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Wantable Accessories February 2015 Review and Unboxing

Wantable is a subscription company that has alluded me for awhile. I've always been interested in their boxes, but I have never subscribed until now. I think the higher price tag has kept me from taking the plunge in the past, however I was able to snag this box with a 30% off coupon (which is still available until the end of February...see details at the end!), which made it too tempting to resist! Let me tell you, after I subscribed to this box, I was so excited for it to arrive- I could barely stand it! If you're unfamiliar with Wantable, read on!

Wantable offers a variety of different subscriptions, each one of them costing $40 per month. There is a way to make the price lower, which I will explain later.

The boxes that Wantable currently offers are Accessories, Makeup, Intimates and Fitness. You are able to subscribe to one or all the boxes on one account if you so choose!

Wantable is much different from other subscriptions in that it's completely customizable. You take a profile quiz to tell the stylists exactly what you want or don't want based on a "Love, Like, Don't Want" scale. They will never send you something you have marked as "don't want." If you hate necklaces, you'll never get them. If you are tired of getting red lipsticks in subscription boxes, you can simply tell wantable you never want them. Problem solved! You can take the profile quiz as many times as you want- so if one month you want to get scarves and sunglasses, but don't want any the following month, simply change your preferences! It really is that simple!
Here's a few shots of the profile quiz. It goes even more in-depth than this!

Here's what makes this a really interesting experience: You can return your entire box if you're not happy with it. Even better? You can return or keep as many or as few items as you want! You will receive an account credit first, and if you don't intend on using it, they will refund your credit card with the amount. This truly is an experience. Not only do you get to tell them exactly what you like and don't like, but you can return anything you're not really into.
I did return an item from the box I'm about to review, essentially so that I could see how easy the process is. You can start the return process on their website and be done in just minutes. I was able to see how much credit I would receive for the item I was returning, and then was able to print out a return label free of charge. I stuck the item in the box everything came in, taped the label to the box and stuck it outside for the mailman. It was the smoothest process!

$4 Credit for Keeping Everything
If you decide to keep everything in your box, Wantable will reward you with a $4 credit, which you can put toward your next box, making it only $36. This way, you're rewarded for keeping your products, however you also get credits or a refund for anything you return. You really can't go wrong!

There is nothing I hate more than a subscription box that doesn't have a way to cancel easily and quickly! As if Wantable couldn't get any better...they allow you to cancel your subscription with one click on their website. If you don't want to cancel, but would rather skip a month or two, they also have a "skip" button available. Awesome! 
So enough of the details, let's get into what I received in my very first Wantable Accessories box! 
Here's the first look! There was a sticker inside the box that said that my box was curated specifically for me, and the order was inspected by "Mike." Thanks, Mike!
Here's a little info card that explains a bit more of the process, and also include their customer service phone number for any questions or concerns. I really like that Wantable always has someone on hand if I have any issues. I can't tell you how many companies I've purchased from that I can never get a hold of!
It also explains that once you receive your items, you can review them. Your reviews go right to your in-house stylist so they can use your feedback to improve future boxes. Now that's service!
My first item is the Cori Infiniti Scarf in a Taupe/Orange color. This is a two-toned fringe infinity scarf, and Wantable suggests it be worn with denim and a basic white tee. Here's the thing: I love infinity scarves. I even love the burnt orange and taupe colors of this scarf. My issue is the tassels on an infinity scarf thing just doesn't do it for me. This actually looked like one of those collars you see on a clown costume when I wore it. Definitely not flattering for me. While the style and colors of this scarf matched my profile very well, I went ahead and returned this. I received a little over $10 in credit for this, so I was not only pleased with the ease of the return, but the value of the return as well. This scarf has a retail value of $28.
The next accessory I received are the Kaylee Sunglasses. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about these when I first took them out of their case because I don't wear a lot of dark blue, but I went ahead and tried them on, and I absolutely love the way they look! The shape of these sunglasses is incredibly chic and flatters my round-shaped face. Super thrilled with these and can't wait to wear them in the Spring! These sunglasses have a retail value of $14.
Next items out of the box were the Cara Earrings. They are tri-toned metal and are exactly and perfectly my style! I marked boho as the only style I wanted, even though I do like some classic pieces. I really gravitate toward earthy/natural jewelry. Having said that, I find these earrings to be so stunning! I love the multi-toned metal, the modern chandelier look and the crescent shapes...just perfection. It's a nice marriage of bohemian style with a classic finish. I wish I could kiss the person who put these in my box! These earrings have a retail value of $14.
Finally, the last piece in my Accessories box is the Bo Necklace. I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about this piece at first. I am normally drawn to bronze/gold tone jewelry, and the chains on this kind of threw me off at first. However I really loved how this looked once I put it on. It's a bit of a statement piece without being too much. The turquoise stone in the center is gorgeous. You can see the full length of the necklace below:
The length of this necklace was what caused me to almost return this. It sits right at my bust, where most of the necklines of my shirts/tank tops sit. I would have liked to see this be a very long necklace, or have it rest higher up on my chest. I decided rather than return it for a length issue, I'm going to use some jewelry pliers and take some links out to make it rest higher up. It's just too unique and pretty to send back! This necklace has a retail value of $16.
Overall Thoughts
While I used a 30% off coupon, this box would normally cost $40, and the retail value of the pieces included comes to $72. I am absolutely thrilled with my first Wantable experience! Aside from the small issues I had with the scarf, all of the pieces that were chosen for my box are absolutely perfect for my taste and my style. I love that I can return anything I don't like, and I also love the idea of being rewarded with a $4 credit whenever I keep everything I receive. It's a win/win no matter what!
I really and truly think that the Wantable business model is flawless. Yes, you pay $40 a month for these boxes, however if you keep everything, the $4 credit you receive makes them only $36. And you're never wasting your money, because you can return anything you don't like! If you feel like you have too many of one type of item: change your survey and you won't get anymore! If you need to take a break, just use their skip feature. I feel like the Wantable boxes are truly customer-friendly, which is something you don't come across with many companies nowadays.
I cannot speak for the makeup, intimates or fitness boxes, but only for the accessories box I received, and I have to say: I am so incredibly sad I didn't subscribe to this service sooner! I think my closet would be a lot more chic! I rarely go nuts over a subscription service, but I have to say you NEED to subscribe! If you're not as into accessories as I am, they have 3 other boxes that might fit you better, so definitely check it out!

If you'd like to learn more about Wantable or sign up for one of their boxes, you can do so HERE.

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  1. I love the sunglasses and necklace! I definitely get the "clown" vibe from the scarf though, lol.

    1. hahaha thank you!! I'm glad someone else sees it. They way they had it draped in their pictures looked so much better, but when I had it on I could NOT get it to look like they had it, which looked more like a bandana-shape- on me it just looked like a fancy clown collar lol...sigh. So sad because I love a good scarf, but everything else was awesome!

  2. Great box! I totally LOL'd at the thought of you wearing the clown scarf - you should have posted a picture!! :)

    1. AHAHA oh man! i put it on and was like "NOPE" almost immediately and folded it up and stuck it back in the box to return. I usually know with scarves right off the bat If I'm going to like them. I don't like to fuss with them to see if I can 'make' them look good, because I think a scarf looks best when you kind of just toss it on and it works. This one...not so much :(