Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Something Snacks March 2015 Review and Unboxing!

Something Snacks is one of my new snack boxes, and even though this is only my second box from them, I have been really loving their service and selection of goodies! I get a lot of snack boxes, I admit, but I find that it provides me with a great variety of smaller bags of snacks that can easily be tossed in my lunch bag to take to work. It's so much easier to just walk by the snack aisle in the grocery store and not be tempted by all the oily chips and calorie-filled cookies when I know I have a huge variety of snacks coming to me every month with Nature Box, Graze Box, Love with Food, and now: Something Snacks!

When you subscribe to Something Snacks, you will receive a box delivered with 7 hand-selected snacks right to your door step every month.  Every snack is personally tasted and approved. Each month, find something familiar and something adventurous! Perfect if you enjoy convenience and surprises!
You can subscribe to Something Snacks Month-by-Month, or purchase a long-term plan (6 months or 1 year) and get a discount on your subscription.
Month-to-Month Subscription: $10 per month +$3 shipping
6 Month Subscription: $9 per month +$3 shipping per box ($72 total)
1 Year Subscription: $9 per month + $3 shipping per box ($144 total) plus first box is a Deluxe Box!
You can also gift subscriptions to friends and family!

The March Box was called the "Green Box" and had a subtle St. Patrick's Day Theme!
Something Snacks includes a full-color info booklet with more information on the featured snack for the month as well as a full list of the products included in your box. There are lots of green goodies in here!
 Nunes Farms: Roasted Salted Pistachios (Something Familiar)
I am a huge fan of pistachios. They are one of my mother's favorite snacks, so I have grown up obsessing over these. I love to snack on these because you're almost forced to eat them one at a time and slowly. They're also very filling! These particular pistachios were pretty standard, however still incredibly delicious! I think it was a clever addition to the "green" box!
Mc Tavish: Handmade Clover Shortbread (Something Festive)
I'm not usually a huge fan of shortbread cookies, but I was really pleased with the flavor of these cookies! Very buttery and crumbly, but still had a bit of softness to them. They were pretty substantial in size, and I loved that there were two included so I could share with my fiance! Love the festive shape and color of the chocolate dip! 

Be-Bop Grasshopper Mint Biscotti (Featured Snack)
This was the featured snack this month, and I have to say it might be my favorite in the bunch. Biscotti is hit-or-miss with me. Sometimes it can be too dry and crumbly, and other times its decadent and delicious. This is one of those times. The biscotti had little chocolate chips baked right into it, and the mint/chocolate combo was to die for. This reminded me of the flavor of the grasshopper Girl Scout cookies! So. Yummy.
 Burts: British Hand Cooked Potato Chips in "Sea Salt and Malted Vinegar" (Something International)
I admittedly am not a fan of anything flavored with vinegar, so I passed these onto my roommate, who thought they were very good! He said they have a great crunch to them, and the malted vinegar flavor was very strong. So if you like salt and vinegar chips, these might be ones to try!
Inka Chips: Plantain Chips (Something Crunchy)
Oh goodness, I love plantain chips! I remember before trying them, I thought the idea was kind of gross-sounding. Since plantains sort of taste like bananas, I couldn't imagine how a dried, salted banana would taste good. Interestingly enough plantains have a starchier, less sweet flavor than bananas, and sort of mimic the flavor and consistency of potato chips. They're actually an excellent, healthier alternative for anyone who is addicted to the starchy, salty crunch of potato chips! These were super delicious, and actually quite filling! I wasn't even able to finish the bag in one sitting!
YangBan: Sea Veggies in 'Sea Salt" (Something Adventurous)
These are definitely something adventurous, but not an adventure I'm interested in taking! I have bravely attempted trying these little dried seaweed pieces, and I cannot for the life of me understand what makes people enjoy this snack! It tastes like salt water. Fishy, salty...nothing about it is appealing for me, unfortunately. I do have to hand it to Something Snacks though- it definitely fits with the theme!
Crispy Green: Crispy Fruit in "Tangerine" (Something Gluten Free) 
These are one of the most interesting things I have ever tried from a snack box! I wish I had a picture of what these look like, but they were gobbled up so quickly I didn't even think to! They're basically little freeze-dried tangerine slices. They're light, airy and have a bit of a crisp to them. Such an odd texture, but the sweet, citrusy flavor is to die for! These would be great to take on a camping trip or traveling, but I think they make a great snack for my work lunch too!
Overall Thoughts
I am still so impressed with Something Snacks! Even though they are a new company, they have managed to curate boxes with fun themes, and generously sized snacks for only $10 a month. I am really excited to see where they continue to take their service! I usually subscribe for a month or two of a service so I can review it, and that's it- with Something Snacks, I was so happy with what I received that I decided to continue my subscription, and I couldn't be happier that I did!

If you're interested in trying Something Snacks, they currently have a coupon code for $3 off your first box!
Use TRY3NOW at checkout!
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  1. I LOVED this box. Gave hubby the Sea Veggies and a bag of Half Pops from Pop Sugar, I think it was.
    He devoured the Half Pops, thinking I had finally given him something delicious, then he hit the Sea Veggies, also known as dehydrated seaweed.

    He isn't speaking to me now, and this happened on Sunday, LOL.

    1. HAHAHAH oh my gosh my fiance would have locked me out of the house if I gave him the Seaweed!! LOL

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  3. Totally agree with your post! These snacks helped me to survive in college. Cause I always didn't have time for cooking.