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Beauteque Classics Blogger Series: Bits and Boxes Hydration Essentials Review!

March is finally here, which means the Beauteque Classics: Blogger Series bags are starting to come out! As some of you may know, Beauteque asked 3 bloggers to collaborate with them to create 3 uniquely themed bags filled with their skincare favorites. I am so excited to say that not only was I asked to curate a bag (it's coming next week! EEP!) but 2 of my really wonderful blogger pals were also asked! I've got to tell you, Beauteque did a fantastic job choosing which bloggers to work with!

The Beatueque Classics Blogger Bags will be released as follows:
Bits and Boxes Hydration Essentials: March 10th
Harlot Beauty's Oh! Honey Beauty Bag: March 17th
Sample Hime's Magical Mizon Bag: March 24th

We all have that friend in our lives that we can call up and just vent to about all of our problems. As a blogger, there are times when you deal with a particularly problematic company, or need advice on how to handle a particular review. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about how many blog posts you need to get done and how little time you actually have! Essentially, you need someone who just gets it. Sarah from Bits and Boxes is my go-to-gal for just those things! I could not be more thrilled to feature her Beauteque Classics bag today, and share with you all of the goodies that she hand-picked with Beauteque to create the "Hydration Essentials" bag!

Hydration Essentials is filled with 5 Full Size products that were chosen by Sarah to help you keep your skin soft and moisturized during these cold winter months! This bag costs $33 and is available for sale today on the Beauteque website HERE. 

 Of course, my birch tree candle holders are making an appearance in this review as well! I'm just way too obsessed with them! The Hydration Essentials bag comes in a ample-sized red velvet pouch, which I plan on storing away and using to wrap a gift in the future. I live for putting gifts in drawstring bags!

The Face Shop: Chia Seed Boosting Essence ($25.99)
 I have tried a few products from The Face Shop Chia Seed line, however they were pretty tiny sample-sizes. I am thrilled to see a full size essence here! This essence is housed in a heavy glass bottle with a pump-top. It has a watery gel-like consistency with a light, floral-herbal scent that dissipates once the product is massaged into the skin. While this may be called an essence, it's actually part of the booster family. A booster is a lesser known product/step in a skincare routine, and they are usually applied immediately after cleansing. They are used to restore moisture and nutrients to the skin after the harsh cleansing process, as well as helping your skin get ready to absorb more products. This booster contain chia seeds obviously, but what do they do, exactly? Chia seeds contain an oil that when applied to the skin or ingested, can help regulate the production of oil and sebum while also calming and moisturizing irritated skin. The Chia Seed line actually contains water that has been soaked in chia seeds, which creates a mineral rich and oxygen-dense gel-like substance. There is no water used in this product other than the chia seed soaked water. I am absolutely loving this product, and after just running out of my Missha Time Revolution booster, this is the perfect product for me to slide right into my nightly routine!

Benton: Snail Bee High Content Lotion ($19.50)
I have tried, loved and obsessed over the Benton Steam Cream, however I never actually got around to trying out the High Content Lotion. If you are familiar with the Steam Cream, this lotion is much different ingredient-wise as well as in how it applies. Firstly, it contains snail extract, green tea and bee venom which moisturize, brighten and soften the skin. I did notice that this lotion contains Cetearyl Alcohol, which is strange as I've never seen this ingredient in a Benton product before. Cetearyl Alcohol can be a significant acne trigger for some people (not everyone!), so that is something to keep in mind if you're interested in using this product. Ingredients aside, this lotion is much thinner in consistency than the steam cream. It's kind of slippery too! When I applied this to my skin, I noticed that even though it was thinner than the steam cream, it seemed like it took a long time to absorb into my skin, but once it did, my skin felt super soft and looked bright and vibrant when I woke up. I have read a few reviews on this lotion and there seems to be a divide between people that dislike it and others who adore it. I have had amazing luck with Benton products up to this point, so I'm willing to continue using this to see how well it works for me long-term.

Etude House Castle Hand Cream in "Ice Frozen" ($11.50)
Let me just start off by telling you that my entire neighborhood could probably heard my pterodactyl screeches of excitement when I pulled this out of the bag. Sure, it might be just a hand cream, but it's probably the cutest hand cream in all the land! Plus, I have an addiction to having soft and smooth hands! This lotion has a fruity-floral scent which I find very pleasant. The ingredients include shea butter and 6 types of organic herbs that help the lotion to be non-greasy and fast absorbing. While I really enjoy this lotion, I find the packaging to be incredibly difficult. The opening is so tiny that it's really hard to get your fingers in there to pull out any product. I end up getting lotion all underneath my finger nails, which is not pleasant at all. Regardless, I have wanted one of these Castle Hand Creams since they were released, and I'm crazy-excited to finally have one. It may not be the most convenient container in the world, but it's definitely the most adorable! (Bonus: Beauteque has made it so you can choose whichever scent of this hand cream you want when you purchase this bag!)

My Beauty Diary: Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask ($1.99)
 This bag would not be complete without a moisturizing sheet mask, and if you read Sarah's blog, you know she is a huge fan of Hyaluronic Acid! My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand, however they are insanely popular for their affordable and effective sheet masks. This one in particular contains hyaluronic acid, which supports the structure and elasticity of your natural collagen in your skin, as well as drawing moisture from the air and bringing it right to your skin. I have used this mask before and I really love it, especially because it's moisturizing without being "too much" for my combo/oily skin.

Free Set: Snail Foot Care Sheet ($7)
I received this foot softening mask in the Beatueque Head to Toe Snail bag and I completely fell in love with it, so I am absolutely thrilled to see it here in the Hydration Bag! This is a typical foot mask in that it contains essence-filled plastic socks that you wear on your feet for 30 minutes or so. This one contains collagen and snail mucus filtrate, which help moisturize rough skin and exfoliate dead skin cells leaving feet smooth and soft. It's important to wash and dry your feet before applying this product so that the ingredients can be absorbed to their fullest. I love that these foot masks smell like peppermint and make my skin feel incredibly soft immediately after use. I actually love these so much that I have hunted them down on ebay. They run about $20 or so for 8 pairs. Not too bad!
Overall Thoughts
At only $33, I think that this is a great value! This bag is filled with moisturizing products that will work for people of all skin types. Whenever I hear "moisturizing" regarding a skincare product, I usually think "for dry skin." My oily/combo skin can sometimes get overwhelmed if I use something that is too heavy or too moisturizing. Everything in this bag while having moisturizing properties, can be used on my skin without issue and that makes me super happy.  I love that there's a little something for everyone here. Sheet mask lovers, cute-packaging connoisseurs, and those who want some full size bang-for-their-buck products with skin-loving ingredients. I think Sarah did a fantastic job curating this bag to work for a large amount of people, and I hope you pick one up for yourself! How can you resist with all of these goodies? 

You can purchase the Hydration Essentials bag on the Beauteque website HERE.

ALSO! Use coupon code BITSANDBOXES at checkout to get a free sheet mask with your order of this bag! Woohoo! (good until March 17th)

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  1. Awww!! Thank you for your super sweet words! I love having you as my sounding board, too! I'm glad you havent had a bad reaction to the Benton Lotion. I do like it though it can be troublesome in it's application.

    Haha! I wish I could have heard your pterodactyl screeches! My bag arrived with the Ice Frozen but I think the Cookie would have been my choice for myself. There is a coupon code (bitsandboxes) for an extra sheet mask. It's only good til the 17th.

    I had a lot of fun curating this bag, mainly because I got to do it with you! <3 You are amazing!

    1. Sometimes troublesome application is worth it for great results!! :D
      And LOL I tend to screech a lot when I get awesome things in the mail- I think my neighbors are used to my craziness by now! haha ;) I would have purchased the cookie one on my own, but I'm happy that I got this one because I would have overlooked it originally, but I really love the scent! I updated my post to let everyone know they can choose their own scent AND to use the great coupon code!

      I've had a blast doing this too, and it's been great having you there to help along the way haha! <3

    2. Okay you girls are not the only ones! *joins the pterodactyl crowd* :D
      Great review, Rachel! I'm looking forward to your bag too today!!!

  2. For some reason this bag kept showing out of stock last night but I got one this morning. Can't wait to get yours too! Pretty sure I will be picking up all three collabs. :)

  3. Congrats on your upcoming bag! I'm sure it will have amazing products! I can't wait to buy it lol! This bag is so tempting I love that hand cream! I can totally understand why you would screech when first seeing it :)

  4. Great box (or bag lol), that hand cream is love, I have all four and the cookie one and the ice frozen are my favorites (even my mom loves the Ice frozen and tried to steal it from me). I always wanted to try the Benton lotion as I use the toner and essence but I'm not too sure about the alcohol in it. Hopefully someday I'll try it, both the lotion and the steam cream.

  5. I have the hand cream in rose... love it! And the snail bee, but as an essence. So moisturizing. Awesome job, Bits & Boxes. Hope y blog is that important some day! :)