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Love With Food Deluxe Box Review and Unboxing (Plus Free Box Offer!)

I have been SO impressed with my Deluxe Love with Food box! I got a 3-month subscription for a deeply discounted price, and I am so hooked on it that I intend on renewing as soon as it's up! I think it's a fantastic value, and it's always filled to the very top with bags and bags of snacks and treats! It's an adventure digging through this box every month with my fiance and trying everything together!

The Deets
Love with Food is a $10 a month (+$2 shipping) subscription box that features 8+ organic and/or all natural snacks delivered to you monthly. For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank in an effort to support the end of child hunger. I think it's an absolutely wonderful cause and makes me feel good about subscribing to them!
Love with Food also offers a Deluxe Box which is the one I will be reviewing this month. The deluxe boxes cost $19.95 per month (free shipping) and features 16-20 snacks. It seems like the deluxe boxes are double the amount you get in the regular box, plus a few extra goodies.
They also have a Gluten Free box available for anyone that might be interested!

Get a Free Box!
 Love with Food offers new subscribers their first box for free! (You just pay $2 shipping) and you can cancel at anytime with the quick click of a button on their site. If you want to try one out for yourself, you can do so by using THIS LINK.

This month's theme was "Healthy Grocery Girl" and it contained 12 different snacks.
 We invited Megan Roosevelt, Founder of Healthy Grocery Girl and plant-based registered Dietician, to offer us a little advice. The result, this amazing box! Junk free? You bet. And if that isn't enough to make your day a bit brighter, remember that every box purchased helps feed needy children. We'll Snack to that!
 Bare Snacks: Fuji Apple Chips
I have tried these apple chips numerous times in the past and I absolutely love them! There are 3 apples in every bag, no added sugar salt or fat, and they are incredibly crunchy, sweet and satisfying! This is truly one of my favorite snacks and I'm very excited to have another bag- I had forgotten about these so I'm glad to have the delicious reminder!

Beanfields: Bean & Rice Chips in "Ranch"
I couldn't find these anywhere on my info booklet, so I'm assuming they were just an extra snack thrown in. Not complaining over here! I've seen this brand around the snack box circuit but this is my first time trying them. I think they're an excellent alternative to corn tortilla chips! They have a crunch, although an ever-so-slightly different texture than a typical tortilla chip. The Ranch flavor on these was fantastic. I did find these have a subtle aftertaste that is kind of like a raw bean, but I guess that's to be expected considering that's what they're made of!
 Good Boy Organics: Sea Salt Bops
These are organic, gluten-free and non GMO baked potato snacks. They have 65% less fat than potato chips and are oven baked. They taste a bit like a Baked Lays chip if you've ever had those. I quite liked these, although Jeff said they had a "weird flavor." Definitely worth a shot if you are addicted to chips like everyone in this house!
479 Degrees: Simple Sea Salt Popcorn
This is non GMO popcorn made with nothing else but a touch of sea salt and sunflower oil. I used to be one of those girls who needed a pound of butter slathered on my popcorn, but lately I've really been enjoying the flavor of popcorn as it is. These are very lightly dusted with sea salt- not enough to be overpowering, but enough to catch it whenever you crunch on these. Very simple, but quite delicious!
180 Snacks: Cranberry Pomegranate Clusters
This is a bag of little clusters of nuts and seeds, along with puffed rice, dried cranberries and pomegranates. I think these might have been my favorite snack in the box- crunchy and sweet! If anyone remembers those popcorn balls from when you were a kid that were dipped in a colorful candy coating- these reminded me a lot of those for some reason!

Fruigees: Fruit Snack in "Nothing Beets Cherry"
I admit it: I was a chicken and didn't want to try this. I'm not a huge fan of squeezing a snack out of a bag and into my mouth for some reason. Little known fact about me: I have OCD, and one of the things I have issues with is the way I eat food. Everything has to be eaten a very specific way, and anything with an applesauce or yogurt consistency has no business being in a squeezable bag with a spout! haha. I handed this off to my roommate who was happy to try it out. He said he couldn't taste the beets in it at all, and that it tasted more like sweet cherry applesauce. I bet these would be a great snack for kids!
Manitoba Harvest: Hemp Hearts
Sigh. These dang Hemp Hearts haunt every single snack box that ends up in my mailbox, I'm telling you! These really aren't awful-tasting or anything..but after eating a few, they just start to taste like grass to me. It's recommended to put these into yogurt, salads, sandwiches etc, but to me that would be ruining a perfectly good meal with little pellets that taste like grass. No thanks. Passing on these!
Two Moms in the Raw: Almond Butter Cacao Truffle
These "truffles" just broke my heart into pieces! I read the name of these and got so excited! Cacao! Truffle! Put it in my mouth! Except these taste absolutely nothing like you think they would. These are essentially little treats for anyone who eats a raw diet. They're made with almonds, agave, cacao and salt. They have a chewy consistency and decent almond flavor, but they definitely weren't for me. I think if you're already deep into a raw diet and appreciate these flavors, they might be worth checking out!
The Good Bean: Roasted Chickpeas in "Sea Salt"
I love Chickpeas, so I was  super happy to see these little bags! Chickpeas do have a bit of a crumbly texture when they're roasted rather than a crunch, but I still found these very satisfying! I think they'd be better in a trail mix of some kind with varying crunchy snacks, but overall I was happy with the simple flavors.
The Spice Hunter: Herbs De Provence
One of my Favorite Cooking Youtubers, "Entertaining With Beth" uses this seasoning often in her dishes, so I'm already a big fan. I used this particular packet by chopping up some red bliss potatoes into small chunks, coating them with a bit of olive oil and tossing in the Herbs De Provence and a few pinches of sea salt. Oh boy were they delicious!
Trujoy Sweets: Choco Chews
These chews are actually pretty dang hard right out of the wrapping, so I wasn't able to try them due to all the tooth issues I've been having lately! Jeff called them 'healthy tootsie rolls' in that they were similar in shape and flavor, although a bit less sweet and a bit more bland. He did like them, though! These are vegan, gluten free and organic, so if they still taste acceptable to someone who loves his candy, then I'd say they must be good!
Miracle Tree: Morninga Organic Tea in "Apple Cinnamon" and "Mint"
While tea always sounds fancy and relaxing to me, I can absolutely never get away from my coffee. If I had a choice between coffee or tea, coffee would win every single time. I have a massive tea chest filled with every tea you could imagine for when guests come over, and I think it's been over 3 years since I've had a single cup! While these both sound delightful, I admittedly snuck them right into the tea chest to be discovered by a guest next time they stop by!
Overall Thoughts
First of all, for $19.95, the Deluxe box is a no-brainer. I absolutely love getting such a huge variety of snacks each month. Love with Food is one of those subscriptions that I call a "discovery subscription." They provide an ample amount of the product so that I can get a good idea of my opinion, and they also offer larger sizes for purchase on their website. It's like the Birchbox of snack boxes because they also offer a points system when you review the snacks in your box each month. Once you have enough points, you can cash them in for snacks in their shop. Good deal! What makes the deluxe box even better is that you have more snacks to review, which means more points to spend!
This particular Deluxe box wasn't as awesome for me as last month. I really love healthy snacks, but I also love chocolate and kettle cooked potato chips! There was a bit of indulgence missing in this box, I think. Having said that, I think this was a good theme to do, especially if people are looking for healthy alternatives to their favorite junk food snacks! I'm incredibly happy with this service and cannot wait to get next months box!

Don't Forget!
If you're interested in trying Love with Food, you can get a free box (just pay $2 shipping) when you use THIS LINK.
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