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The 3b Box: Beauty Beyond Borders February Review and Unboxing

My February 3B box was MIA for all of last month, although I found out from 3B customer service that they had a few small shipping delays, and that I would receive it in early March. They are a brand new subscription and have yet to let me down, so I was completely confident that I would get my box as soon as possible. I was happy to see it showed up just a few days into March, so I'll be able to review this one now, and review the March box later on in the month!

Just a little note- a few of my upcoming blog posts will contain some candlelit photos. I've been working quite a bit and haven't been able to get home to take photos before it gets dark. So let's all enjoy the ambiance of my absolutely beautiful birch tree candle holders that I picked up from Birchbox until I am able to start taking pictures in the daylight again! 

What is 3B?
3b (stands for Beauty Beyond Borders) is a subscription service that I have coined the KBeauty Birchbox. While you receive mostly Korean products, they have also included Japanese brands in the past as well. Normally the boxes contain deluxe samples, however they have been known to also include full sizes! 

The Cost
Only $12 a month! (that includes shipping!)
(3b currently only ships to the US)
What's In the Box?
Each box contains a collection of  4-5 deluxe samples that are new or popular in Asia but hard to get your hands on. The products will change each month, and you’ll get to try new skincare, haircare, nail care, and cosmetic products. Sample products range from go-to brands such as Lioele, Etude House and Skinfood to high-end premium brands like SK-II, K, and Sulwhasoo.

Where Do I Sign Up?
You can learn more about 3B, and sign up for their monthly subscription HERE. 3B only launched last month, and they have become so popular in such a short time that there is currently a waitlist to subscribe- so if you're interested I would get on that list asap!
While this is called the 3B box, and it does arrive in one, your products are housed each month in a cute organza bag. I really prefer these bags to getting full-on makeup bags (like ipsy for example) because these are easily stored away to be used again, are lighter to ship and take up less space. I can only use so many makeup bags, so I'm never a fan of receiving them each month through various subscriptions.

Mizon: Snail Repair Eye Cream
 This eye cream is formulated with 80% snail mucin and is used to instantly hydrate, plump and brighten the skin around the eye area. The Mizon snail line is quite popular, and I have used and greatly enjoyed this product in the past. Mizon houses quite a few of their eye creams in these smaller tubes, and I can tell you first hand that it will take a very long time to use this up. You need the tiniest amount to completely cover both your upper and lower eye areas. This eye cream has no scent, and feels incredibly moisturizing without being too rich. It's fast absorbing, and you can definitely see a temporary, yet noticeable effect on fine lines!

Laneige: Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil
 Laneige is the big name in Korean skincare right now because it can be found in many Target stores. While I find it to be a great brand, I rarely purchase their products because they tend to be a little out of my price range. I am thrilled to be able to try this cleansing oil, though! It uses natural virgin coconut oil to dissolve and remove waterproof makeup while purifying and melting away sebum to keep your face clear of blemishes. Cleansing oils are applied as the first step of your skincare routine. Massage it onto dry skin for about 30 seconds until your makeup begins to break down, then rinse with warm water. Don't forget to follow up with a regular cleanser- these only remove makeup and do a small amount of cleansing, so it's important to also wash the excess oil off your skin and cleanse the face once your makeup has been removed!

Skinfood: Oil Control Film Sheets
Oil control sheets have been around for a long time, and really do a fantastic job of removing excess oil from the skin without disrupting makeup application. There are a wide variety of oil blotting sheets, however these ones are similar to the first ones I ever tried. They are a bright blue in color and almost feel like they're made out of a thin, malleable plastic rather than tissue. They darken in color and become semi-transparent as they pick up oil from your skin, so you know when you need to toss it away and retrieve a new sheet. This particular package has a small sticker on the inner flap, so whenever you open the package a new sheet will stick to the top and be ready to use.

Banila Co: Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm
 If you are immersed in the Korean beauty world at all, you have heard of this cleansing balm! It's one of the more popular products that have come out recently, and has fans all over the world. This product is used in place of a cleansing oil. It goes on as a solid balm, however as it warms on your skin, it melts into a silky, lightweight oil that dissolves makeup and impurities without stripping your skin of natural oils. It also contains papaya extract, which works to naturally exfoliate and brighten your complexion. I absolutely love this product and think it works even better than most of my cleansing oils. It's also great for anyone who has sensitive skin. Highly recommended!

Etude house: Collagen Moistfull Essence
This is a pretty popular line from Etude House, and we actually received the emulsion and the facial fresher in the first 3b box. This essence hydrates and smooths out the skin. Essences are normally used after toner in your skincare routine, and have a thin, watery to gel-like consistency. I personally have not liked this line from Etude House, but it's more so because I find it to be a bit to moisturizing for my combo/oily skin. Even though it didn't work for me, I think it would be great for someone with dry skin

Overall Thoughts
I have yet to be disappointed with 3b. This is my 3rd box and they still continue to include popular brands and buzz worthy products. My only complaint this month is that it included 2 types of oil cleansers with the Laneige and Banila Co products, however they are both something I will happily use and enjoy. I love how affordable this box is because it really gives everyone a chance to try out and familiarize themselves with a wide variety of kbeauty products, regardless of their budget. This is the subscription I would recommend to anyone who is interested in diving into the world of kbeauty but isn't sure quite where to start. I'm very excited to see what the March box has in store for us- so far they've been knocking it out of the park!
There is currently a wait list to subscribe to 3B, so if you're interested I would sign up as soon as possible. You can get on the wait list here. Right now they're only shipping to the US, but they have been openly asking their customers where we would like them to ship to next. So if you live outside the US, make sure you get in touch with them and tell them you want them to ship to your country!
 If you'd like to learn more about 3B, you can do so HERE.

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  2. Too bad they only ship to the US :( All of that for 12 dollars is insane!! :O