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The 3B Box: Beauty Beyond Borders December Review and Unboxing

 I've been saying for months that there should be a low-cost kbeauty subscription service, similar to Birchbox. Korean beauty companies tend to make lots of sample sized products, as it's easier to sell a new product to the masses when there are abundant samples to go around! I've been waiting for a subscription to show up that took notice of this, and curated low cost boxes filled with mini kbeauty goodies!

3B finally came through for me! When I first heard about this subscription, I knew I HAD to bring it to my readers! Not all of us can afford a $23 Memebox (plus $7 shipping) regularly, and some of the other boxes coming out lately are just way too pricey for my taste. So who is 3B, and what is there subscription service all about?

The Cost
Only $12 a month! (that includes shipping!)

What's In the Box?
Each box contains a collection of  4-5 deluxe samples that are new or popular in Asia but hard to get your hands on. The products will change each month, and you’ll get to try new skincare, haircare, nail care, and cosmetic products. Sample products range from go-to brands such as Lioele, Etude House and Skinfood to high-end premium brands like SK-II, K, and Sulwhasoo.

Where Do I Sign Up?
You can learn more about 3B, and sign up for their monthly subscription HERE. 
 Here is the first look at the December 3B Box! While it's less a box, and more like a lovely organza bag! It's actually very nice quality and I will definitely reuse this. I much prefer these kinds of bags over makeup bags or gigantic boxes that take up too much space. This will be nice to use to house a gift or as storage for foil packet samples etc. 

(to note: each 3B Box comes with an info card that explains what each product is and how to use it, however I misplaced mine shortly after getting the box so I don't have a picture for you! So Sorry!)

The Face Shop: Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
 I recently received these in one of my Beauteque Holiday bags, and I absolutely LOVE them! I usually avoid using makeup/cleansing wipes as they can be rough on your skin, and usually don't get all the makeup and dirt off your skin as well as regular cleansing would. However, these have really come in handy on those super late nights when I don't have time to do my dual-cleansing and I just want to do the fasted skincare routine possible. They're very gentle on my skin, and I've had no issues with irritation or breakouts. So happy to have another package of these!

Etude House: Moistfull Collagen Kit (Emulsion and Facial Freshener)
 Interestingly enough, I also got these items in a Beauteque Holiday bag, however it was part of a larger sample kit. Since the Beauteque bag cost about double the amount that 3b does, I'm not too concerned with only getting these 2 products. These products supply collagen and hydration to the skin, which are much needed during the cold winter months! The "freshener" is essentially a toner, and the emulsion is like a light lotion/essence type product, as it can be used before serums and creams. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings on this Etude House line. I've seen dry skinned people raving about these products, however I know a lot of people have also faced some breakouts using these. Since I have acne-prone skin, I will probably pass these on to my mom to enjoy!

Nature Republic Nail Polish
 I'm usually pretty indifferent about nail polishes. I have a small collection of about 50 or so polishes that I keep on an acrylic shelf. Once the shelf fills up, I force myself to get rid of a polish. I don't use them nearly enough to warrant having a massive collection, but I do like to have my favorite shades and brands on hand! This is actually a really beautiful and bright orange-red, and it's a shade I definitely don't have already! I think it's a perfect shade for a really festive holiday mani! Thinking this might be my Christmas shade this year!

K-Palette: 1-Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner
While I'm used to kbeauty brands, I am super excited to see a Japanese brand in this bag! I've been meaning to branch out a bit more in my Asian beauty and skincare, but Korea has got it's magical hold on me! This liner looks a LOT like Dolly Wink, which I've seen everywhere but never actually tried. From what I'm seeing review-wise, this K-Palette liner is almost identical in application to the Dolly Wink liner. It's a pen-type liquid liner that has a super fine-tipped brush. It's waterproof, but can still be removed easily with makeup remover or an oil cleanser. I am never without my cat-eye liner, so this is heaven-sent. I think the black shade is nicely pigmented, the application is a breeze, and the pen doesn't dry out quickly when using. I do suggest storing liners like these horizontally, as storing them vertically dries them out much faster.

Overall Thoughts
Like with Birchbox, I don't usually do a "value" on boxes that are $15 and under. This is because I find there is already value in what is received. The shipping cost, curation and products/samples are more than enough of a value for me to justify the $12 price tag of the 3B box. Like with Birchbox, I feel like I'm paying for a sampling service rather than a box of products. When I look at this bag, I don't scream with excitement over the new and innovative products (these aren't), but I do think this is a very nice selection of products for the price. It really does give me "Asian Beauty Birchbox" vibes in a good way! The company has been incredibly professional, the products they've included are quality and useful, and the info card is helpful and to the point. I love that the packaging was thoughtful, in the sense that it wasn't overly cumbersome. My box fit neatly into my tiny mailbox and was shipped very quickly. While I did receive this December box complimentary for review, I fully intend on paying for a continuing subscription. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience with this company, and I am genuinely looking forward to what they have in store for January!

Again, if you'd like to learn more about 3B, or sign up for a subscription, you can do so HERE.

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  1. I'm excited to see how this goes! Can't wait for next month :D

  2. I really want the K-Pallette eyeliner! Considering that it costs more than the beauty bag itself and it's usually sold for around $21 outside of Japan. It's a total steal haha! Lucky.. I'm still on the waiting list so hopefully I'll be able to try The 3B Box.

    1. I hope you get off the waiting list soon! It's such a great subscription, especially for the price!