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Memebox Petit Treasures Review and Unboxing

As I mentioned in the Blackout! box review, Memebox randomly released 3 boxes that were priced at $19, instead of their average $23. This was way too good of a deal for me to pass up, so I picked up 2 of the 3. While Memebox has has sold less expensive boxes before (Mini 1-3 and Scent Boxes) they were always clear that these boxes would contain less items, which explained the lower price. However, since there was nothing explained in the descriptions of these boxes, and they were only $4 cheaper (the mini's and scent boxes were $8 cheaper) I assumed they were just really good deals, or maybe filled with lower priced, but still good quality items. 
The Petit Treasures box should have had red flags all over it, considering my horrible luck with "cute" themed boxes, but I just couldn't resist for $19. I figured that there was bound to be some cute trinkets in there. Korean companies basically thrive off of selling cute and interesting really should be hard for Memebox to curate a box of cute packaged products, right?
(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are based around a specific theme.
  "Petit Treasures" cost $19 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 4 products.

From Memebox:
Yes, we know. We're going overboard with our cute cosmetics obsession. But, what can we say? We've discovered another batch of rare but beautiful treasures that will give you an A+ in beauty, and this time, they're all miniature! So petite and cute, yet so intense and effective, these beautifying trinkets will fit your makeup pouch so that you can stay beautiful everyday and everywhere. Up your game in beauty with petite beauty treasures!
Recipe By Nature: Swing Gloss in "Sweet Fiona"
(Full Size Product: $5)
This product is absolutely PERFECT for this box. It's definitely an adorable beauty trinket! Here we have a lip balm from Recipe By Nature, which is a great brand! It looks like a little ice cream cone, and it's crazy-adorable. The cone unscrews to access the balm which is held in the top. This lip balm is interesting because the darker green shade is a gloss, and the lighter, sheer green is actually an essence for the lips that is enriched with jojoba, argan and grape seed oil! This balm is non-sticky, and has a light, sweet scent. It comes with a little key chain to hang off your purse or clutch.

ddung: Lovely Girl Mascara
(Full Size Product: $24) 
Nothing about this is petite, or a treasure. It's a full size mascara. That's literally it. So annoying. Worse yet- it retails at $24, making it the "high end" product in the box. Sigh. There's not a whole lot to say about this product other than the fact that it has a creepy doll on it, it's black, and it's a mascara. The only good thing I can forsee about this product is that it has a very thin, straight brush which will make it useful for coating the lower lashes.

Shara Shara: Revital Magic Cream
(Full Size Product: $16) 
This is a skin cream that is supposed to soothe and repair skin. It's enriched with eucalyptus and over 40 different herbal ingredients. It's gentle, non sticky, and can be used as a spot treatment to help eliminate blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone. Over time, it also brightens and firms the skin. It's free of benzophenone, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, triclosan and propylene glycol.
This is a hot mess, unfortunately. I'm not a big fan of Shara Shara in general, although I never completely write them off since they have a few decent products. It's got another GD doll face on it, which doesn't effect the product, it just annoys the hell out of me. Even more delightfully...there's some weird white stuff growing on it. Yep. Going in the trash.

Shara Shara: Feminine Single Blusher in "Warm Apricot"
(Full Size Product: $7) 
More Shara Shara, more mediocrity. I already have this exact blush in a slightly different shade. This one is warm apricot and I have a coral. The coral blush is OK, but I have a hard time blending it out. The little puff is more for show than for actually application, because blush should really be applied with a brush that can smooth and even it out so it looks like a natural flush on your cheek. I didn't even bother to open this, because I know I won't be using it, and maybe I can gift it to someone who will!
Overall Thoughts
This box cost $19 +6.99 shipping and has a total value of $52. Almost half of that value coming from the suggested retail price of $24 for the ddung mascara, which I personally find hard to believe, but whatevs.
The only thing in this box that I find matches the theme of the box is the Ice Cream Swing Gloss. It's small, cute, and only retails for $5! Which goes to show you that not everything needs to be high value to be a nice addition to a box. I cannot believe what a massive disappointment this box was. Only 4 products, and 3 out of the 4 are really blah. I don't even have the energy to explain further why this is such a piece of garbage, but I honestly feel like I wasted my money on this box, and I feel bad for anyone that bought it, honestly. least we got a cute ice cream lip balm, right? 
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  1. I don't think Memebox knows what cute means. I don't think they know what OMG means either. They've got the skincare part down but the makeup, cute, and omg boxes never seem to live up to their hype. I missed most of the disaster boxes because I don't like makeup, I'm too old for cute (okay, not really but I'll buy my own cute-- KAWAII BOX FTW!), and omg isn't really ever omg (except in a NSFW type of way).

    1. It's so depressing and doesn't say much for the people who curate boxes when it should be INCREDIBLY easy to provide out-there products for the OMG box (there are MANY) and cute products for the cute boxes, especially. Cute packaged items are a dime a dozen in kbeauty. Such a disappointment. People know what to expect with cute products from Korea- they're very desirable, so that's why the boxes always sell well- on the hope that they'll include some of the too-cute items we all see around...and they never deliver. I need to learn my lesson lol

  2. That balm seems pretty awesome, but otherwise... eh. This feels like it should be a $12 box, not a $19 box.

    1. Totally agree. If this was a "mini" memebox for $15 shipped like they sold in the past, it would have been awesome. The lip balm is super cute and works nicely. Everything else is just depressing to look at. The entire box was, unfortunately.

  3. I'm just getting to my review on this now and sorry to say it's not going to be any more positive than yours. Fortunately my Revital Magic Cream has nothing growing on it but I don't like the best used before Jul 2015 on it.

    1. It was a really disappointing box to say the least. I was really bummed out about the moldy/weird stuff on the Magic Cream, although I am a bit more forgiving as it's a product that contains a lot of natural ingredients.