skincare products? You know I don't. I have more than I could ever use- but something about the idea of an exciting box full of new and innovative skincare products really did me in. The description of this box was also way too detailed to not be accurate (which it pretty much was), so I felt since it was shipping so shortly after purchase, they would stay true to the theme of this box and give me some skincare goodies that I don't already have a bunch of!
 (product info card tells you more information and how to use each product. For some strange reason, Next Best Thing in Skincare came with an online info card. Possibly because it shipped so quickly that there wasn't time to print one.)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are based around a specific theme.
  "Next Best Thing in Skincare" cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 6 products.

From Memebox:
 So, what’s the next big secret to the Korean dewy, luminous skin? Memebox presents you with a box full of skin care trends and hot goodies that all Korean women are buzzing about! Say hello to a new generation of water packs, overnight sleeping masks, quick and easy multi-functional skin-conditioning sheets, and premium jelly capsule creams! Use this epic combination of fun, new age skin care miracles to discover the secret to gorgeous, youthful-looking skin.

AHC: Hologram Active Gen Serum
 (Full size product: $89)
Wow! That is an impressive-looking serum! My photos cannot do this product justice- the holographic core to this product is simply stunning. That being said, I've been reading quite a few reviews and found out that this serum contains quite a bit of alcohol, which is not good for the skin, especially those that are acne-prone. I'm sure there are plenty of ladies that don't have sensitive skin and could enjoy this product, so I'll passing this on to a friend. It pains me to say that though, because this product is definitely a conversation piece!
 This serum combines active aesthetic ingredients with a scientific liposome system that maximizes absorbance of nutrients deep into the skin, to give a visibly enhanced complexion. A blend of ice fig extracts, hydrolyzed collagen, and ginseng callus extracts effectively firms, brightens, and repairs dry, damaged skin, reviving youthful and healthy glow to the complexion. Interestingly enough, this serum actually comes out of the tube exactly as you see it! It looks holographic, however the glowy appearance of the serum fades away once blended into the skin.

Dr.MJ Moisture Bounce Collagen Capsule Cream
 (Full size product: $54)
This is a rejuvenating facial cream with a bouncy, jelly-like texture. It's packed with collagen capsules, which I couldn't get a great picture of (damn you, crappy camera) but you can make them out a bit. They kind of look like little pink gel blobs speckled throughout the cream. They burst and then are absorbed into the skin when this cream is applied. It also contains hyaluronic acid, and adenosine to hydrate and firm the skin. 
I've had fantastic luck with Dr. MJ products so far, and this one seems so different and interesting! I've swatched this on my hand a few times and I find that it doesn't have a strong scent, and absorbs very quickly. It seems like it could be used by almost any skin type.

IASO Intensive Clear Conditioner Sheets
(Full size product: $12)
These are little conditioning wipes that contain centella asiatica, aloe vera, licorice extracts, and BHA salicylic acid for softly melting away dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. At first glance, I thought they were cleansing wipes, but they're actually to be used on already cleansed skin. They're about half the size of a typical cleansing wipe, are very soft and do feel nice and moisturizing. They don't leave a residue on the skin, and they have a light, fresh scent. I'm not entirely sure if these are adding anything extra to my skincare routine, but admittedly, I've been using them when I wake up in the morning to wipe away any sleeping pack residue or spot treatment I had sitting on my face overnight. So far, I've been enjoying them but I don't think they're something I'd seek out in the future.

Memebox: Meme Mask
(Full Size Product: $3) 
Since I already received this mask as an apology gift for a missing product in my Wine and Cheese box, I'm just going to go ahead and copy/paste what I said there, although I have tried this since that last review, and I think it's fantastic!
Memebox has been slowly cranking out their own branded products, and the Meme Mask is their first skincare related product. Meme Mask is a 2-piece hydro gel mask. Which means it comes in 2 separate upper and lower pieces, and it is made from a gel-like substance with a fabric in between to hold it all together. It's supposedly delivers more hydration and longer moisturization to the skin than a typical cotton/paper sheet mask. The Meme Mask brightens and corrects skin tone, and contains anti-aging and moisturizing products such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and chamomile. 
I've tried quite a few hydro gel masks, and I have never found them to be any better or higher quality than most of my regular sheet masks. However the Meme Mask genuinely does feel more luxurious. It's very moisturizing and doesn't dry up as quickly as some of the other hydro gels I've tried. It hugs the face very nicely as well. My skin looked and felt brighter, softer and more clear after using this. Very pleased!

Shara Shara: Green Tea Seed Magic Balm
 (Full size product: $17)
 This is a mutli-use balm that is enriched with green tea seed oil, jojoba seed oil, argan tree kernel oil, and over 30 kinds of natural essential oils.  It delivers rich moisture and nutrients by softly melting onto skin. It’s supposed to be scented with a lime essential oil fragrance, however it just smells like bland oils to me. Not really an offensive scent, but not that pleasant, either. This can be used from head to toe as a multi cream, a sleeping pack, a massage cream, a lip balm, a highlighter, or a hand & foot pack. It has a weird balmy texture that I can't say I'd feel great about applying to my face, so I'm all set with using this as a sleeping pack. However, I think it would work great as a foot mask, or as a moisturizer on elbows, knees and other normally rough skinned areas. Honestly though- you know how I feel about Shara Shara, so I will most likely end up giving this away. As I always say, life is too short and full of fantastic K-beauty products to waste time on Shara Shara.

Blithe: Patting Water Pack (5ml X 6ea)
 (Deluxe Sample: $7 / Full size product: 200ml $46) 
This is a pack of foil samples of the Blithe Patting Water Packs. I have a full size of the Yellow Citrus and Honey, and I absolutely adore it! These patting waters are incredibly interesting and quite different from everything else I have in my routine. Instead of using a sheet mask, you can use this patting water on the skin. It helps remove dead skin, deliver moisture and nutrition and renew skin balance. The Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey revitalizes and brightens up the skin and the Soothing & Healing Green Tea is for oil and pore control, while the Rejuvenating Purple Berry works to improve skin elasticity and firmness.
 To use, simply fill your sink or a basin with water and add a capful (or in this case, a packet-ful) of the patting water pack into the water and mix well. Then you simply pat the water onto your face for 30 seconds, and do not rinse off, but allow it to fully absorb into your skin. Since I know I'm not the only one who hates dumping stuff into my sink and splashing it on my face, here's a suggestion I've heard through some other kbeauty fans. Fill a mist/spray bottle with water and add the patting water to that, and mist it on your face to use. It's much easier than splashing water all over your face, and will help you conserve your patting water!

Lassie’el: Night Miracle Sleeping Pack in "Egg" and "Avocado"
(Full size product: $6)
Uhm, stop being so cute, sleeping packs! Stop it right now! Look at the little eggs! Ahh I love these!
These mini sleeping packs (each one has 2 uses) are formulated with egg and avocado extracts. You could have also received the pearl and/or the mango, but I'm actually thrilled that I got the ones I did! These packs work to hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin overnight, revealing healthier and brighter skin in the morning. Y'know...typical sleeping pack stuff!
You can see from the photo above that these sleeping packs are individually packaged, and each use comes with a little pop-out plastic spoon for mixing the cream well and then applying it to the face as the last step in your routine. Just like every other sleeping pack, this is left on overnight, and can be rinsed off in the morning if you so desire! I used the avocado one last night and found it to be thick and moisturizing off the bat, however it had a very strong scent- almost like hairspray, which I was not fond of at all. Weirdly enough, as thick as this pack is, it absorbed very quickly. This can be a good thing though- Nothing worse than a sticky sleeping pack getting all over your pillow! Like with many one-time use sleeping packs I've tried, there's a ton of extra product leftover after one application. My suggestion is to grab a piece of tape or a paper clip, and when opening, only peel back the film halfway so you can reseal it and use it again the following evening. However, since this sleeping pack is quickly absorbed,  if you have dry skin you might want to apply an initial layer, wait a minute for it to absorb, and the apply a second layer!
Overall Thoughts
This box cost $23 + $6.99 shipping and has a total value of $188
That's a fantastic value, although it comes mostly from the expensive AHC and Dr. MJ products together. Regardless, I am still very pleased with this box! Memebox pretty much stayed true to the theme of this box in providing some interesting and innovative products. A holographic serum is definitely something that would fall under that category, as well as the capsule cream, patting water and even the moisturizing wipes in a sense. The sleeping packs are pretty standard but still cute, and the Shara Shara balm...well...yea that one was kind of a dud. But all in all, this box really had some nice items! It was more than worth the money I spent, and made me excited and interested to try everything out. If this one comes back during a restock, it's one I would definitely suggest picking up!

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  1. I still think this is a great box. Well-rounded plus I love the patting water packs. And the night masks. And the DrMJ which I find to be very moisturizing. The Hologram serum didn't work for me but it is gorgeous, you got some good pictures of that! I wouldn't put the Shara Shara on my face either... but other places like knees and elbows I'm okay with. I actually really like the BHA wipes and have been using them.
    Definitely one of the better skincare boxes, for sure.

  2. I would love that box and the AHC: Hologram Active Gen Serum looks awesome. Just keep the bottle to look at the serum. :)

    Shea |