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Beauteque Head-to-Toe Breakfast Bag Review

 I feel like I'm super late reviewing this bag, my apologies! I've been so overwhelmed this month with more reviews than usual, as well as a never-ending train of illnesses, and the release of my collaboration bag with Beauteque...I feel like I can barely keep up- but I'm sure trying!
This is the latest edition of the famous "Head to Toe Bag" series from Beauteque. Each month, a new theme is released, and this month it's Breakfast!! No, we're not taking bacon and english muffin facials, but delightful kbeauty goodies that are scented, shaped or packaged like things you would eat at Breakfast time! I think this is a super adorable theme, and I was so excited to get to review this bag!

The Head to Toe Breakfast Bag costs $26 (plus shipping) and is still available for purchase HERE!
The Head to Toe Breakfast bag came in this really adorable blue floral bag. Yea, it was a little wrinkly, but I still think it's super adorable. This is definitely one that I will keep and use for when I travel. It's a great size and a very cute pattern!

So let's dig into the kbeauty breakfast buffet, shall we?

Tonymly: Magic Food Banana Hand Milk ($10)
This product, along with a banana sleeping pack, are relatively new to the Tonymoly line, so it was nice to see this in the bag! I think the packaging is absurdly adorable! The banana-shaped tube has a hard cap that unscrews from the soft, squishy body to reveal a small spout. Simply squeeze out the banana-scented goodness! I think this hand cream has a great consistency. It's not to thick or thin, and it's absorbs quickly while still leaving the skin feeling moisturized. I brought this to work and the kids couldn't get enough of it! They would rub it in and then immediately ask for more. It smells very much like banana LaffyTaffy, although one of the kids at work had a point when she said it smells a bit like regular bubblegum. It's quite nice, either way!

From Nature eChoice: Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack ($12)
 This is a sleeping pack that is infused with jasmine, rose and green tea extracts that provide nourishment and moisture to the skin. The scent is calming and provides relaxation throughout the night. As most of your know, sleeping packs are used as the last moisturizing step of your skincare routine, and they help lock in all the goodies you already put on your face, but also keep your skin moisturized all through the night. This one is nice- I have only used it once but with no irritating effects of any kind, so I'll be keeping it for those nights when I need to relax!

EVAS: Vitamin Cleansing Foam ($10)
 I have trained myself to be immediately skeptical of foaming cleansers, especially Korean ones as they tend to have a high pH which is terrible for your skin. (Read more about why here) This one seems pretty nice upon first glance. It's lemon-scented, has AHA, multi-vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which makes for a cocktail of excellence for the skin. However, an ideal pH for a cleanser would be around 5.5. The higher you go, the further you should run. I tested this cleanser and came out with a pH of about 9.5-10, which takes the top spot as the highest pH cleanser I have ever owned. That's the same pH as laundry detergent. So thanks, but no thanks on this one. 

 Too Cool For School: Egg Cream Mask ($5)
This is a sheet mask that helps nourish and soothe the skin while controlling the size of pores. It also helps brighten and revitalize the skin. This sheet mask is more expensive than most of the ones I normally buy, so I usually go by that when I say it's probably awesome. I tried it last night and while I enjoyed it and saw a noticeable difference in the firmness of my skin and tightness of my pores, it was short-lived and not apparent by the time I woke up. If a sheet mask is going to tighten my pores, I'd like it to last long enough for it to matter. Having tiny pores while I sleep doesn't matter, but during the day when I have to go out...that's when it counts!

Etude House: Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Yogurt in "Raspberry" and "Sugar Apple" ($3ea)
We recently got a facial massage cream from The Face Shop in the March BB Bag, and these are little sachets of  the same type of product. You essentially use these creams on clean facial skin and massage them in circular motions around your face for 2-3 minutes. I believe these are also mild scrubs. Giving yourself a facial massage actually has it's benefits, however I will admittedly say I barely have time for my 12+ step skincare routine each night, never mind a 3 minute facial massage. These are a cute addition to the bag, but I'll be giving these away to someone that deserves some pampering!

Skinfood Soda Fizzer in "Black Sugar" ($12)
Well these look familiar! I chose the Honey Salt version of these bath bombs to include in my Honey Bag collaboration I did with Beauteque, so in this bag, I chose the Black Sugar variety. Black Sugar Skinfood products all have an absolutely lovely lemon scent, and I seriously cannot wait to toss these into the next bath I take! I absolutely love the cute packaging of this product, and the bath bombs are surprisingly large in size- the packaging looks like it wouldn't hold them upon first glance. I normally don't take baths very often but when I do, I always like to use bubble bath or a bath bomb- it's just so much more fun that way!

Cherry Apron ($15)
Beauteque likes to include a "lifestyle item" or tool in each of their bags, and this time, they've included an apron to go along with the breakfast theme! This is a plastic apron with a fabric back, so it's not incredibly high quality or anything, but it's very useful for me! I don't own an apron at all, yet I am baking and cooking on a daily basis. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten flour all over myself when I'm making cookies! This is a cute pattern, too, so I'm happy to get it! Also interestingly enough, my cat is obsessed with sleeping on this thing. What a weirdo!
Overall Thoughts
The Head to Toe Breakfast Bag costs $26 (plus shipping) and has a listed retail value of $70. As usual, I think that this bag is pretty overvalued. I understand Beauteque goes by US store prices of these products, however, I try to go by an average price between Korean and US websites, and I find the value to be closer to about $30-$35. I think that a lot of the overstated value comes from the Apron, which is in no way worth $15. It's a plastic apron. I gave it a value of $5 when I did my calculations and even that might be generous. Having said that, there is still a value here, and I think that the curation of this bag is absolutely adorable. I will be happily using all the products included except for the cleansing foam and the massage creams. I understand why they were included and I know foam cleansers are a cheap product that are commonly added to these types of bags, but I really wish I wouldn't keep getting cleansers with insanely high pH levels! Overall though, this is a super cute bag with lots of nice products, and I think it would make a great gift!

If you'd like to grab this bag for yourself or for a loved one, you can do so HERE.

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  1. Still looks great! I think the ease of getting true kbeauty that's easily accessible adds value. I received the sleeping pack in my last "true" Memebox and as I recall, I liked it. I couldn't use the bath stuff because I live with a MAN and 3 dogs in a one bathroom house that has a tiny tub the hub PEES in, and the dogs bathe in. I loved living alone! Baths are remarkable. But I love cleansing foams, masks, creams and hand lotions, so this looks lovely.

    1. hahah omgosh you seriously crack me up- although I feel awful that you can't take baths in your house!! That's a travesty!

  2. I chucked my cleanser today. I have Missha ones that are at a good pH and some Paula's Choice and it's not worth wrecking my skin. I also wish that banana hand cream had a scent that lasted as long as their peach hand cream. I love that banana scent!

    1. Yea I gave the cleanser away because I figure there's plenty of people who don't seem to pay attention or care about pH too much- so if they don't mind it, they're welcome to use it. I have a small group of cleansers that have an acceptable pH for my standards, and I'll just continue to buy those rather than try new ones- it seems like more often than not, the korean cleansers have very high pH. And omg I know! I loooove teh banana scent but it seems like it dissapears almost as soon as you rub it in! :(

  3. Ok, I really need to start testing my cleansers. I think I also need to test my water. Could you let me know what I would need to do for this new little project that will keep me from doing schoolwork? Are there PH testers out there that are cheep? Special kinds of strips? Now, because I LOVE foaming cleansers, I'm petrified that my face is going to slowly dissovle away. Like a zombie, but with better hair.