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Wantable Intimates March 2015 Review and Unboxing

Last month I reviewed my very first Wantable box, which was the Accessories box. I was so incredibly impressed with the customization and easy returns, I absolutely could not help but try out the Intimates box was well! I have to say that I have never in my years of subscription box obsession found a box that is so customer-friendly. Everything is perfectly customizable, you can return anything you don't like for free and get a refund, you can skip any months you want...there's just no getting better than that!

While the accessories box deals with jewelry, suglasses, scarves etc, the intimates box includes products like socks, underwear, loungewear, pajamas and more. Since I'm a plus sized lady, I was quite interested to see what they would include in a box like this for someone my size. (I'm a 1 or 2x in most stores.)

The Details
(feel free to skip this section if you're already familiar with Wantable!)
Wantable offers a variety of different subscriptions, each one of them costing $40 per month. There is a way to make the price lower, which I will explain later.
The boxes that Wantable currently offers are Accessories, Makeup, Intimates and Fitness. You are able to subscribe to one or all the boxes on one account if you so choose!
Wantable is much different from other subscriptions in that it's completely customizable and risk-free. You take a profile quiz to tell the stylists exactly what you want or don't want based on a "Love, Like, Don't Want" scale. They will never send you something you have marked as "don't want." If you hate necklaces, you'll never get them. If you are tired of getting red lipsticks in subscription boxes, you can simply tell wantable you never want them. Problem solved! You can take the profile quiz as many times as you want- so if one month you want to get socks and bras, but don't want any the following month, simply change your preferences! It really is that simple!

Here's what makes this a really interesting experience: You can return your entire box if you're not happy with it. Even better? You can return or keep as many or as few items as you want! Not only do you get to tell them exactly what you like and don't like, but you can return anything you're not really into- or even return the whole box for a full refund!
  You can start the return process on their website and be done in just minutes. You're able to see how much credit you will receive for the item you're returning, and then you can print out a return label free of charge. Then simply stick the item(s) in the box everything came in, tape the label to the box and leave it outside for the mailman!

$4 Credit for Keeping Everything
If you decide to keep everything in your box, Wantable will reward you with a $4 credit, which you can put toward your next box, making it only $36. This way, you're rewarded for keeping your products, however you also get credits or a refund for anything you return. You really can't go wrong!

There is nothing I hate more than a subscription box that doesn't have a way to cancel easily and quickly! As if Wantable couldn't get any better...they allow you to cancel your subscription with one click on their website. If you don't want to cancel, but would rather skip a month or two, they also have a "skip" button available. Awesome! 
So enough of the details, let's get into what I received in my very first Wantable Intimates box! 
 Here's the first peek at my box! Each box includes a booklet that reminds you of the survey choices you took (what you like, love and don't want) as well as a list of your included items with more information about each one.

Jennifer Soft Cup Lace Bandeau ($18)
 I didn't want to completely rule out bright-colored bras, I definitely wasn't expected a blindingly neon pink bandeau in my first box. I wear a 40D bra, and since I do own some bandeau's that fit me well, I figured I would leave the option open to get one in my box. Even though this is a 2x, it is fit rather strangely. It is relatively loose on me, however there isn't enough fabric to hold the girls in place. They kind of just...slide out of the bottom! How are you going to sell a plus sized bandeau and not make it  supportive?? I wasn't a huge fan of the color, but I would have kept this gladly if it had worked out, but this is definitely made for someone with a much smaller bust. This one was Returned.

Rene Rofe: Electrifying Lace Chemise ($48)
I am obsessed with this chemise!! I'll be honest, I normally sleep in Old Navy pj pants and a baggy t-shirt, so I signed up for this subscription hoping to get some pretty sleeping clothes and I think this fits the bill perfectly! This chemise is incredibly soft and comfortable, and falls to just above my knee. It's a 2x and is a little loose on me, so I might have to wear a bandeau (that actually fits me!) underneath it so I don't accidentally flash my roommate! I think this is such a beautiful piece though, and it's exactly what I was hoping to get. Look at that pretty lace racer back detail!

Rene Rofe: Thermal PJ Bottom ($16)
 Here's where the box got really confusing for me. The same designer (Rene Rofe) made the 2x Chemise that I adored, yet the person who packed my box sent me a size large in these pajama pants...uhm...what? Now I wear an extra large pajama pant, so it might not seem that far off, however these pants look like they'd be tight on someone who was a medium. The waist is very small, and there isn't a lot of stretch to them. I don't want to wear tight pants to sleep. I'd like them to be loose and comfy. I also found it a little odd that they sent me just the pants with no top. Even a simple tank would have been nice! These went back as well, of course. If they were an XL I would have kept them in a heartbeat, though! They look really comfortable!
 Overall Thoughts
This box cost $40 and has a total retail value of $82. While I think that's a great value, I ended up having to send back 2 out of the 3 items. That's not a huge issues since I am refunded for them, however I would have loved to have opened the box and found 3 items I loved. I think the chemise made this box more than worth it for me overall. I just don't understand why they wouldn't put in a pair of socks or a nice pair of undies if they didn't have anything in my size rather than throw in a size large pair of pants. I'm not entirely sure if I'm won over by the Intimates box like I am with the Accessories box, however I am happy enough with the chemise that I am going to give them another go and see how well they do. It's difficult to find fashion-based subscriptions that offer plus sizes of any kind, so I'm holding out hope that Wantable will come through for me in April. Stay tuned!

If you'd like to learn more about Wantable or sign up for one of their boxes, you can do so HERE.

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  1. I think that if you are not a typical bra size, opting out is the best way to go. I'm not a typical size and since I have to buy ridiculously expensive bras in order to have them fit perfectly, I figure there's no way in hell that Wantable can send me anything that will fit even remotely. After one bandeau, I opted completely out of bras. And for the most part, lingerie. I just love their PJ's. I'm glad to hear that they make such a range of sizes, though, not everyone offers that and they should!

    1. I agree with you totally, on the bra thing. I'm not really an odd size, since I've lost weight. I used to be a DD, but now I'm a C. I have purchased inexpensive bandeaus from cheap stores like "Deb" in the past and have found that they have a substantial elastic on the top and bottom even though they were cheap, so I assumed that Wantable would have similar ones. This one was literally just a piece of fabric with absolutely no support. I wouldn't even call it a bra- more like a tiny tube top or something LOL Interested to see if I get more large-size pants next month or if they give me some cute socks and things that are more my size!

  2. all they are sending lately is that rene rofe brand (never heard of it)... i canceled because I started getting really cheap stuff. love the polka top sleeper -- super cute -- but not enough for me to resubscribe. something is going downhill with them, sadly. i even specified in my last box that i clearly wanted socks and NO shorts, and what did i get? no socks and shorts...

    1. I think it's so weird that they ignored your profile and gave you the opposite of what you wanted! I've only gotten a few boxes but so far they've stuck perfectly to my survey likes/dislikes- I just haven't always enjoyed the actual product once it shows up. I wanted to give this service a try for a few months because I desperately need new Intimates items, but I'm not sure if I'll continue it long-term. I absolutely love the Accessories box, though! Even though I return 1-2 items each month, the ones I do end up keeping have been absolute perfection for me in terms of my tastes. I think the Accessories box has the most value for me overall!

  3. The intimates box has always been iffy for me. Even when I like everything, I feel like I could do a better job at TJ Maxx.
    As for the bras, make a note to your stylist that they need to be supportive. Even though they have your sizes, they don't always seem to realize D means you need support.

    1. Thank you for the tip, Pegi! I did let my stylist know that the bandeau I recieved was just way too thin and I needed much more support, so I'm hoping that helps avoid this problem in the future. I do agree with you though, that it does kind of feel like I could get a better deal somewhere like TJ Maxx. Having said that, I think I love the Wantable subscriptions because of the mystery factor. I love to see what they've chosen for me rather than going out and hunting things down myself. It also gives me the chance to try things I might normally walk right by in the store. I don't think that Wantable is an outstanding value, but I do think that it's like having a personal shopper, which I love! Plus the free returns make it so much easier for me to spend the money and not worry about disliking the things I get ;)

  4. The Intimates box is one of my favorites! It does take a couple times to get it to what you want, but I have been at it for a few months and my March box was the best one yet. I got some leggings, a cute sleep romper, and a blousey tank that I can actually wear to work with a cardi. I think that things definitely got better for me once I started reviewing all my items. I hope that your next month is better!!

    1. Sara, I think you definitely lifted my hopes for this box, as that is exactly what I was hoping for- I know since it's such a customizable experience, that there would be a few months to work out the kinks; I wasn't sure if my 'stylist' actually read my reviews for each product, but I'm hopeful they have because I was overly detailed in my reasoning for liking/disliking each product! :) I think this box really does have potential if I have some patience with it- And honestly, it's not hurting anything to subscribe, I can always return everything if I don't like it and I'm not out anything! :)

  5. At least the chemise is cute! I definitely would have sent the bandeau back. And tight PJ pants... just no. Unless they're stretchy leggings. :)

    1. Totally agree- I love leggings! But even if these pj pants were supposed to be on the fitted side, these were way too small- even for someone who is a few sizes smaller than me, so it was odd that they sent them. I feel like if they couldn't find a pair of pants that fit me, they could have at least put in a pair of undies or socks rather than something I would have to return. But you're right, the chemise is incredibly cute, super soft and made the entire box worth it for me!