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Memebox "I'm Eyeshadow" Duo Collection: Review and Swatches

If you're a fan of Memebox, then you probably have already noticed the avalanche of new Memebox-branded cosmetics and products flooding into the memeshop lately. I was pretty curious about the quality of these products, so I took advantage of a pretty good sale combined with some of my Memepoints and decided to pick up the set of eyeshadow duos. I really loved the color combinations they chose, and think that little duos are great for creating quick eye looks on the go!

Let's take a look at the collection!
These are the 5 duos that are available in the Memeshop. You can buy them separately, or as a set, and they are available for International and US buyers, so make sure you add the right one to your cart!

Each Shadow Duo Retails for $6.50, however they are currently on sale for $5.20.
The Entire Collection retails at $32.50, however it is currently on sale for $24.40.
Here are the dimensions of each shadow. I would say that they are comparable to the size of a MAC shadow.
These duos are pretty neutral in tone, with pops of pink, purple and golden orange.

Memebox's Claims About These Shadows:

Hydrating Formula
The lightweight, breathable formula is infused with a moisturizing oil to melt into skin for a natural splash of color that lasts.

Seamless Application
Each pigmented shadow is infused with a hydrating color coat to glide on effortlessly for hours of captivating, crease-resistant wear.

Professional Color That Lasts
Each shadow duo is expertly coordinated to create dramatic looks with intensely pigmented shade that last for hours.

Luminous Shimmery Finish
I'm Eye Shadow Collection gives you colors you crave, in shimmery formulas that blend with a touch, and stay beautiful for hours.
Lets take a closer look at each shade, and then see some swatches!

01 Sunset
Sunset is a duo of the shades Metallic Pink and Golden Orange. These do swatch a bit lighter than they appear in the pan, but are still nicely pigmented and shimmery! I also like that the formula doesn't have a lot of shimmer fallout, which can sometimes be an issue with shades like these. I also find that the "orange" is definitely more of a peachy bronze shade on my skin.

02 Wonderland
Wonderland is a duo of Golden Orange and Perlized Beige. This is the exact same orange that is in the previous duo, Sunset. This is a perfect, shimmery duo for someone who doesn't like the look of a lot of shadow on their lid. It's subtle, yet shimmery (of course!) and these both work well together in a variety of different ways. You could put golden orange all over the lid and use the beige as a highlight, or use the beige all over the lid and use golden orange in the crease or on the outer part of the lid. 

03 Fallen
Fallen is a duo of Warm Ivory and Golden Brown. While Ivory looks close to the Perlized Beige in the Wonderland duo, it's actually a bit lighter and more buttery-looking in appearance. The Golden brown swatches lighter and more of a bronzey tone than the chocolatey brown you see in the pan. These are also much more shimmery when swatched than they look in the pan. This is also another versatile duo that can be worn quite a few ways despite having only 2 shades. I love having neutral duos like this that I can toss in my overnight bag for a quick eye look!

04 Soul
Soul is a duo of Deep Wine and Wine Brown, and definitely my favorite duo in the bunch. The Deep Wine shade looks sort-of matte in the pan, but it has a beautiful silvery-satin tone to it when applied to the lid. Wine Brown is a stunning shimmery taupe shade, which is one of my favorite shades to use on my lid. It really compliments any skin tone and makeup look!

05 Queen
 Queen is a duo of Chocolate Brown and Deep Wine. It is very similar to Soul, in that they both have the Deep Wine shade, along with a brown tone. Chocolate Brown is not a taupey-brown shade like in the Soul duo, but a true brown with a silver shimmer. It's quite pretty and makes for a deeper, more intense look than the Soul duo would provide.

Here are the swatches of all 5 duos side by side. You can see in the photo that while Queen and Soul are similar, the brown-tones they are paired with really make for a different look. Wonderland and Sunset both have the orange shade, but also look quite different when paired with their respective pink or beige shades.

Closer looks at the swatches:

There was some discrepancies on whether or not the Wine shades in Soul/Queen and the Orange shade in Wonderland/Sunset were the same, or just looked similar. Memebox lists these as the exact same shades with the same name, and swatched next to each other, you can see that they are identical.
You can however, get these shades to look slightly different from each other if you apply them with less/more intensity.

Here are Memebox's Swatches for Comparison Purposes! Theirs are much cleaner-looking than mine!
Overall Thoughts
Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical when Memebox started releasing their own line of cosmetics. However I find these shadow duos in particular to be affordable, well-made, and beautifully pigmented. I love the color combinations that they have chosen, as they are all on-trend and work well together. I've gifted a couple of the lighter duos to my sister (she loves light pinks!) and I have kept the darker ones for myself because I truly love them! They have great staying power, apply beautifully and are easily blended. With a shadow primer, these shades also lasted the entire day with no creasing or fading on my lid. Overall, I'm thrilled with my first forray into the Memebox makeup line! I have also heard some fantastic things about their lip products as well, so once I save up a bit more I might invest in some of those as well!

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To Check out the other products in the Memebox Makeup Line: Click Here.

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  1. I'm really liking Queen and Soul! One of my favorite color combinations.

    1. Me too!! They make absolutely gorgeous eye looks!

  2. The wine colors in Queen and Soul look identical to me. They're pretty though, so I guess that's not such a bad thing...

    1. Yep. I agree they're totally identical. Luckily the browns are different enough where if you really like the wine shade, you can pick which brown suits you better and just buy the one duo.

  3. These are so nice! They actually remind me of ELF eyeshadow duos. The Memebox cosmetics line is shaping up to be quite nice. Great post! #kbeautybloghop

    1. I used to use the ELF duos religiously! The brown one they have is so perfect for those days when I'm running late and I just need something to throw on my eyes really quickly. These definitely remind me of those, but glammed up! :)

  4. That is so wine colors in soul and queen are different!! Deep Wine in soul is more pigmented than queen - maybe I got a reject! great review #kbeautybloghop

    1. omgosh I just checked your review and your right! That is definitely less pigmented by far!! You definitely got a dud there, but the good news is at least they're different so you can get different looks! haha :)