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Beauteque Classics Blogger Series: Magical Mizon with Sample Hime!

 We are in the home stretch of the Beauteque Blogger Series bags! First was the Bits and Boxes Hydration Essentials, Second was my very own Honey-themed beauty bag, and last but certainly not least, is the "Magical Mizon" bag, curated by Tiffany/ Sample Hime!
Tiffany and I have always chatted, but we recently became good friends while curating these bags. It's always nice to have blogger pals that you can talk to about things you're stressing about, thoughts on products, curation problems, you name it! Aside from being an absolutely hilarious and totally lovely lady, Tiffany really knows her stuff about kbeauty. She was blogging and reviewing Korean skincare before I even knew what the heck it was, and if anyone knows about the right products for oily, troubled skin- it's her. If you're looking for a brutally honest, right to the knitty gritty kind of review on a product, she's got you covered. I have purchased products blindly with nothing more than a thumbs up from her blog, and she has yet to let me down!

Tiffany decided to do a brand-theme with her bag, and if you are familiar with her blog, I'm sure you could have guessed the brand she would choose! Mizon is not only a favorite of Tiffany's, but of mine as well. Their product line may not be loaded with cute packaging, but they've got some powerhouse products that deserve a place in your skincare lineup!

The "Magical Mizon" bag contains 5 full size products, and costs $35 plus shipping on Beauteque's Website. Just like my Honey bag, Beauteque will be taking "pre-orders" if this bag sells out quickly, which I can imagine it will! Basically, if the first run of bags they have sells out, you will still have the opportunity to purchase a bag, however there will be a approximate 4 week wait time before you receive it, as Beauteque will need to order more stock from their supplier in Korea.
 Here's a first look at all the products!
Here is the pouch that all the products come in! Beauteque didn't give us bloggers a wide choice of bags: we basically had to choose between 3 styles of drawstring pouches. While this one is a little wild, I feel like it works with theme! It definitely look like there's some magic brewing in there!

Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum ($23.99)
This is the product that I am most excited about, so it's the first one I'm going to show you! I have a major love affair with AHA and BHA skincare. Since I started using them regularly, my skin has been almost completely acne-free (damn you hormonal breakouts) and so much more bright and smooth. AHA's are a chemical exfolian that smooth the skin, help with aging and fade sun damage and discoloration. AHA's are also great at helping to fade acne scarring. Tiffany has reviewed this product in detail, and she is a huge fan of it. I love this particular line from Mizon (the AHA/BHA Toner is holy grail status!), so I am crazy-excited to put this into my routine immediately. If you're also using a BHA product, you'll want to put that on first before using this AHA serum. I will say that if you're new to using these product, you might want to use BHA in the morning and AHA at night, or something to spread it out as the skin can get over-exfoliated or dry if you dive in too soon! For anyone who uses them already, BHA first and AHA shortly after will do just fine.
Here's a few shots of the serum itself. I love the product packaging because the dropper pops up and back down again by twisting the cap. The dropper itself seems super long, which is great because you can get every last drop out of the bottle! The serum is light, scentless and absorbs beautifully!

Mizon: Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser ($12)
I love a good snail product. It may be one of the most commonly seen "weird" ingredients when it comes to Korean skincare, but it's one of my favorites because it really does work wonders. Snail filtrate does so many lovely things to skin, but most importantly: it moisturizes, smooths and increases the skins firmness and elasticity. It's also filled with antioxidants, proteins, elastin and glycolic acid, which is just a cocktail of goodness for your complexion. This particular cleanser has that famous "stringy" texture to it that snail products are known for:
The picture on the left is the cleanser squeezed right out of the tube. On the right is what it looks like when you rub it in a bit and tap your fingers into it a few times! It's definitely stringy, but not sticky at all! 
This cleanser has a pH of 9, which is much too high for me, however this product still has great reviews, so if you're no concerned with pH, this would be great cleanser for you to try!

Mizon: Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask in "Syn-ake" ($3.50)
This sheet mask contains "syn-ake" which is a compound that was created to mimic a protein found in snake venom, specifically the the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper. The venom has a similar effect on the skin that botox would have, only without the needles and weird face numbness. The peptides in this face mask help firm, left and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. I'm sure you would need to use a syn-ake mask fairly regularly to see a major difference, but I know when I've used them in the past, they give a temporary smoothness and firmness to my skin. These are great to use in the morning rather than before bed, so you can benefit from its effects throughout the day!

Mizon: Acense Mark-X Blemish After Cream ($18)
This is already one of my absolute favorite products, and while it might be awhile before I run out of my current tube (it lasts a LONG time), I am super happy to have a backup ready-to-go! This spot treatment is pretty unique in that it should be used on freshly popped or open acne. Slapping this on a closed breakout won't do a whole lot, although it does contain propolis, which is a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. So while it won't make a closed pimple disappear overnight, it will help lessen it's size over time. That's not where this product shines, though. The magic is when you apply this product on an open breakout. If you're a skin picker, like me, you know how awful the scarring can be. Sometimes the breakout returns with a vengeance, but I can never seem to keep my hands away from my face when I have a zit that needs popping. It's a sickness! Here's how to use this treatment to the best of it's ability: You pop a zit. Immediately afterwards, apply a generous amount of this cream directly onto the affected area. Do it as soon as possible. Don't wait for the wound to clot or scab over. If you apply this immediately and leave it there (it's best to use it overnight if you can) you will see a massive difference! I have seen some of my breakouts almost completely disappear overnight when using this. A fantastic product that everyone with acneic skin needs to have in their arsenal!
Here's a quick shot of what the cream looks like. On the left is the cream fresh from the tube. When smoothed out, it gains a bit of a shiny, pearl-like appearance to it. This treatment doesn't really dry on the skin, but it does thicken enough to not wipe away easily.

Mizon: Bulgarian Rose 90% Toner ( $16)
As with my Honey Bag, there were a few products that were recommended to be included by Beauteque, and this is one of those times. While Tiffany herself greatly dislikes the scent of Rose, Elina (the owner of Beauteque) suggested this product for the bag as Tiffany wanted to include a Mizon toner. Having said that, I actually dislike the scent of Rose as well, although I am happy to say that the scent of this one is incredibly subtle. The rose scent almost completely disappears by the time it absorbs into the skin. I suppose that's bad news if you love Rose, but it's great if you dislike the scent but still want the skincare benefits of this toner!
 This is a very watery toner that has a very gentle, soothing-feel on the skin. The Bulgarian Rose extract helps lock in moisture and works well on even sensitive skin types. While this is a "moisturizing" toner, I feel like it can be used on oily skin as well. It doesn't make my skin feel heavy or oily after use, and I think it would be a great toner to replenish some of the lost moisture from cleansing. It absorbs very quickly as well and leaves behind no stickiness or residue. I have had amazing luck with Mizon toners (I've tried quite a few) so I'm excited to use this one as well!
Overall Thoughts
I think that Tiffany did an absolutely fantastic job curating this bag. You've got almost a complete mini-routine here-The only thing missing would be a cream. This would especially be a great bag to give to someone who is new to Korean skincare/ multi-step skincare routines. What takes this bag to the next level are the unique and interesting Blemish After Cream and the potent and necessary AHA Serum. I am a big believer in both of those products and feel like (even after just a few days of use!) the AHA Serum in particular should be a staple in everyone's routine. I think this bag is a great value at only $35!

If you're interested in picking up the Magical Mizon bag, you can do so HERE.
(link takes you to the main page because it's not yet on sale at the time of this post)
Also: Make sure to sign up for the Beauteque mailing list and save $2 off your order (Use coupon code LUCKY2 at checkout)!
Beauteque also offers free shipping on orders over $35 (US ONLY) so you could grab this bag and a sheet mask, use the $2 off coupon, and get the sheet mask for free as well as free shipping! Sweet!
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  1. I'm going to have to give that AHA Serum a try. My skin has been breaking out like crazy recently and I can't get it under control!

    1. Definitely!! I would also highly recommend the Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid. It single-handedly ended my breakouts and has completely transformed my skin- it's truly my ultimate skincare product. the only breakouts I get now are hormonal because I have lots of hormone issues (polycystic ovarian syndrome) but other than that, my skin is perfectly clear!

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