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Naturebox January 2015 Review

Ever since I had bariatric surgery, I have had to be very careful with what kind of foods I eat. While I do allow myself a sweet treat every now and then, I try to find products that are natural, or at least food that have ingredients I can pronounce. I've enjoyed Graze and Nibblr, but I've been hoping to stick with a snack subscription that has larger bags of snacks that will get me through the week. Since I can't eat a ton of food, the NatureBox snack bags work great! I'm able to get quite a few days worth of snacks out of each bag, so one box really will last me most of the month when I separate them into smaller ziploc baggies. I was so impressed with my last NatureBox, so I absolutely couldn't wait to try out even more snacks this month!

About NatureBox
NatureBox delivers a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door. Each snack contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Snacking has never been so deliciously fun and naturally easy.
How It Works
NatureBox has you choose a subscription plan from the following options:

Free Trial
This option is a small sampler box that contains 5 different snacks. It's free, however they have a $2 shipping charge on this box, AND it rolls into a monthly subscription. So if you are interested in this option but do not want a subscription, make sure you cancel as soon as your box ships.

You can also choose to pay month-to-month for your subscription, which is $19.95 per month. 
There are also discounted rates for subscriptions that are paid in advance, so if you know you'll be subscribing for awhile, these are good routes to take.
Each box contains 5 snacks, and to my knowledge, an occasional "bonus snack" that NatureBox chooses and adds into your box.

Many Options
You can leave your box up to chance, which has NatureBox choose all the snacks that will be in your box, or you can browse their snack library and add things to your "pantry." This will let NatureBox know which snacks you are interested in trying, and they will incorporate them into your box.

You can also add extra snacks into your box. Each snack costs a different price to add on, however the more you add on, the less the snacks cost.

So now that we've got the basics out of the way, Let's take a look at what I got in my NatureBox, and what I thought of each snack!

Golden Apple Tea Biscuits
While you do have the option to let NatureBox choose snacks for you, I am way too picky with my snacks, so I make my own choices. I always try to pick an even amount of sweet and savory snacks. The first sweet snack that caught my eye were these Golden Apple Tea Biscuits. I love cookies, and anything healthier version of a cookie is a good thing in my book! These little bite-sized cookies are absolutely delicious! They're crunchy and just sweet enough to really kill that cookie-craving! I wasn't sure if I was going to like the little apple pieces in these cookies, but they really give a textural difference that I really enjoy.

Parmesan Garlic Pop Pops
Holy crap are these delicious. Seriously this bag was gone so fast I don't even know how I got a picture of these! I used to have an addiction to cool-ranch Doritos, which are pretty much horrible for you in every way. These little half-popped corn kernels have the soft, fluffy texture of popcorn, but also have a satisfying crunch. The flavoring on these is dynamite if you love garlic (which I do) but beware: don't eat these before a hot date, or you'll be sporting some intense garlic breath!

French Toast Granola
Granola is one of my favorite snacks. I'll add it to yogurt, pour some milk over it, or eat it right out the bag. I love that NatureBox has such a wide variety of granola flavors, and this one seemed ridiculously appealing. The bad news is: it tastes nothing like french toast. The good news: it's maple-flavored granola with pecans, so it still has that buttery maple syrup flavor without the massive amount of carbs and calories. This was decent in that it was fresh-tasting and satisfying, but I was a bit let-down by the lack of french-toastiness. I'll probably go for a different granola next time!

Zesty Noodle Crunch
I never used to be into spicy snacks, but somehow they've grown on me over the years. This particular medley of deliciousness contains crunchy corn pieces, pumpkin seeds, and chickpea noodles. It's got a kick to it, that's for sure! For people that like spicy foods, this will probably be exactly what they claim to be: zesty. For me, it were a little too zesty. Not a fan of when my mouth feels like it's on fire. My roommate, who is obsessed with all things spicy LOVED this snack mix, so I think it was just my weakling taste buds that weren't in love with this one.

Dark Cocoa Nom Noms
These are heavenly. I can't describe them any other way, really. So delish. I have had the "nom noms" from NatureBox many moons ago, and they were always a bit dry for my tastes, but these cocoa ones are moist, dense and taste like they have way more calories than they do. They're basically a ball of oats, coconut shavings and chocolate, and have a cookie-fudge-like consistency. I've been eating one of these whenever I have an intense chocolate craving, and they are so rich in flavor that I actually prefer them over my holiday chocolate stash!

Harvest Nut Mix
Each month, NatureBox adds in a bonus snack. So along with your 5 choices, they will add in an extra snack of their choice. I think this is a great idea, because it gives me the opportunity to try snacks that I might not normally pick, but will actually enjoy. This mix is lightly salted, and contains nuts, seeds, soybeans and corn. It's not the most flavorful thing ever, and probably not something I would pick again, but it's pretty tasty- just a bit boring for my taste buds. I do like the crunch of the little sesame seed sticks and the salted corn, but I could do without the whole almonds in this mix.

Overall Thoughts
My January NatureBox was yet another success! While I did like some snacks more than others, there was nothing here that I absolutely wouldn't eat. Everything was fresh, and some of these snacks were crazy-delicious; So much so, that I'm super tempted to get them again next month! Although for the sake of reviews, I'm going to try my best to try as many different snacks as I possibly can. So far, I've been very pleased with this subscription since I re-joined, and I'm interested to see what some of their new snacks will be in the coming months, since some of their choices are seasonal options. Until then, I must resist buying more Cocoa Nom Noms! 

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  1. I'm glad to hear a report on the Dark Cocoa Nom noms as I almost selected them this month. I got the Garlic Parmesan pops last month & you're right about the garlic. As for granola my favorite is the black & white which contains tiny chocolate bits. Unfortunately in Canada we don't get the 6th bag :-(

    1. Weirdly enough, my best friend and I LOVED the cocoa nom noms, but my fiance thought they were gross. Have no idea why- I ate the whole bag! LOL ;) I think I might be getting the black and white in a future box...either I packed it or I have it on deck to be received soon, so I'm excited to try it now! That stinks that you guys don't get the bonus bag! :(