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Boxycharm February 2015 Review and Unboxing

Boxycharm and I have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride since I first subscribed late last summer. I was originally drawn to this box because I loved how often they featured Tarte and Tarina Tarantino products. On top of that, the boxes always seemed to be a very good value. Since my first box, I'd say that I've received some really fantastic boxes, and some pretty terrible ones. I thought last month's box was kind of middle-of-the-road for me, so I decided to give Boxycharm one last month before making my final decision on whether or not I would cancel and move on to better things. 

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that while usually includes makeup, occasionally includes hair and skincare items as well. Much of the time, the products included are full size. The cost is $21 per month.  
 The theme this month was "Kisses From Boxycharm."
Forget that box of chocolates and fall in love all over again with your Boxycharm! This month, let us be your Valentine and indulge you with sweet treats that will melt your heart. Made with love and sealed with a kiss, we truly hope you enjoy your boxy gifts!

Mullein & Sparrow Mini Facial Mask ($15)
This is a powdered facial mask that is a blend of detoxifying clays and aromatic herbs that refines pores and provides gentle exfoliation. You basically need to mix the power with a bit of water and apply to the face. Allow to dry and then gently rinse with warm water. I thought this was a pretty bottle and presentation, but I'm not going to lie- I hate products with unnecessary extra steps. Why do I need to pull out a cup and mix some of this powder with water? What if I make too much or not enough? I always have a list a mile long filled with things to do in a day, it's amazing when the weekend comes and I get a few minutes to apply a mask, and it's usually a sheet mask considering they're even easier. This would make a lovely gift for someone that needs some pampering, but I know that I will never get around to using this considering my overflowing drawer of masks I currently have. Very cute, but giving this away.

NLCA: Nail Lacquer in 'Heart Attack' ($16)
This polish is a clear base with shimmer and heart confetti. I really like ncLA's polish formula- it does last quite a long time, however I'm really not a fan of this polish. Firstly, This would have been super cute for Valentines Day or the weeks leading up to it, but my box didn't arrive until days after Valentines Day, so I really don't think I'd wear this now. It would just look like I was still wearing my Valentine's Day mani. On top of that, I'm not really digging the formula of this polish. While it looks completely loaded with confetti, My first pass over my nails deposited a total of zero hearts. I had to blob this stuff on my nail and then manually move the hearts around, but then, I had way too much polish on my nail. If you messed around with this enough, I'm sure it could work, but I barely have enough time to paint my nails, never mind spend hours strategically placing confetti hearts while trying not to apply too much polish. Another pass for me, unfortunately.
(Quick and dirty swatch of this polish over the pink I was already wearing. This is the result of at least 3-4 minutes of trying to get the hearts out and on my nail.)

Mistura Beauty Solutions: C-2-P Complexion Corrector ($36.99)
This is a cream-to-powder complexion corrector that contains coconut oil and shea butter. it provides a matte finish that leaves skin hydrated and blemish-free. It claims to mask redness and imprefections with one touch for "all skin tones." 
Help me understand how this shade would work for ALL skin tones? Not likey. At all. This stuff did absolutely nothing for my dark circles, and wiped clean off when I tried to apply onto acne and blend out. Not only does the formula feel like drugstore quality, so does the packaging. The lipstick-like applicator is terrible, the whole product was loose and coming out after only using it once. And my ultimate pet peeve: it LOOKED cheap. Take a peek at the label on the cover:
A cheap sticker with the logo peeling off of it was put on top of the lid and was peeling off even before I used it. Sorry, but if you're going to charge $35+ for a product, I expect the logo to be clearly printed on the package, or the sticker to at least be well made an adhered to the container. Sorry  Mistura, you have "cheap makeup masquerading as a high-end brand" written all over you.

Jing Ai: Velvet Shine Lip Jewel ($22)
Take note, Mistura Beauty Solutions: Jing Ai has managed to print their logo directly on the packaging, and it looks very nice! Snark aside, I'll be honest- I didn't try this. I saw a swatch of this on someone and it looks practically neon on the lips. Considering I have pale skin and my lips have no natural pigment, I can't imagine this would be flattering on me. These lippies have great pigment though, so I wish I was sent a more flatter color for my skin tone. 

Modern Minerals: Duo Fiber Mini Round Brush ($15)
This brush reminds me a lot of my ELF crease brush, except my ELF brush was $1, and this one retails at $15. It's a nice enough brush, and luckily this shape and style of brush is great for using in the crease or applying shadow on the lower lid, so I will definitely get use out of's just not the most exciting thing they could have chosen for this box.
Overall Thoughts
The February Boxycharm cost $21 and has a total value of $105.
Here's my issue with Boxycharm. They cost $21 a month. It may have a high value number-wise, but can you honestly look at the products featured this month and say that you'd pay $105 for all of it? No way. If Ulta or Sephora put these items in a collection and charged $21, I still wouldn't buy it. Boxycharm reminds me way to much of Ipsy, which is their downfall. Both services provide 5 products each month, and they both feature similar brands. The problem is Ipsy costs $10 a month, and that's what makes me feel like I'm not getting much of a value from Boxycharm. I'm not saying one is better than the other- I cancelled Ipsy over a year ago because I was tired of all the repeat brands. But I didn't sign up for Boxycharm to just get a higher value version of Ipsy, either. 
There are times when Boxycharm will include a full size palette, or a full size product from a luxury brand, and those are the months that it feels most worth it to me. Month's like this are just not exciting to me. I do want to say though, that this is coming from someone who has pretty much tried and tested every single beauty subscription that has existed. It does take a different approach or something special to truly impress me anymore, and right now Boxycharm isn't doing it. I will say, that this is truly a great subscription for anyone who is new to the beauty box world and is looking to expand their cosmetics collection for a small investment. 

Having said all that, I think it's time for Boxycharm and I to part ways. I still think they're one of the better makeup-heavy subscription boxes out there, but they're just not doing it for me. I'm going to keep an eye on the boxes for the next few months to see if they improve or move in a directions better suited for me, but until then, I'll be taking my $21 and putting it toward a new box.

If you're interested in signing up for Boxycharm, they occasionally have a short waiting list, so I would jump on it now if you are hoping for a January box! You can sign up here: Get BoxyCharm!

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  1. For the price that Mistura product could certain come with better packaging. I've seen a few products from them andI've never been intrigued enough to even go to their website.

    1. I completely agree- I feel like a product has to stand out in regards to packaging and/or performance, and this product does neither. It certainly doesn't make me want to visit their site or try any of their other's a shame- you'd think a company would want to put their best products in a subscription box to bring in more customers!

  2. I heard so much about this, but never got that chance to subscribe them! I subscribed them from this January and I am so glad to see all of their products. As a mascara junkie, I use different branded mascaras. I used total 37 mascaras. But this Tarte - Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara is my top 3 favorite. I did my sister's wedding makeup from Lina, she trains also best make-up lesson by Lina Cameron , she used this one on me. And it was looking amazing and natural. This mascara gave my lashes natural and volume look. I so loved this one, I purchased a full size one. Also I got one in my Boxycharm box. I am so glad that, I subscribed for this box and they are amazing. They provide full size products in reasonable price.