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Beauteque Monthly: January BB Bag Review!

You might have noticed that it's February and I'm about to review a January bag. You also may have noticed that I've already reviewed the February BB Bag before this one...however I have a good explanation! I'm one of those people that usually flat-out refuses to do late reviews on monthly subscriptions, however in this case, Beauteque had some shipping issues as this was their introductory bag, and a few people got missed. Luckily it arrived this week! I'm still going to a review so that anyone unfamiliar with this service can see what they offer!

What is the Beauteque Monthly?
Beauteque Monthly is a beauty subscription curated by the wonderful US-based Korean beauty website, Beauteque. Each month, subscribers receive BB Bags (Beauteque Beauty Bags) filled with all kinds of Korean beauty goodness! I have found that Beauteque's bags are perfect for anyone new to K-Beauty, as well as an old pro. There's something for everyone!
Subscription Types (3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are Prepaid):
1 Month (month-to-month) $24 per month
3 month $24 per month
 6 month $23 per month
12 month $22 per month
All subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of it's cycle so you never accidentally miss a bag!
You can also gift subscriptions if you want to surprise a lucky friend or family member!

What makes Beauteque Monthly different, is that you always have some customizable items!
Beauteque will email options to subscribers on the 1st of the most.  Subscribers must send in their option choices by the 5th or items will be chosen for them. (ex. Lipstick color, hand cream scent, toner type,etc)
What Will I Receive?
-7 (or more!) full sized products in every bag
-A value between $65 to $85+
-Makeup, skincare, jewelry, lifestyle products
-Products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America
Beauteque Beauty Bags ship to the US, Canada, and Europe.
-US shipping is $3.95 per month
-Canada shipping is  $5.95 per month
-Europe shipping is $8.95 per month
 Now that we've got the details out of the way, let's get onto the February Goodies!
The theme this month is "Bling In The New Year."
 It's a new year, sparkling with promise! That's why we've assembled this blinged-out beauty bag just for you- Jam-packed with gems for your hair, makeup and body goodies and even more! Shine as brightly as a diamond, ruby, or emerald with everything you need to start the year off right and bright!
The January bag was a metallic gold/taupe shade and feels nicely made. I personally could do without the makeup bags each month- I'd rather have an extra product! Even so, it's nice that Beauteque gives bags that feel nicely made. I remember how poorly some of my Ipsy bags were constructed and they always went right in the donate bin!

1. Milatte: Fashiony 3-Step Clear Nose Pack ($5)
This product was not in most of the January bags. In it's place was a V-Shaping Mask. They must have run out of that mask, or something, because I receive this instead. I had to look around a little for the price on this since it's not listed on the card. I know a lot of people like these 3-step nose packs, but I find they do absolutely nothing for me. I don't really get blackheads on my nose, and these don't really help with the sebaceous filaments on my nose. Essentially it's a 3-step process to help remove blackheads. Step 1 is a paper sheet mask that goes over your nose and contains ingredients that help open up the pores. Step 2 is a typical nose strip (like the Biore ones) that you apply to a wet nose and allow to dry before pulling off- hopefully taking your blackheads with it! Step 3 is like a little hydro-gel mask for your nose. It contains ingredients that help close up the pores to normal size again, as well as soothing the skin. If you've got a lot of blackheads, this might do great for you. Unfortunately I've tried multiple different versions of these and they never seem work on my nose!

Mizon: Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream ($15)
This cream helps moisturize and improve the elasticity of the skin, and is used as the last step of your skincare routine. I actually just squeezed out the last drops of my Benton Steam Cream, so I'm going to slide this one right into my nightly routine and see how it works. I bumped up my BHA from 1% to 2% which is causing a bit of dryness, not to mention the super-cold weather and endless snow we've been having, so I'm hoping that Mizon will continue to impress me with this cream! 

It's Skin: Neck Focus Patch ($6)
I love sheet masks, but I also love masks for the rest of my body. I have tons of hand and foot masks, and while I don't have many of them on hand, I really love neck masks! I'm guilty of ignoring my neck area more often than I should, so I love to have specialty masks for the neck to really pamper it! This mask is supposed to improve the skin's texture and firmness after using for 25-30 minutes. This mask has a slightly different consistency than a typical sheet mask. On one side, there is a dry fabric. On the other, there's a sticky gel. You apply this to your neck area and the gel helps keep the patch in place. This stuck to my skin well and it was fun to use, although I didn't notice any major changes to the quality of the skin on my neck after using it. Maybe using them weekly would have a better effect.

Mizon: Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream ($14)
Yesssssss!!! Seriously, this foot cream is one of my all-time favorite products. I have mentioned it multiple times in past reviews, but this stuff will genuinely eliminate the need for regular scrubs and foot treatments. Plus, it smells soooo good and has a thick consistency that still absorbs quickly. The best way to use this product is to take an hour or so on the weekend and give your feet a good scrub with a file or pumice stone. Personally, I use a regular foot scrub first and then use a file. Immediately afterwards, dry your feet and apply this cream before bed. The first night I like to put on a pair of socks to keep the moisture in. After that, I simply apply this to my feet every night, right before I go to sleep. I'm telling you- you won't need to file or scrub your feet as long as you put this on nightly! It's amazing stuff!

The Face Shop: Clear Hair Mist ($7)
This is a scented hair mist that provides softness and shine to the hair. A few people that got this scent said that it had a bit of a chemical smell, but I didn't notice that with mine. It has a light, floral-peach scent that's quite pleasant, and actually last a decent amount of time in my hair. This seems like the perfect product for anyone who has friends or family that smoke, or something to toss in your gym bag if you don't have time to shower etc. It's also nice to freshen up your hair mid-day.

Sleeping Mask ($7.50)
I'll admit- when I first saw this sleeping mask in the bag, I thought it was going to be one of those cheap dollar store ones that fall apart after one use. I was pleasantly surprise to find that this mask was soft and pillowy! It's very comfortable to wear too! I think my only complaint is the color and the print- While we could choose the color of the mask, I got red instead of the purple I wanted. No big deal really, but I'm not a huge fan of animal prints in general. Luckily I'll only be wearing this when I sleep!

Tonymoly: Delight Tony Tint ($7)
I apologize for the random stock photo of this lip tint, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where I put this! I took photos of the swatches I did, but forgot to take a picture of the product. When I went back to grab a photo, it was no where to be found. I'm in the process of cleaning my apartment so it's probably lost in the shuffle of products somewhere! Either way, I have used this tint in the past and I like it well enough. I'm not huge into the Korean gradated lip trend- I feel like it just makes people look like they have really chapped lips! either way, a tint is really great to use prior to applying a lipstick of a similar shade. In this case, it would be red. I like applying these and allowing them to dry, then applying a lipstick over it. Even after the lipstick has worn away, the tint makes it so my lips will still have an even-looking color. This one smells fruity and delicious, and will last a LONG time! The tube is huge!

Milani: Sunset Duo Blush and Bronzer ($11)
Uh...hmm. Well, this is a nice enough blush/bronzer duo, but I can't help but be incredibly perplexed as to why its included in this bag. Upon re-reading the description of the BB Bags, it does say that American products will sometimes be featured, but I really don't understand why. I can go down to my local drugstore and buy this right now if I wanted to. Beauteque is a company that specializes in Kbeauty, so I feel like their bags should reflect that. While I like the product just fine, I really hope that I don't see another American drugstore brand in future BB Bags.


 Overall Thoughts
 The Beauteque BB Bags cost $24 plus shipping (rate depends on your location). The total retail value of the products this month comes out to just over $72. I find that the value is closer to about $50 if you do a little price-hunting, although many of the prices I found were from Korean sites, and not sites based in the US. I still think it was an excellent value, and included some really fantastic products. I can never get enough Mizon in my life, so for this bag to feature 2 Mizon products was a huge plus for me. I think that Beauteque is a great alternative to going out and buying Korean products one-by-one. This way, you not only save money, but you're able to try things you might have never noticed or come across. The kbeauty world is so vast that it can be hard to navigate for someone just starting out. It's also a huge plus that Beauteque offers recognizable and popular brands in their bags!

If you're interested in signing up with Beauteque Monthly, you can do so HERE!
If you want to shop Beauteque's regular website for limited edition bags, and K-Beauty galore, you can check that out HERE.

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