Thursday, December 18, 2014

Memebox Oh! My Lips Review and Unboxing

Admittedly, Oh! My Lips wasn't a Memebox I felt like I needed to have. When it was released, I assumed it would be full of makeup and I definitely wasn't interested in that. A few days after it's release, I randomly ended up reading the description a bit more carefully, and thought this could be the box I needed most this time of year: lip care. In the Winter, nothing on my body is negatively effected by the blistering New England cold more than my lips. I can slather on lip balms all day and night, and somehow they still end up peeling and cracked. I was hoping this box could potentially be filled with products to help me combat these issues, but that fear of cheap Cheek Room lip glosses was still there in the back of my head.
(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are based around a specific theme.
  "Oh! My Lips" cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 4 products.

From Memebox:
Oh my lips! The colder season is comin' round the corner, but are your lips ready? If taking care of your lips isn't part of your beauty to-do list this winter, re-think your beauty priorities. Most people don't know, but collagen loss and wrinkles around the lips add age to your face, an with winter winds and drier climate, lips are more prone to aging and thinning. Don't fret because we're here to help you fight against lip-aging with this Oh! My Lips box. All goodies are made with a bold blend of potent age-defying, moisture enhancing, volumizing and smoothing ingredients to give you the look of beautiful, plump and youthful lips!

Vivito: Dessin Solution Lip & Eye Remover
(Full Size Product: $32)
So upon seeing this product, I started to lose hope that Memebox would stick to the description of this box and give us lots of lip care items. I suppose this could be considered a lip product, since it's an eye and lip makeup remover, but it doesn't really care for dry, cracked lips. Interestingly enough, it contains two oils: lemongrass and rosehip who layers are shaken together before use. It does have moisturizing and soothing effects on the lips, but I feel they're most likely temporary. Since I use an oil cleanser that takes off all my makeup in less than a minute, I really don't have a use for this, so I ended up passing it on to someone who will enjoy it. I do like that it's a nice brand and a full sized product, though!

Rosemine: Vitamin E Lip Balm in "Mint Tea"
(Full Size Product: $7) 
I have a few RoseMine products, and I always enjoy their pretty Victorian floral packaging. This is their Vitamin E Lip Balm in the Mint Tea scent. It definitely has an herbal-mint scent which is nice, although the lip balms I've used in the past with peppermint have been drying. I'm interested to see how this one works. It's enriched with vitamin E, ceramide, peppermint extracts and 5 essential oils. It coats over chapped lips with a soothing layer that locks in moisture and protects against damage and dehydration. It sort of reminds me of my Pure Smile Snail lip balms in that sense, where it feels more like a protective coat over my lips. I don't think I would use this as a daytime lip balm, but more as a lip treatment before bed.

SR: Lip Scrub
(Full Size Product: $12) 
I was SO happy to see a lip scrub in this box, because it was exactly what I was hoping for! This is a massive tube of scrub. I can't imagine ever running out of this as you need very little to cover the lips. This scrub is enriched with argan oil, tocopherol, vitamin E, snail filtrate (yess!) and pear extracts. It has gentle micro beads rather than that sugar-like consistency, and sort of feels like a lotion when applied. I have used this a few times, and while I do like my lip scrubs to feel a bit more abrasive, I think this does a beautiful job when used regularly. It's super moisturizing! I don't rinse it off with water as suggested, however I wipe it off my lips with a cotton round or a tissue.

 Vivito: Painting Sweet Lip Balm in "Berry Farm"
(Full Size Product: $24)
Oh. My. Gosh. I'm in love with this product. I want to buy a lifetime supply of it immediately! This is a jelly-textured tinted lip balm that is super moisturizing and provides nutrition to dry lips. It contains blackberry, orange peel, grape, cacao seed butter and other natural ingredients. It smells so amazingly delicious that you will have to constantly tell yourself not to eat it right out of the jar. It's sort of like a fruit roll-up, or a cherry/orangey/berry flavored candy. My mouth waters whenever I smell it! Plus, it's creates such a gorgeous look on the lips. It's a balm-like consistency, but appears almost like a lip gloss. The tint is just enough to give that "just ate a cherry Popsicle" look to the lips. It's perfection!

Lassie'el: Kiss Me! Glam Up! Lipsticks
(Full Size Product: $6) 
Now these things are super weird. Upon first glance, I thought they were more lip tattoos, which I was not happy to see. However, upon reading the card, I discovered they're actual lipstick! They are multiple-use, real pigmented lipsticks that are packaged on this little cards. You can open them up and press them right onto the lips, or use a finger/lip brush to apply the color. This kit came with 6 different shades, and I used the most hideous one I could find to show the swatches for you. Brown-orange I like to call it. You can see in the photos that these little cards have a plastic flap that can be resealed. I'd say you could probably get about 3-5 uses out of each of these cards depending on how big your lips are and how pigmented you wanted the color payoff. While I do find these to be gimmicky to the extreme, the colors are actually pigmented and creamy, so they might do well if you're going somewhere overnight and want a variety of lipstick choices without having to take bunch of different tubes. Other than that, these will probably sit around collecting dust as the application process just doesn't seem that efficient.

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $23 + $6.99 shipping and has a total value of $81.
While I was a bit disappointed in the fact that this box wasn't as much about lip care as I had hoped, I think they did a fantastic job including an interesting and wide variety of lip-related products. The makeup remover, lip balm, scrub, tint and lipstick cards are all representing a different aspect of lip cosmetics. While the lipstick cards are interesting, I probably won't be using them often, if at all. The makeup remover is a nice addition, but for me personally, it's not something I have a use for.
With that said, I still feel like I got my money's worth with the lip balm, scrub and tint. I would pay the $23 for the berry lip balm/tint alone. That's how much I love it. I want more scents and flavors! I feel like this entire box was worth it to me because I like this balm so much! Plus, having a big ol' tube of lip scrub to last me through the winter was a huge bonus!
So overall, while it wasn't a full-on lip care box like I had anticipated it to be, I'm still quite pleased with what I received!

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  1. Well, now I'm curious about Vivito! I should check them out and see what else they have! Plus, I can't resist a lip balm.... I just ordered all the LE EOS ones... I don't need them. But I *neeeed* them. Haha! I resisted Memelipboxes because... Orange. Ew. This box wasn't like that, though, so that's good :D

    1. You NEED this lip balm, Sarah. NEED IT. It's amazing. I'm not even a lip balm person, especially when it comes to balms that I have to stick my finger in to use- but this's perfection!