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Birchbox Man January 2015 Review and Unboxing

My fiance is a trooper. He's always seeing me open all of my amazing subscription boxes and bags full of beauty goodies, and never once has he complained that our room is literally a subscription box graveyard. We live in a small apartment, and our tiny bedroom is filled with my stuff. My vanity, stacked high with beauty goodies, my jewelry table piled high with sparklies, drawers full of skincare and makeup. Our bed is always covered with the newest subscriptions boxes that I have to review and play with...and he has a tiny little spot with his desk and a shelf. What a guy! So of course, to reward him for being so amazing, I subscribed him to Birchbox Man. I mean, since I get so many fun things in the mail, he deserves something too, right? We tried a few other subscriptions, but BB Man has been his absolute favorite!

If you're unaware, Birchbox Man is a men's lifestyle and grooming subscription box that costs $20 per month. While the women's Birchbox is only $10 per month, the men's box tends to have more lifestyle products such as clothing, electronics, gadgets etc.

This month's theme was "Let's Do This Thing."

From Birchbox
With resolutions, specificity is king. Get in shape? Sure to flop. But "Shave a minute off my mile?" Now, that's a winner. Be more social? Try, "take a samba dancing class." Have an adventure? We prefer, "Learn to spelunk in New Zealand."
To help you kick off 2015 with some concrete goals, we've put together 31 tips, tricks and challenges for January. Every day we'll post a new one to our instagram @BIRCHBOXMAN- and every day you'll have a fresh shot to win some sweet prizes. 
Let's do this thing. 

The Men's Soap Shop: Bergamot Body Soap
Jeff absolutely loves bar soaps. I want nothing to do with them, and you couldn't pay me to give up my body wash/loofah combo, so I always pass mine off to him. While he's appreciative of all my bar soap hand-me-downs, he's always super thrilled when he gets one in his Birchbox. This soap was particularly exciting for him because it not only comes in a really nice tin, but it smells amazing- like orange peels and mangoes! There are a few different scents on the Birchbox website that we're going to have to try out as well! I wish Birchbox would send him a bar soap every month!

Nourish Snacks: Mr. Popular Popped Corn Kernels
It's actually pretty common for us ladies to receive little snacks and sweet treats in our Birchboxes, but it's much less common to see them in the men's boxes. Jeff was very excited to see these half-popped popcorn kernels in his box. They're nutty, savory and seasoned with a hint of sea salt. Very tasty!

Suki: Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser
This product has been floating through women's subscription boxes for quite some time now, and definitely has it's own cult following. It's a gentle, all-natural exfoliator with a delicious lemon scent. While Jeff isn't crazy about expansive skincare regimes, he does love a good face scrub, so this will definitely be used and enjoyed!

Gendarme: Eau de Cologne
Now THIS is a fragrance sample! If all the women's fragrance samples were this big I would never complain about receiving them in my Birchboxes! The little samples just get lost in the shuffle and I never end up using them! Anyone else have that problem? Anyway, this is a hypoallergenic (cool!) fragrance that contains notes of lemon, lime, bergamot and lavender. It can be worn alone, but it can also be used as a foundation to other scents to mix things up a bit. I found that this fragrance is very gender-neutral. Spraying it on my own wrist, the lavender is really apparent, however on Jeff, it smells a lot more masculine. Very interesting!

Cory Vines: The Path Long Sleeve Tee
Like Birchbox, Birchbox Man allows for subscribers to choose an item for their box each month, and it's usually the lifestyle product. Since BB Man is double the price of the women's box, they have much more exciting lifestyle items, I've gotta say! Jeff chose this long sleeve tee as his lifestyle item this month. It's a breathable nylon/spandex/polyester blend shirt that wicks away sweat and repels odors. It's a great thing to wear when working out, or when Jeff is working and sweating up a storm! Definitely the highlight of the box since this shirt along cost $35, and the box is only $20!

Overall Thoughts
What a way to start 2015! Birchbox Man has consistently been impressive lately. Jeff has been subscribed for about 8-9 months now, and I think we've only had 1 or 2 so-so boxes. Even better, we complained about him getting boxers 2 months in a row, and they refunded us for the price of the box in Birchbox points ($20) which was incredibly nice of them. Birchbox is known for their stellar customer service, so know that if there's ever an issue, it will be handled quickly and effectively. I always feel confident that Jeff is going to get a box truly catered to his tastes, and this month is no exception! I get just as excited to see what is in his box every month! 

If you're interested in signing up a lucky guy in your life for a Birchbox Man Subscription, you can do that HERE.
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  1. Whoa - your man got TOTALLY different things than mine did!!! I just finally got around to doing the BBMan review/unboxing on my site, and was excited to check out others' reviews and DANG yours was awesome!!!!! Looking forward to seeing what next month holds.

    1. I love how different the Birchboxes are, even the men's ones! It makes it way more fun reading other people's reviews because I love to see what everyone else gets! This was a great one for my fiance- he loved everything! February's boxes should be shipping soon, so I hope it's a good one!