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Birchbox Man February 2015 Review and Unboxing

I cannot believe it's already February! My sister's birthday just happened, (Happy Birthday Kristen!) and the dreaded for some, beloved for others: Valentines Day is just around the corner. While my fiance and I have been together for over 5 years, we've never been huge on Valentines Day. We tend to go out to dinner, snuggle, watch some Netflix, and eat lots of chocolate, but we make it a point not to go out of the way to do anything insanely expensive: fancy dinners and expensive gifts, or tacky: heart shaped boxes of chocolates and cheap teddy bears from the drugstore. It's just not our thing, but hey- we still have a blast! I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do this year, but I'm thinking maybe hit up the nearby Dave and Busters and get our game on!

But the start of the new month also means a whole new crop of subscriptions boxes pouring into my mailbox! The first one that arrives each month is Jeff's Birchbox Man. He has absolutely no patience, so it's a good thing these arrive first thing each month, otherwise I'd have to hear "Did you check the tracking? Is my box going to be here soon?" Every single day!

If you're unaware, Birchbox Man is a men's lifestyle and grooming subscription box that costs $20 per month. While the women's Birchbox is only $10 per month, the men's box tends to have more lifestyle products such as clothing, electronics, gadgets etc. There are many different varieties of box each month, and what you receive may be totally different from what you see here. The box contents are chosen based on your profile that is filled out when you subscribe, as well as your sample choice, which I will explain later on!

This month's theme was "Optimized."
From Birchbox:
First, some bad news: February is the shortest month, so each day's rent, gym membership fee, and internet bill is a little steeper than usual. Now the good news: February has the best anagram of any month: "Bury Fear." Armed with these facts, we're determined to harness this month's high stakes. So we're buckling down and making all the everyday stuff-from our coffee ritual to our commute- speedier, stronger, and more efficient. 
Rite in Rain: Field Flex All-Weather Memo Book 
Each month, both Birchbox and Birchbox Man allow their subscribers to make a "sample choice." While the women's boxes have a choice between random beauty items, Birchbox Man usually allows it's subscribers to choose their "lifestyle item" each month. This month, Jeff chose this Notebook, which came as a set along with the next product. This little notebook is pretty awesome because every page is waterproof. You could dunk this entire thing in water and all the writing inside would still be intact. Jeff really enjoys camping and being outside, so a notebook like this was absolutely perfect for him!

This is Ground: Cord Taco Grande 3-Pack
These fancy leather sleeves are used to keep cords and wires tangle-free. They can be used for headphones, or any other wires you might have that need a bit of organizing. This 3-pack alone retails for $29, which is more than the cost of the entire box! Jeff likes to use these for all the random cords and wires he has stuff in his tool box, but he also gets use out of them by wrapping some of the longer cords behind his computer desk. He tends to choose these types of products whenever they're available because they come in handy so often! These ones in particular are very much his style.

Dear Clark: Resurrecting Wash and Rinse
I feel like the products this month are all kind of rustic and old-timey looking! I really love the packaging of this shampoo and conditioner! The shampoo smooths and softens hair with artisanal ingredients, and the aloe-rich conditioner reverses damage and dryness. Jeff already has these in the shower and said they're really fantastic. We might have to pick up full sizes of these in the Birchbox shop!

Histoires de Parfums: 1899
While I personally dislike getting perfume samples, Jeff loves cologne samples! This one is a Hemingway-inspired cologne with notes of bergamot, black pepper and vetiver. I've got to tell you- this is one of the best smelling colognes I've ever sniffed! When Jeff first put it on, we both could not stop smelling his wrist! Seriously, if the full size of this cologne didn't cost $125, I would buy him a lifetime supply. It's pretty strong, but it's incredibly unique and very masculine. I'm going to hunt down a smaller size of this, or at the very least, beg the company to make a smaller size for us poor folk!
Overall Thoughts
This month was yet another great box from Birchbox Man! I sometimes feel like the curation and quality of products in the men's boxes is even better than the women's Birchbox! I think it's been a very long time since Jeff was last disappointed in his Birchbox, so I think that it's worth the money every month and then some. Plus, you get $1 in credit on the Birchbox website for each product in your box that you review, so you can go and buy full sizes of the stuff you love! Birchbox really has a fantastic service going, and an even better points system! I can't see us canceling this box anytime soon, that's for sure!
If you're interested in signing up a lucky guy in your life for a Birchbox Man Subscription, you can do that HERE!
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  1. Darn it. I think I'm going to have to subscribe. My husband would love it, I'm pretty sure plus he does get kinda jealous of all my packages. I'm getting him a month of Trendy Butler but I think March is going to be a Birchbox Man for him :D

  2. Hey, we're glad Jeff enjoyed the book! Has he dunk-tested us yet?

    1. Hey there! He absolutely did! He loves showing people how your notebooks work! They're really perfect for him to take camping- he can write anything down in any weather. They're perfect. Great product!