Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask Review

It's no secret: I love eye masks! Every morning when I wake up after getting 3-4 restless hours of sleep, my eyes tell the story: Puffiness and dark circles galore! Seriously, no amount of makeup would cover the purple-toned skin under my eyes after a rough night's sleep! I have a routine every single morning: rush to the bathroom, start the keurig, crawl back into bed and wipe my sleeping pack and spot treatment off my face with a cleansing wipe. Then I immediately whip out some eye patches and put them under my eyes and go make that cup of coffee! By the time I'm ready to step into the shower, my eye masks are usually dried up and read to remove! It's my little morning ritual, and it really helps keep the dark circles and bags at bay. The major problem is eye gels/masks/patches can get pretty expensive if you're using them daily! Some of the lower cost ones are $1 per pair, so I decided to find the cheapest ones I could find and see if they worked!

I was able to track down these Purederm Collagen Eye Zone masks on ebay for an insanely low price. I notice the prices fluctuate a bit, but for 2 packets of 30 patches (15 pair in each bag) I think I paid less than $4 shipped. I know...what a deal, huh? There are always auctions going on for these as well as many buy-it-now options, and they're all very reasonable. Purederm is a low-end Korean brand, however I've always had really great luck with their products. I love their nose strips and the callus remover patches, so I figured these would be a good place to start with low-cost eye patches!
Here's my immediate gripe: these babies come in a resealable plastic baggie. There's only one stack of patches in the photo because I have already used quite a bit, but each bag will come with 2 stacks of 15 patches.
I usually wipe my hands clean with the cleansing wipe I used on my face, and then remove one stack from the bag. These are pretty thin, so when you're pulling them apart you need to be careful not to take more than two! The easiest way I have found is to pinch the top patch with my fingers and pull it off the stack. 

These actually fit really nicely under my eyes, and since they're very thin, I can get them right up to the bottom of my eye without it being uncomfortable. They go out far enough to lay neatly over any crows feet you want to treat as well. They have a nice, cooling effect once applied.
Here's my beautiful makeup-less face. You can practically see my dark circles peering through these patches...yea, they're that intense.

I find that the patches themselves while thin, are nicely saturated and stick to my eye quite well. They don't slide around at all, and they stay moist for probably 30+ minutes. Once they're removed, they don't leave behind any sticky residue.

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I've used an entire package of these, so I think I have a pretty good idea of how well they're working for me at this point. Personally, I haven't seen any sort of magical, miracle results from using these, but what I can say is, they have helped soothe and reduce the puffiness under my eyes in the morning. The dark circles have slightly faded after using these over a period of time, but not a hugely noticeable amount.
I really dislike the packaging of this product, as I was concerned about my hands being clean every time I reached into the package. I was also worried about these drying out over time, but they definitely remained nice and saturated the up until the very last application. 
Overall, I think these are a great low-cost option for anyone like me who uses eye masks daily, or pretty regularly. It's nice to have some higher end ones to alternate between, but I love knowing these will do the job in a pinch. I would definitely buy these again considering how cheap they are. What I'm planning on doing is saving an empty eye hydro gel patch container I already have, along with the tweezers it came with, and inserting these into it so I won't have to continue digging into the bag each time I want to put on a pair! If you're interested in some low-cost daily use eye masks, these are pretty widely available through ebay, but I'm sure you can find them in a few other online stores as well.

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  1. fantastic review - I love purederm products as well. It is great that these work for you. My issue is puffiness and I will have to look at picking some of these up once I finish that huge tub of eye patches myself :)

  2. I've bought these a couple of times and they're definitely nice for the price! They don't last nearly 30 minutes on me though. Dry in 10 minutes, maybe 15 if I'm lucky. I'd still say they're worth it, however. :)

  3. Wonderful review! These eye masks are definitely great for their price. Have you thought about doing some DIY eye masks? There are a lot of great recipes that are very effective and can save a lot of money. ^^ #kbeautybloghop

  4. These look great! I've got a fairly large stash of various different eye patches that I got through Memebox to get through (I obviously don't use them often enough!) but I'll remember these for when I'm finished. Cx

  5. I probably should be using eye patches daily! I never even considered it, but I'm definitely going to go searching for these on ebay. My under eye area is reddish-purple and puffy. I would be nice not to have to spackle on so much concealer each day. #kbeautybloghop

  6. How often must you apply them? Like once a week or what?

    1. Hi Sherry- That is entirely up to you! I actually use under-eye patches every morning for 20 minutes before I shower and get ready for the day. During the summer months when my since is a bit more moisturized I only use them once a week. :)

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  10. Nice review. I just bought this and now I wanna try to use it. Just a question, where should i keep the eye mask bag (got balance inside) after open it, inside the fridge or just keep in room temperature..?? Thanks