Monday, January 19, 2015

I Went Clothes Shopping!

 As much as it might look like I'm a crazy shopaholic because of this blog, I can tell you that I rarely ever buy stuff for myself outside of subscription boxes and products specifically to review here. It's partly because I'm way too much of a thrift to spend money. I have immediate buyers remorse when I shop for fun, and a lot of the time I end up returning stuff before I even get it home! 

I tend to have what seems like 10 years worth of makeup and skincare at any given time, but when it comes to clothing and fashion-type stuff, I could count my clothes on my fingers! I have a few tank tops, a few cardigans and a couple pairs of jeans. That's pretty much all you'll see me in!

To put it into perspective: I haven't bought a new pair of sneakers since I was a senior in high school. I am now 29 years old. Yep. I've been wearing the same black high top Converse sneakers since I was 18 and they're still going strong! Although I recently admitted to myself that I probably need a couple of easy slip-on-and-go shoes to wear to work.

Back in July, I had weight loss surgery, and while it's been a great experience, I am now swimming in almost every piece of clothing I owned before surgery. I've picked up a few things here and there, but I really needed some new tops so I wasn't doing laundry every few days!

So I wouldn't feel that buyers remorse that's always looming, I decided to sell some of my overstock of Memebox products (and goodness knows I had a LOT) and use the money I got to get some clothing basics.  I took advantage of some 50% off sales at Torrid, Old Navy and Payless and picked up some stuff to fill in the gaps in my clothing "collection," but of course I couldn't resist also placing an order with Rose Rose Shop to get some cheap sheet masks and Mizon goodies!

I spent hours image mapping these so you could click on anything you might be interested in, but for some reason it was acting up and not working and I lost all my work, so I have included the links below each picture instead!

Image Map
So I like black and I like stripes. Obviously. I tried to mix in some color, but I'm just too stuck in my ways! I also got the black robe from Old Navy because I've never actually owned a robe before! Gasp!

Links to Products (FYI- these are all plus sizes!)
Top Row
Middle Row
Image Map
This group is a mix of the cheap-yet-awesome shoes I got from Payless, as well as my little RoseRoseShop order. I ordered a few slip-on sneakers because I like everything I wear to be super easy- I spend way too much time on makeup and skincare, so everything else needs to be fast so I can get out the door on time! From RRS, I got three 10 packs of 3W Clinic sheet masks for under $2 each because that is just way too good a deal to pass up. Plus: free shipping on all Mizon products! Look at the packaging on that Starfish eye cream! So pretty!

Links to Products
Airwalk flats in either color are no long available 
Rose Rose Shop Items
3W Clinic Pomegranate Sheet Masks / 3W Clinic Milk Sheet Masks / 3W Clinic Snail Sheet Masks
Mizon Returning Starfish Eye Cream / Mizon Blemish After Cream
Tonymoly Panda Eye Stick / Herb Day Cleansing Cloths / Etude House Tweezers (not currently available on RRS)

All in all, it was a fun shopping trip around the internets, but now I'm going to be on a no-buy for a LONG time unless I literally need something, or it's specifically for the blog! (Things being for the blog is my excuse to buy stuff! *wink)

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  1. love that scoop black/grey neck tee & purple cardi! I will have to check those out. I cannot believe you haven't bought new sneaks in 10 years!! haha

    1. Both of those are from Old Navy so whether or not you're plus sized, they should have them in lots of sizes! and HAHA I know it's awful! I have a few pairs of sandals and quite a few flats and dressy shoes/heels, but only ONE pair of sneakers!!

  2. Hooray for new clothes! The heart sweater and Payless slip-ons are super cute. I definitely spend way more time thinking about makeup and skincare than I do about clothing. I haven't bought sneakers recently, but what I did get in terms of casual footwear is Crocs - not the clog kind, but the ones that look sort of dress shoe-esque. They're super comfortable (though a bit silly-looking). #undeniablefashionista

    1. I am ALL about comfort and ease when it comes to clothes- because I just spend way too much time (like you said!) thinking about makeup and skincare LOL- most of my female friends are the opposite so it's very confusing to them that I would spend an hours doing my skincare routine, an hour doing my makeup, and then 5 minutes getting dressed haha ;) I have seen those crocs actually- they're pretty cute considering they're not the clog-style! haha ;)

  3. Thank you for this, I just bought 23 masks from RRS too~ If only shipping wasn't that much, but even so it was quite a nice deal, thank you again~

    1. You're so welcome Anny! You're right that the shipping is a little pricey- but the fact that some of their masks are under $2 USD for a pack of 10- there's just no beating that anywhere, even when you factor in the shipping!
      Next time you make an order, take a peek at their "free shipping" section to see if there's anything there you'd like to try. I always snag some Mizon stuff because they're one of my favorite brands, and since they ship free they don't contribute to the weight of the box at all cost-wise, so I throw in a couple sheet mask packs etc. That way even if the shipping is a little pricey, I'm getting more stuff so it feels more worth it to me! haha ;)

    2. I only hope these are good, I can't wait to try the milk one and snail is always good. I bought 3 Innisfree masks too because I wanted to try their masks.
      Haha I totally understand getting more products if the shopping is pricey, I really wanted to buy some Mizon, but I also wanted the Banila co box and I really hoped memebox would restock it so I had to decide between that and Mizon. And my skin doesn't really like the All in one snail cream from Mizon and the snail gel so I don't know when I'll try more Mizon products.