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Love With Food February 2015 Deluxe Box Review and Unboxing (Plus Get a Free Box!)

The Deets
Love with Food is a $10 a month (+$2 shipping) subscription box that features 8+ organic and/or all natural snacks delivered to you monthly. For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank in an effort to support the end of child hunger. I think it's an absolutely wonderful cause and makes me feel good about subscribing to them!
Love with Food also offers a Deluxe Box which is the one I will be reviewing this month. The deluxe boxes cost $19.95 per month (free shipping) and features 16-20 snacks. It seems like the deluxe boxes are double the amount you get in the regular box, plus a few extra goodies.
They also have a Gluten Free box available for anyone that might be interested!

Get a Free Box!
 Love with Food offers new subscribers their first box for free! (You just pay $2 shipping) and you can cancel at anytime with the quick click of a button on their site. If you want to try one out for yourself, you can do so by using THIS LINK.

This month's theme was "Mardi Gras" and it contained 11 different snacks (but multiple bags of each!)
There may be snow on the ground and frost on your windows, but down in the bayou it's time to party! So break out your beads with this bright red box and warm up with a Tasty trip to the Big Easy. Extravagant? Who dat? With every bite of this jazzy, junk-free box you've helped fight hunger in the US.
Snikiddy: Baked Mac and Cheese Puffs
Thank goodness there were two bags of these, because my fiance and I would have been fighting over these! I love mac and cheese, and while these look more like mac and cheese than they taste, they're still incredibly delicious. If you're familiar with the snack Pirate Booty, these are quite similar. Think of them as lighter, healthier versions of cheese puffs. Super delicious and addicting!
Boulder Canyon: Olive Oil Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
 This delicious chips have no cholesterol, trans fat or msg, are super crunchy- the way kettle cooked chips should be- and are very addicting! Jeff and I both loved these. I don't really taste an olive oil flavor, but they taste more like a basic salted potato chip. Regardless, they're yummy!
Mrs. Thinsters: Cookie Thins in "Chocolate Chip"
These cookies are made without corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors and have such a great flavor! I'm not usually into crunchy cookies, but I love how thin and crispy these are. They kind of remind me of the cookie crisp cereal and real cookie batter had a baby. Super yummy and a great way to enjoy cookies without all the fat and calories.
Bacon's Heir: Rosemary and Sea Salt Pork Clouds
I'm not crazy about pork rinds to begin with, but I figured I'd give these a try since I consider all my food subscriptions kind of a tasting adventure. I opened the bag and almost gagged, that's how bad these smelled to me. My roommate thought they were pretty good, but my fiance and I both found the rosemary flavor absolutely overpowering, and the aftertaste was diabolical. Not a fan of these at all, but I think it's more a matter of personal preference and not the quality of the food itself. Just not my thing!
Dolcetto: Lemon Water Bites
So I just got the chocolate flavor of these in my Something Snacks box, and those were so ridiculously good that I've already hunted down a way to get more of the 100 calorie bags. These lemon flavored ones were a hit with my roommate and my fiance, but I wasn't as big of a fan. Again, it's just a matter of taste-preference foe me- I'm not big on lemon-flavored desserts. Although if you are, you'd probably adore these. Plus you can't beat the little 100 calorie packs they come in!
Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning
Unfortunately, one of these seasoning packets was open in my box, so everything inside was covered in creole seasoning. I've used this type of seasoning before (just a different brand) and it's actually quite good! It contains salt, red pepper, garlic and a few other spices. It's great on all kinds of poultry and seafood dishes. It gives it a little kick without it being too overpowering. 
Rise Energy + Organic Blueberry Coconut Bar
I'm not usually a huge fan of "bar" foods, but this was pretty tasty! It's soft and chewy and has a light blueberry and coconut flavor without it being overly sweet. I enjoyed it enough that I might even pickup more of these when I see them in the store. They're great to snack on at work!
Rise Protein + Almond Honey Bar
Definitely a no-go on this bar. When you pull it out of the package, it looks a little bit like those survival bars that they give people in the army or the ones you can buy at camping stores. Like a brick of sawdust, almost. The flavor was mild- I could taste the almond and the honey, but I think if it was a stronger flavor I would have liked this more. The bar itself has a weird dry playdough feel to it. Powdery yet chewy at the same time. Add that to the overall blandness of the bar and it wasn't a big hit in this house. It's a shame, because I'm still looking for a really good protein bar!
Monbana: Traditional Hot Chocolate
This hot chocolate is made by French Master chocolatiers using 32% chocolate along with sugar and vanilla. I prefer dark hot chocolate, but I gave this a shot with some steamed milk. It was creamy and delicious, for sure, although I still think it would have been even better if it was dark chocolate!
Divine Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Mini Pieces
As I mentioned above, I usually prefer dark chocolate, but I do like Milk chocolate if it's mixed with something else. This is very good chocolate, although I would like to try their other flavors since milk chocolate to me is kind of boring! The great thing about this company is that all their ingredients are fair trade, and the company is the only fair trade chocolate company that is owned by cocoa farmers. Cool!

Dilettante: Toffee Crunch Truffle Cremes 
I just have to say it: these were so good that I scrambled to the Love With Food website to use my points to buy a big box of them. I'm telling you- these are to die for! While this is milk chocolate, it was so rich and delicious. The truffle filling has little toffee pieces that kind of remind me of a fancy Toblerone, only more delicious. Seriously these are crazy-good!
Overall Thoughts
This is my very first Deluxe Love With Food box and I am obsessed! I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to go back to the smaller boxes now that I've seen how packed full of snacks the Deluxe boxes are! There was more than enough for me to share with my roommate and fiance. There was such a great variety of snacks to try, and I pretty much loved every single thing this month! I love discovering new brands and snacks that I wouldn't come across in the grocery store, but I also love the familiar brands too- it gives me a chance to try things (Like the Rise bars) that I've seen at the store and haven't gotten around to trying. I'm always thrilled with my Love With Food boxes, but this month was especially awesome! Can't wait for March!

Don't Forget!
If you're interested in trying Love with Food, you can get a free box (just pay $2 shipping) when you use THIS LINK.
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  1. Come to Seattle and go to the Dilettante Mocha Cafe/Chocolate Martini Bars...some of the most AMAZING desserts (and chocolates/truffles/etc) I've ever had in my life..and their hot chocolates are the BEST! :) You can get all their chocolates there too which is wonderful.

    1. omgosh I would die of happiness if I went there! LOL I've never had their chocolate before but now I'm addicted!! It's absolutely amazing!

  2. I assumed that the Deluxe boxes had different snacks than the Taster Box, but it looks like they just give you more of the same items. Either way, it's still a great deal. I love Love With Food, and I think this was one of the best boxes I've gotten yet!

    1. Yea I think the Deluxe box is basically like...double what you get in the Tasting Box- which is perfect for someone like me who has a fiance that is always digging through my snack subscriptions! LOL ;) I totally agree that this box was fantastic- They do have some so-so months, but this one was a big winner for me! There were so many thing I wanted more of and they sold out so fast on the site haha!

  3. I cannot wait to get my first box in March! Thank you for this review Rachel! You pushed me over the edge to get it! haha

    1. I'm so glad you jumped on the Love with Food bandwagon! haha :D I love that all the snacks are (relatively) healthy, but they still manage to put some fun snacks in there too- these deluxe boxes are kind of heavenly! :D

  4. I've used that Creole seasoning blend before and I like it a lot, but I don't think I'd like it spilled all over my box. I've never seen those baked mac n cheese puffs before... I think I need to find some for my BF. He gets excited like a little kid when there's mac n cheese around, lol.

    1. Yea the Creole seasoning all sprinkled around in my box was definitely not a good time, although it kept my cats away from chewing on all the foil bags so that's good LOL
      And the mac n cheese puffs are HEAVEN. I am totally like your BF when it comes to mac n cheese. I cannot get enough of it- definitely my favorite comfort food- and if it now comes in a delicious cheese puff form, count me in. ;)