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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Memebox Boxing Day #2 Review and Unboxing

Around the holidays, Memebox released a series of "Boxing Day" boxes that were kind of a mystery in regards to contents. I haven't had much luck recently with Global boxes, and since they have a similar theme, I decided to pass on getting any of these. However, when I saw that Boxing Day #2 was only $12, I figured I couldn't go wrong! It promised 10 deluxe samples and a full size item, and since Korean companies are usually quite generous when it comes to sizing their deluxe samples, I thought this would be a good one to get! I have to say- it was the first time in a long time that I was pleasantly surprised upon first opening a Memebox. This box was stuffed FULL of product!
(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product. Some recent boxes have included these types of cards, which direct you to a virtual info card on the Memebox website.)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are based around a specific theme.
  "Boxing Day #2" cost $12 plus $6.99 shipping, and includes 11+ products.

From Memebox:
This super special box bursts with 10 deluxe miniatures and 1 full-sized item for only $12!
It's got everything from cleansing essentials, complexion-perfectors, and salon quality hair treatments that is sure to level up your beauty!

Mise En Scene: Perfect Repair Treatment Pack 
(Full Size Product: $16)
What luck! The full size product in this box just so happens to be one of my 2014 Favorites! I use this hair treatment as a daily conditioner, and even though I have very thin, fine hair, it doesn't weigh it down, but leaves it super soft and shiny! I think this stuff also smells absolutely incredible. I get compliments all the time on my "perfume" when it's really this conditioner. So happy to have another tube of this as I'm so close to running out of my first one!

Banila Co: Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack x2
(Deluxe Samples: $2.64 ea / Full Size Product: $22)
This clay mask has been featured a few different times in a variety of Memeboxes, but it seems to be quite popular! It's made with 100% pure mud extracted from the Dead Sea (ooh fanc!) and effectively removes excess sebum, oil, dead skin cells and external pollutants that are clogging your pores. The great thing about this mask is that instead of it being drying like a typical clay mask, it delivers deep hydration and nourishment to the skin.  It's applied to a clean face and left for 10 minutes. When you're rinsing, gently massage your skin with your fingers to help exfoliate dead skin cells.

Dr. Young: Anti Pore Syok-Syok Cleansing Gel x2
 (Deluxe Samples: $2.80 ea / Full Size Product: $28 )
This is a gel cleanser that penetrates into pores to remove dirt, oil, impurities and sebum. It contains morus bark, agrimonia eupatoria root and lime extracts that deliver gentle oil control and pore care. It claims to be oil-free, lightweight and moisturizing. I have a few things from Dr. Young that I enjoy, however I have already found a really great cleanser that I love. I am going to put these aside so I can PH test them and possibly use them as a travel cleanser.

Banila Co: Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm (x2 Original x2 Reservatrol)
(Deluxe Samples: $1.54 ea / Full Size Product $22)
Clean It Zero is an insanely popular product that takes the place of an oil cleanser in your routine. It's essentially a balm that melts down into an oil that helps dissolve makeup and sunscreen as a precursor to your regular cleansing. It's non-greasy and gentle on skin, made from papaya, acerola and herbal extracts that cleanse without irritation or dehydrating the skin. You can use this like a regular oil cleanser- applying it to dry skin and massaging. It then says to rinse with water or wipe away with a tissue. I've heard that this can kind of congeal on your skin if you rinse with water that isn't warm enough, so keep that in mind if you're going to try this out!

Derma B: Fresh Moisture Body Lotion
(Deluxe Sample: $2.38 / Full Size Product: $19)
This is a body lotion that is made for dry and sensitive skin. It is infused with tea tree, peppermint, bergamot, ginger and amber notes. It's gentle, non-sticky and fast absorbing. I haven't tried this yet as I already have a gazillion body lotions, but it's a good size for traveling!

Sevendrops: High Protection Morninga Light Sunblock
(Deluxe Sample: $5.32 / Full Size Product: $38)
This is a lightweight sunblock that is enriched with nourishing moringa extracts. It has a100% naturally derived formula that works on all skin types and is free of paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, silicon, and talc. It provides high level of UV protection and the light formula absorbs easily and smoothly into skin similar to an essence rather than a lotion. I love a good sunscreen, so I'm happy to try this, I only wish it was a slightly larger sample!

Too Cool For School: Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream
(Deluxe Sample: $10 / Full Size Product: $30)
This product claims to deliver nutrition and moisture to the skin for an "egg-smooth" texture...which is a weird description, but...OK. It's a CC cream that brightens the complexion, protects from sun exposure and minimizes signs of aging. I have tried this CC cream before, and for some reason, it has sort of a grey-undertone on my skin. Needless to say, it doesn't look so hot on me. I'll be passing this one on.

Tonymoly: BCDation All Master
(Deluxe Sample: $9.60 / Full Size Product: $24)
This product is multifunctional as a makeup base,  BB cream, CC cream, and  foundation all in one. It not only corrects, blurs, and balances out the skin tone but also moisturizes, lifts, and adds extra volume for a silky smooth 3D complexion. This all sounds pretty amazing, right? I'm not entirely sure it works as well as it claims, though. I've only used it a couple of times but the shade seems a little off on me, and I find it to be a little drying. Not entirely sure of my thoughts on this one yet.

Witch's Pouch: Radiant Lolli Tint in 03 "Funky Bloom"
(Deluxe Sample: $7.78 / Full Size Product: $14)
This is now the 3rd time I've received this sample, however I enjoy it enough that I'm happy to have another! This is a 3 in 1 type of lip item that has the shine of a lip gloss, the blendability of a lip tint, and the color payoff of a lipstick, depending on how you apply it. I find that it has great pigmentation, and can really be used in a multitude of ways. I think the downfall of this tint is that it doesn't have the staying power of one. Some tints I have to scrub off my lips at the end of a long day, unfortunately this one seems to wear off within a couple of hours. I'd consider this more of a pigmented lip gloss than anything else.

Hanskin: Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB 
(Deluxe Sample: $7.71 / Full Size Product: $54)
I have received this sample so many times that I feel like a broken record reviewing it repeatedly. I am pretty sure this is the 4th sample of this I've gotten from Memebox. I'm not upset about seeing it again in this box though, as I kind of expected some repeats here. This is an incredibly popular BB cream, and since I am pretty stuck in my ways with my favorites, I've swapped or sold every sample of this I've received. I think I should probably give this a try, considering so many people love it so much! It's applied with a dropper, which is quite different from most BB creams. It contains royal jelly extracts to help it glide over skin, and you apparently only need a drop or two to cover the whole face. I guess we'll see!

RYO: Anti-Hairloss Treatment Pack
(Deluxe Sample: $3 / Full Size Product: $12)
I have also received this hair treatment a few times in Memeboxes, the first time being a very early on in a Global box. I have thinning hair, and I have actually found this product to work pretty well! It has a very herbal scent to it, which isn't too pleasant for me, but I usually use it before shampooing so the scent is gone by the time I get out of the shower. This treatment is infused with biota seed, coix seed, green tea and gold extracts. It not only prevents hair loss, but re-energizes and strengthens thin, damaged hair. Basically, you apply this on wet hair and massage it onto the scalp with your finger tips. Wait 2-3 minutes and then rinse off with water. After using this, I simply continue with shampoo and conditioner as I normally would. I have found that this does seem to make my hair feel thicker and stronger at the roots, and even though the sample is small, I feel like it lasts long enough to actually notice a positive difference.
Overall Thoughts
This box cost me $12 + $6.99 shipping and has a total value of $78.83!
Considering this box of samples cost me under $20, I'd say this was a big winner value-wise! I'm actually hoping they do these kinds of boxes more often, because I rarely go through an entire full size bottle of something. It's more exciting for me to try out a large variety of products and then purchase full sizes of the ones I do like. I have tried quite a few of these products already, but some of them I'm a big fan of, and I'm very happy to have travel-size. I am going to keep my eye out for similar boxes to this in the future, and I'm even going so far as to shoot Memebox an e-mail requesting another deluxe-sample-heavy box. If they're all as packed as this one, I'd say it's a no-brainer for $12!
$5 off on entire order when you purchase 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3  
$8 off on entire order when you purchase 4 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4 
Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING

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Value Sets!
You can also save money and get upgrades on shipping when you bundle boxes together! Check out the Value Sets!
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Love With Food January 2015 Review and Unboxing, Plus get a FREE BOX!

 Love With Food is one of those subscriptions I've been getting on and off for quite some time, but I rarely get around do doing a review for it! I feel like since I recently canceled a couple of the snack boxes I was getting, it's now time to give a little spotlight to a really affordable, fun, snack box that also gives back with every box sold! Plus, they give away free boxes for the first month...and that kind of makes me love them! ;)

The Deets
Love with Food is a $10 a month (+$2 shipping) subscription box that features organic and/or all natural snacks delivered to you monthly. For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank in an effort to support the end of child hunger. I think it's an absolutely wonderful cause and makes me feel good about subscribing to them!

Get a Free Box!
 Love with Food offers new subscribers their first box for free! (You just pay $2 shipping) and you can cancel at anytime with the quick click of a button on their site. If you want to try one out for yourself, you can do so by using THIS LINK.

This month's theme was "Live, Laugh, Restore" and it contained 8 different snacks!
What does 2015 have in store? All good things! While now's the time for New Years resolutions and looking forward, give yourlsef a little love for what you've already achieved. With the purchase of this box, you helped to feed a hungry child. If that's not a great way to start off the New Year, we're not sure what is!
Love With Food always includes lots of coupons and information on the snacks featured in their box. This month, there was also a $40 voucher for, which is awesome!

Wai Lana Cassava Pops
Ok I LOVED this snack! These taste a lot like a potato chip and popcorn had a baby. They have 70% less fat than regular potato chips, and only 100 calories! The ingredients are few (cassava, tapioca starch, sunflower oil, sea salt, cane sugar, sesame) and the taste is big! Seriously I would never crave a greasy chip again if I had these on hand. I'm definitely picking up more of these from the Love With Food website!
Somersault Snack Company: Somersaults in "Salty Pepper" 
If you like sunflower seeds, you will absolutely love this snack! They kind of look like little bite-sized cookies, only their made from sunflower seeds and grains. This flavor is intense, so if you're not into super-peppery things, these might not be for you. The first few I ate were a nice mix of salt and pepper, but toward the end of the bag, I needed a drink like never before! Not my favorite snack in the box, but they were pretty tasty before they got too intense.

Big Slice: "Energy" Kettle Cooked Apples in "Raspberry Hibiscus & Green Coffee Extract"
I've seen these kettle-cooked apples around recently, so I was happy to see them in the box this month. This Raspberry hibiscus and green coffee extract flavor sounded like the least enticing of them all, but My fiance was more than willing to dig into these first. They're kind of mildly sweet, but there isn't a very distinctive flavor here. Definitely not bad-tasting at all, but more of a basic apple taste. With such a weird flavor profile I thought they'd be much different. I do like how the bag is resealable, and I am pretty tempted to try the cinnamon french toast flavor of these!
Luna: Chocolate Dipped Coconut Mini Bar
Luna bars have been around forever. Some of them are great, and some are pretty gross in my opinion. This one was practically sinful! I am usually iffy on coconut. I'm not into Mounds/Almond Joy type things but I love coconut flavor in my desserts. This bar was super delicious, chocolately and a little coconutty. Perfect treat to keep you going after a workout or while you're running errands!
Stash Tea: "Breakfast in Paris" Tea Bag 
I was admittedly a little bummed to see a singular Stash tea bag here. This brand is easily accessible in almost every grocery store I shop at, and they're pretty low-price. I would have rather tried some hard-to-find artisan tea, or at least have a few bags of this one, but hey- I'll toss it in the tea jar, where I keep all the other tea bag samples I get! 
Bobalu: In-Shell Almonds
I love nuts and seeds. My Fiance jokes that I'm like a little squirrel because I'm always nibbling on cashews or sunflower seeds! I do love almonds when they're mixed with something else (like chocolate!) but I'm not too keen on them on their own. This is a bag of salted, in-shell almonds obviously, so they're really not my thing. Not a bad thing to get in a box though! I just wish they were pistachios or cashews! 
Britt: Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs
Oh my gosh, these should just be called little bits of heaven! These are made with cacao that comes straight from the Costa Rican rainforest. They're like crunchy little dark chocolate bits that taste best a few at a time. The chocolate is dark and the natural cacao can be a bit bitter if you dump these in your mouth in large quantities. The chocolate is absolutely delicious though, and I've already bookmarked these so I can pick more up asap!
Alter Ego: Velvet Truffle 
This truffle is made with Peruvian chocolate, is 99.97% organic and 81% fair trade. It's a lighter chocolate that has a caramel flavor with a slight vanilla undertone to it. Absolutely delicious, and perfect for someone who likes a milder chocolate!
Overall Thoughts
This month's box was packed with snacks and lots of fantastic coupons! While there was no particular theme with the snacks themselves this month, I found that let there be a much wider variety. Awesome selection of sweet and savory, and I even found some snacks I liked enough to buy more of, which doesn't happen often! All in all, a very successful Love With Food box! So much so, that instead of canceling and subscribing month-to-month, I think I'm going to let my subscription roll into February! Hoping for a Valentines Day box with lots of Chocolatey goodness!

Don't Forget!
If you're interested in trying Love with Food, you can get a free box (just pay $2 shipping) when you use THIS LINK.
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kloverbox January 2015 Review and Unboxing!

I can always count on Kloverbox to introduce me to new brands, and provide high-quality, good sized products. There's nothing worse than getting a product in a subscription box and see that it's filled with chemicals and cheap ingredients. Even worse, when you get a sample that is so small, you can only use it once! It's so hard to form an opinion of a product when there isn't enough to try it a few times. I get subscriptions so I can discover new products that work well for me, and even in my favorite subscriptions, I have found products that may work well, but don't have ingredients I'm comfortable with. The more you learn about harsh chemicals and ingredients in skincare/makeup (and even food!), the more you start to look for alternatives. It can be overwhelming, especially when some companies promise they're "healthy" or "natural" when they're really just using those words as a marketing gimmick.

If you're starting to realize that the things you put in and on your body have more chemicals and weird ingredients than you'd like, I would say it's time for you to subscribe to Kloverbox!

What is Kloverbox?
Kloverbox is a lifestyle subscription box that sends 4 or more natural and organic products for you to fall in love with each month. This isn't a beauty subscription. Kloverbox sends products from all categories: beauty, health, food and home products, so you can incorporate more natural products into every aspect of your life!

How Does It Work?
On the Kloverbox site, you can choose a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription. The one month and 3 month subscriptions automatically renew, which means you will be billed again once that cycle is over (monthly, or every 3 months.) The 6 month subscription is a one-time purchase; Meaning you will not be billed again once the 6 month subscription is over. This is a great option to gift to friends and family because you won't have to remember to cancel the subscription. The longer the subscription you choose, the more of a discount you get, which is also awesome!
Another really great thing about Kloverbox is that they usually include a coupon code on the information card for each product for that month. So if you really fall in love with something from your box, you'll be able to get more at a fantastic discount. 

How Much?
A 1 month subscription to Kloverbox is $25 
 3 month subscription is $71.25 ($23.75 per box) 
6 month subscription is $135 ($22.50) per box. 
Shipping is free and fast! 
You can save even more money by using the code "HB10" at checkout to save 10% off! This code can be used on any subscription.

Let's dig in to the January Box!
 I think it's super cute that Kloverbox always hand-writes a thank-you in the box. I can imagine they have a lot of "thank you's" to write, so it's a nice personal touch!
This month's theme was "Clean and Fresh" and featured 4 items.

Meliora K: Berry Cleaning Right Hand Laundry Powder ($7.99)
One of the first things I wanted to do when I started "thinking green" was to make my own laundry detergent. The chemicals in regular detergent are rampant, and the high price tags on your typical container of Tide is enough to make anyone wince. But why spend the time making my own when there are great companies like Meliora K that will do it for me at a really great price? This container will wash 20 loads of laundry and only costs $7.99! The only ingredients in this laundry powder are Soap, Baking Soda and Washing Soda. No crazy chemicals here! This powder is more concentrated than your average liquid detergent, and thoroughly cleans your clothes and delicates without the use of fragrance, dyes, optical brighteners or preservatives. Kloverbox also suggests trying this product with white vinegar as a simple laundry softener in the rinse cycle. Even better- this stuff is perfect for sensitive skin and babies!

Lilies and Myrrh: All Purpose Healing Salve ($6)
Lilies and Myrrh is January's featured Etsy store. I love that Kloverbox features indie brands and etsy shops because they're some of my favorite places to shop and discover new brands and products. This salve is handcrafted with certified organic ingredients, and is an intense moisturizer that heals scrapes, cuts, sun and superficial burns, bug bites, bruises, dry skin and any other skin irritation you can think of!
This particular salve has a light lavender scent, and while it looks pretty firm in consistency, it almost melts as soon as it makes contact with my finger. it's easy to swipe out of the jar and apply to any dry patches or skin issues. I haven't tried this out on any cuts or scrapes yet, but I'm very excited to have this during the summer to apply to bug bits and sunburn! I've only used it as a moisturizer so far, but I have found it to be super-moisturizing and fast absorbing, and has been great on rough winter skin on my hands, elbows and knees.

Olive oil infused with comfrey leaf, plantain leaf, echinacea root, calendula flowers, rosemary leaf, yarrow flowers, and marshmallow root. Organic Coconut oil, Beeswax, Organic Tamanu oil, Organic Meadowfoam seed oil, Vitamin E, Lavender essential oil and Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil.

Angel Face Botanicals: Kissed Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser ($11)
When I first saw this product, I had no idea it would become my favorite product I've received in a subscription box so far this year! (It may be only January, but I do get a lot of stuff each month!) This is a gentle foaming cleanser that is enriched with a Synergistic Blend of Essential Oils consisting of Chamomile, Calendula & Lavender. Calming, Healing & Regenerative, these oils work to leave your skin clean, clear & bright. It's great for any skin type, and gently foams to remove makeup, sunscreen, along with daily dirt and grime. 
It comes in a bottle that reminds me a bit of Elmer's Glue, as the tip kind of twists up and the product is squeezed out. This cleanser has a light lavender and chamomile scent and feels so soothing on the skin.  This cleanser is also: Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sodium Laurel Sulfate Free, Sodium Laureth Sulphate Free, Detergent Free, Paraben Free, Nut Free, Naturally Colored, and Naturally Scented.

Even more exciting, is this cleanser has a PH of 5.5! I've been on a never-ending search for cleansers with a PH of 6 or lower, and they are pretty hard to find, I've noticed! If you're interested in learning more about the important of cleanser PH and how it effects your skin, check out this amazing blog post from Skin & Tonics: The Importance of Fatty Acids, PH and the Moisture Barrier.

Aside from the awesome cleanser, I browsed the Angel Face Botanicals website and I'm definitely going to be a new fan. I cannot tell you how many awesome products are on there! Check them out!

Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Juice, Decyl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Coconut Source), Organic Vegetable Glycerin (Soybean Source), Lavandula spp. (Organic Lavender) Essential Oil, Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Essential Oil, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) Essential Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum (Polysaccharide Gum), Tetrasodium EDTA, dl-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Reiki Healing Energy & lots of love!! 

Palmetto Derma: Intensive Hydration & Firming Serum ($38)
This isn't the first time I've received a product from Palmetto Derma in a subscription box. They were also featured in a past Boxycharm as well, although it was a different product. At the time, I was overloaded with products so I passed it on to a friend who really enjoyed it. I admittedly now regret giving it away! I was happy to see this serum in this months Kloverbox so I could really give this brand a go!

This serum is super-moisturizing because it contains hyaluronic acid, which is one of the most effective moisturizing agents there is. It draws moisture from the environment and sends it into the surface of your skin! I have quite a few products in my arsenal that contain hyluronic acid (sheet masks, especially!) and I love them because I find them to be super moisturizing without leaving a heavy, greasy-feel on my skin like a cream moisturizer might do. Aloe and green tea are also included in the ingredients of this serum. Aloe is great at calming and soothing skin, while green tea is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Palmetto Derma promises this serum with firm, hydrate and revive.
It doesn't have a scent to speak of, and it's a fast-absorbing, non-sticky formula. When I first swatched it, I could almost immediately feel a difference in how soft my hand was where I applied it as opposed to my other hand. I've put this into my nighttime routine and I've really enjoyed it so far. It hydrates wonderfully, but would work well even for oily skin as it doesn't have a sticky or greasy-feel like some serums can have. Very pleased with it so far!

Deionized Aqua (Water), Organic Aloe Barbardensis Leaf (Aloe Vera Extract), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharied (Plant Based Hyaluronic Acid)Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Carrageenan Gum, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Organic Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola Extract), Organic Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail Plant Extract), Organic Pelagonium Gravoleons (Geranium Extract), Organic Taraxacum Orricinale (Dandelion Extract). 

Overall Thoughts
The January Kloverbox cost $25, (even less if you have a longer-term subscription) and has a total retail value of  $63!
 Upon first opening the January box, I was very happy with the full sized products and variety of items, but now that I have had a chance to try everything out, I am even more excited! Because I have been receiving subscription boxes for many years, I am much harder to please. I'm always giving away products that don't work for me, finding that I get repeats of the same products, or end tossing stuff into a drawer, never to be seen or used again. The moment I got my January Kloverbox, I wanted to put these products into action! The laundry powder works very well, the salve is amazing on my dry heels, elbows and knees, and the serum is a fantastic moisturizer, even on my oily days! But the cream of the crop for me is the Kissed Cleanser! So happy to have found a natural cleanser with a low PH that actually works well and is well-priced. I never would have known about this company without Kloverbox, which is a huge reason why I continue to rave about this subscription! I'm super excited to see what the February box holds, and I hope you'll sign up and share in the excitement with me!

 Subscribe to Kloverbox so you can secure yourself a February box! Boxes are very limited, and I have seen them sell out month-after-month, so don't wait if you're thinking about it!

Don't Forget:
Use HB10 at checkout to save 10% off any Kloverbox Subscription!
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Boxycharm January 2015 Review and Unboxing

My January Boxycharm had a long journey before it got to me! My billing address and mailing address are different, and somehow, Boxycharm put the correct address on my shipping label, but used the zip code of my billing address. I kept watching the tracking, and saw that it was in the town of my billing address, and continued to be returned to the post office and re-delivered. Finally, someone noticed the error, and my box eventually made it's way to me. I did contact Boxycharm about the issue, and I'm hoping that it won't happen again in February. It took an extra week for it to arrive, which was practically torture for me!

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that while usually includes makeup, occasionally includes hair and skincare items as well. Much of the time, the products included are full size. The cost is $21 per month.  
 The theme this month was "Celebrate In Style."

Cheers to a New Year, Charmers! The Best is yet to come and we are ringing it in by celebrating in style with a little makeup! Join us in celebrating this month by sharing your boxes and looks with #yearofthecharm! May your year be filled with pop, fizz, and click.

Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum ($47)
This bronzing serum is used to hydrate and even the skin tone while helping to fight signs of aging and giving skin a firmer, brighter appearance. The tan it provides is gradual, providing instant radiance as it bronzes for a healthy complexion. Simply dispense 2-3 drops into your hands and apply to clean, dry skin on the face and neck. It's suggested that this be used daily.
I found it super exciting to see a full sized Tarte product in this months box, as they've partnered with Boxycharm before and they're one of my favorite brands. However, I found it rather odd that they would include a bronzing serum in a January box. I know there are a few women that work to keep their skin golden year-round, so while this would probably be a great product for them, I unfortunately won't have a use for it. I take pride in my ghostly white appearance! Even in the summer, I load up on SPF and stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. I'll be passing this on to a friend of mine who loves self-tanning!

Mirabella: Face Prime ($29)
This primer minimizes large pores and fine lines, and contains nourishing vitamin E. It's a very small tube, almost the same size as some of my eye primers, and yet the retail price is $29.
This is one of those products that I just cannot believe the retail value of. I've tried and enjoyed Mirabella products in the past, but I always find it strange when small companies charge high-end brand prices, and don't provide a significant amount of product, or equal quality to prestige brands. I received this exact primer in an Ipsy bag many moons ago (about 2 years ago, I think!) and it's not something I would go out and re-purchase. I will use it up, but I don't find it to be any better than my favorite primers that are cheaper than this one.

Pur-lisse: Skin Sparkle Flash Tattoos ($12)
Pur-lisse shows up quite a bit in subscription boxes, although it's usually something from their skincare line. I actually like this brand quite a bit, so I was pretty confused as to why instead of one of their skincare products, we received temporary tattoos. It's a very small sheet, unlike the large one we got in PopSugar this month, and I'm starting to wonder why these metallic tattoos are popping up in January boxes. I'm not a shy person in terms of fashion- I will definitely use these for a special night, but I think they would have worked better in a summer box. I also can't seem to find these tattoos anywhere on the Pur-lisse website, so I'm not entirely sure where the $12 value came from!

Beauty For Real: True Color Lip Cream in "Always There" ($22)
The info card that Boxycharm provides says this lip cream is in a shade that enhances and defines your lip color for a gorgeous, natural look. Since I'm pretty pale, my lips are as well, so this is anything but a natural shade for me. (Swatches are below). It's like a pink/berry shade, and I actually really love it! The formula is like a liquid lipstick, and it applies smoothly and evenly. I find the light up wand to be kind of gimmicky, but if you find yourself applying lipstick in the dark a lot, I guess it would be useful? The tube also has a built-in mirror, which I do like, as I'm always digging through my makeup bag to find one! The retail price is $22, which is a little steep, but not unheard of if they product delivers. I just wonder if it would be cheaper if they switched packaging and did away with the light up applicators.

Beauty For Real: The Perfect Pencil ($14)
This is a special shade of liner that compliments and enhances the natural shades of your lips, and I am obsessed with it! I absolutely love lip liners. I currently line and fill in my lips with a liner that is very similar to this shade (It's called "Charm" by Starlooks) and it looks awesome on it's own, but it also makes a perfect base for almost all my lip colors. It's amazing how longer my lipstick lasts when I use a liner! I find this particular liner to have a drier formula than I usually like, but it's not unworkable.
LEFT: true color lip cream / RIGHT: the perfect pencil
Overall Thoughts
Boxycharm costs $21 a month, and the January box has a total value of about $124.
 While this box wasn't a total knockout for me, I think this is more of what I'm looking for from Boxycharm: Useful makeup! The lip products are both neutral and wearable, and probably my favorite items in the box this month. While the primer isn't something I would get excited about receiving, it will definitely be used. I sort of wish I could transport the bronzer and tattoos to a June or July box, but at least we're seeing a full size Tarte product make a comeback in the boxes. If I had my way, Boxycharm would include a full size Tarte and Tarina Tarantino item in every box!  Overall, I think the curation here is quite nice and I like it a lot more than I originally thought I would, so Boxycharm has got me for another month! February is always one of my favorite times to get subscription boxes, because they're almost always Valentines Day themed! Exciting!

If you're interested in signing up for Boxycharm, they occasionally have a short waiting list, so I would jump on it now if you are hoping for a January box! You can sign up here: Get BoxyCharm!
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