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Jackpot Candles Review and Ring Reveal!

 So, it's no secret that I love candles. There have been times in my life where my candle collection is almost as impressive as my beauty product hoard, and that is saying something! I grew up in a home that always had candles burning in every room, all over the house. I feel like a house feels so much more warm and inviting when there are candles burning, a warm, cozy scent is wafting through the air...very few things can replicate that home-y feeling for me!
While I have bunches of regular candles, over the past few years there has been a new kid on the block in the candle world: Candles...with prizes inside!
Oh yea, baby! What's better than getting a deliciously scented candle AND a mystery gift? Pretty much nothing! Some candles I've seen have money or prizes in them, however the most common "mystery item" in these candles has got to be jewelry. Most of these companies offer rings in their candles, however I recently discovered a company that not only offers multiple types of jewelry, but lets YOU pick which type you want!

Jackpot Candles is really taking aim at standing out among the crowd. Yes, they offer huge candles in a wide variety of scents, but they offer so much more than their competitors!

The great thing about these candles, is that the gift inside can be valued between $15 and $5,000! You could buy yourself a LOT of candles with that kind of dough! 

What Makes Jackpot Candles Unique
-Candles are 100% Soy, made in the USA and burn for 80-100 hours!
- Option to buy Wax Tarts for those of you who like to go flameless
-Tarts come in packages of 6 and give 60 hours of fragrance!
- Choose Your Type of Jewelry: Earrings, Necklace or Ring. 
(Yes, you can choose the size! They offer sizes 6 through 9 currently.)
-Offer Unique Code Attached to Your Jewelry that you can use to appraise your gift on their website

While some of the other companies out there give you one of these options, Jackpot Candles gives you all the customization you need, plus the ability to appraise your jewelry right on their site!

16oz Candles: $24.95
5oz Tarts (6ct): $15.95
So of course, I had to find a coffee-scented candle...because it's not enough that my blood is now made up entirely of coffee and powdered creamer. I also had to have my entire house smell like a latte!
 Are you kidding me, Jackpot Candles? Did you make this candle specifically for me? Caramel Coffee Latte...holy moses this is an amazing scent. It smells like coffee of course, but the caramel makes it sweet, warm and inviting. Like you're baking a cake and brewing up some coffee for your pals at the same time. So delicious.
 If anyone is familiar with a popular competitor Diamond Candles, you might have the same gripe with them as I do: Their wicks are MASSIVE. They look like the rope everyone had to climb in gym class. No candle needs a wick that huge- all it does is create a massive flame and spread black soot all over your candle and your house. No bueno. I am very pleased to say that Jackpot Candles has a perfectly sized wick for this size candle!
 It's important to mention that you should be able to burn your candle for about 3 hours at a time in order for it to burn evenly. If you light and and blow it out repeatedly, it's going to cause tunneling. Light the candle and give it time to completely melt all the way to the edges and make a small wax pool. Keep an eye on the wick- even though it is a decent size, it the flame will get intense if it's not trimmed!
 I didn't have to burn too far down before I saw my little ring nestled in cranberry-colored tin foil on the side of the candle! I'd say I burned constantly for about 4-5 hours before I saw it. If you're crazy-impatient, wrap the entire outside of the candle in tin foil. it will help the wax burn down faster so you can snag your prize out in no time!
 Use some sort of tweezers or pliers to get your jewelry out of the candle, and make sure you blow the candle out before you dive in there! It's also a good idea to have some paper towels nearby. Once I get the jewelry out, I like to rub the wax off the tin foil, and then remove it.
 Inside the tin foil is a plastic bag with your ring (or other jewelry choice) inside. I also wipe the bag off with a paper towel, then open and shake the piece of jewelry out. Then immediately wipe the jewelry clean with as well. This is the best way to have as little wax as possible make contact with the ring. Although if it does, run it under hot water until the wax falls off.
 And here's the ring! Mine did not have any markings on the inside of the band, and it looked like a pretty piece of costume jewelry, but I've been wrong before! The tag attached to the ring has a code on it that can be typed into the Appraisal page on their website so you can see what your jewelry is worth!
Mine wasn't worth $5,000, unfortunately, but it was worth $19! 
Here's what it looks like on my finger!
Pretty, right? It's hard to tell from my picture, but the stone is actually a pale pink shade. The ring is a little bit big for my finger, as I'm between an 8 and a 9. I went a size up just in case it ran small. It's still really beautiful, and such a fun little treasure to find in my candle! 

Overall Thoughts
I really love jewelry candles. There's just something so exciting about purchasing a quality candle with a nice scent throw that also has a surprise nestled inside! A warning though- these candles can get very addicting!
Jackpot Candles has definitely impressed me with their variety of unique, yet desirable scents, endless options and customization, and easy appraisals. What's not to love?

If you're interested in trying out a Jackpot Candle for yourself, you can get them at their website: HERE.
Also, when you hop on over there, you should get a popup message that will save you $5 off your first order. Yay!
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  1. These look so fun! I was looking on their site and I want the brownie and the one you got! I burn candles all day anyway, so why not burn these? XD I actually bought a Jewel Scent one instead for now. For some reason, I tried using the pop-up coupon code, and the Jackpot website says it is invalid. :/ Shame, because I wanted some earrings in my candle! And the scents seem good!

    That ring you got was pretty. I would totally wear that. Oddly, I have 0 rings. I'm married, so that makes it even stranger. XD

    1. I am the same way haha! I figure that I buy so many candles anyway, they may as well have a fun surprise in them! ;) If you're getting an invalid message with the coupon code, you should definitely contact them!! I'm sure they wouldn't want to lose any business because of that!! They've been very responsive to my e-mails so I think you sholdn't have a problem getting in touch with them!

      I really like the ring I got too! And haha i'm engaged and currently don't have a ring!! I lost a lot of weight since I got my ring so it no longer fits on my finger right now! ;)

  2. It's really nice that you can pick your size. I think that's the biggest problem with other prize candles. If you get something you can't even wear, what good is it, no matter how beautiful it is!?

    1. I love being able to pick my size, for sure! I believe that Jewel Scent also allows you to choose the size- but I love that Jackpot candles allows you to pick between what kind of jewelry you want too- love me some options! ;)

      I have purchased TONS of Diamond Candles since I had a lot of credits, and there is nothing more disappointing than getting a ring that doesn't fit. I'm usually fine if the ring is big, because I can wear it on one of my larger fingers, but when it's too small to fit my pinky...then it's pretty useless!

  3. Jackpot candles are very good and you are correct about jewelscent also allowing you to pick ring size. I think most of the new companies realized that this was a problem with diamond candles and a few of the other earlier ones and have all started giving you the option to pick ring sizes and/or the jewelry that comes inside of them.

    Thanks Rachel!

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