Monday, March 16, 2015

XO Memebox I'm Lip Crayon, I'm Tint Balm and I'm Lipstick Review!

I admit it: I've been sitting on this review for awhile now, avoiding actually going ahead and writing it. I tested the products, formed my opinions, took and edited the photos, and yet I could not bring myself to actually write it for over a month! I've been bogged down at my job and I've been trying desperately to keep up with all the reviews I have to do each month without actually making a schedule. Seriously, I need to start making  a schedule! But I feel pretty strongly about the Memebox branded lip products, and I felt like it was time to share this review with you. It's not a secret: I really like the Memebox cosmetics they've been coming out with. I've had absolutely fantastic luck with their palettes and eye shadows, so I went ahead and purchased two sets: one was for daytime lips and one was for night. The sets don't seem to be available anymore, however you can find all of these lippies HERE.

There are 3 types of lip products currently available in the XO Memebox line: Tint Balm, Lip Crayons and Lipsticks. In this review, I'm going to talk about my general thoughts on the formulas and show you some swatches from the shades I have!
I purchased a light and a dark shade of Lip Crayon and Lipstick, and both tint balms. While I rave about the quality of this cosmetics line, I really think the names of these products are kind of...uninspired? I'm Eye Shadow. I'm Lipstick. I mean, really...that's the best they could come up with? Ah well.
One thing I have to mention here, is the packaging of these lip products. I think the XO Memebox line of cosmetics has fantastic and high-quality packaging all-around. I think it's very sleek and eye-catching! The lipsticks and tint balms come in some seriously high quality tubes. They are made of a shiny black metal, and feel weighty in my hands, but still slim and portable!
Here's a first look at all the shades I got! 

I'm Lip Crayons ($7)
These Lip Crayons have 6 different shades available, but I thought having a light and a dark shade would show their range of versatility and pigmentation. Here I have the colors Bella and Mary Jane. Both have a silky application- kind of like a mix between a lipstick and a lip gloss. They're nicely pigmented but are still buildable so you can get a natural look as well as a more dramatic one. I also found that these wore differently, which I will describe in more detail below.

Mary Jane
On the website, Mary Jane looks like more of a nude-pink shade, however in person it looks like a pink coral. I don't have much pigment to my lips at all, so what you see here is the actual shade. It might look different on your lips depending on how pigmented your natural lips are. I personally found this shade to be too bright for my tastes, and it kind of made my teeth look more yellow than they are. These pink/oranges just don't look good on me, however I think this performed well and applied evenly to my lips. If this is a shade that you would naturally gravitate towards, I would recommend it! While this has a moisturizing, glossy-feel on the lips, it did wear for a decent length of time. I did not have to reapply for quite a few hours, which is nice for a product that feels like it's going to slip right off my lips!

I was most excited to get this shade, because I absolutely adore deep berry tones on my lips. Unfortunately, I found it to be more of a bright purple with pink undertones on my lips. It looks much deeper than it actually shows up. I also found the formula of this shade to be a bit more...wet? I'm not sure how else to describe it, but it was kind of slippery. When I pursed my lips, it would cause the shade to kind of move around a bit on my lips and create visible lines of product on my lips. This is probably because I applied a lot of this so I could try and get the color deeper- unfortunately it didn't provide the shade I was expecting. I do think this is still a really beautiful shade and I have worn it a few times over a similar color lipstick to boost the brightness and shine.

I'm Lipsticks ($8)
There are 6 shades in the I'm Lipstick line, ranging from pale nude-pink to deep red. The colors I received were Reddish Coral and Beige Pink. I have dozens of deep red lipsticks, so I wanted to go a little crazy and try a red that I don't have currently: a orange/yellow undertone rather than a blue! I found these lipsticks to be insanely pigmented. I can honestly say they're probably more densely pigmented than any other lipstick I've tried in recent memory. The swatches above are one, maybe two swipes. I did find that the formula overall is quite thick, and reminded me a little bit of a cross between paint, and one of those oil pastels that I used in art class. It makes for a sort of uncomfortable wear, but a knock-out color payoff!

Beige Pink
When I first swatched this shade on my hand, I was convinced it would look more nude and washed-out on my lips, but I think it has a really lovely pink tone to it! This is the kind of nude shade I can pull off well. The application is a bit tricky, though. Since these lipsticks have an angled, circular top, getting this lipstick applied to my cupids bow area was a challenge. I did have to use a tissue to wipe off the excess that traveled outside of my lip line. It did get a bit easier to use once I got the hang of the shape, but I would have liked these to have a pointed tip so that I could apply it more easily. The staying power of this shade is excellent. I wear it to work on occasion and it stays put through the day, even with my endless coffee-drinking!

Reddish Coral
I was pretty sure that I was going to hate this shade, but since it came with the bundle, I decided it was worth a shot. I was incredibly surprised at how much I really enjoyed it! It's super pigmented, and I had similar issues applying it evenly around the cupids bow area of my lips. The rounded tip of these lipsticks doesn't work well with how crazy-pigmented they are. It takes some practice to get these on without going out of the lip line. Having said that, if you want a long-wearing red lip, this is the one. The only negative thing I can say about this lipstick is that since it has a yellow undertone, it does make my teeth look a bit on the yellow side. I also found that this shade was particularly uncomfortable and even felt a little drying, so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying it! It really is worth the trouble if you want a really noticeable and unique red!

I'm Tint Balms ($7)
These are the only 2 shades in the Tint Balm line: True Red, and Flashy Neon Pink. I wasn't entirely sure how these were going to look and feel on the lips based on the photos on the Memebox website, but I'm pleased to say they are not as pigmented as their names suggest. These are true "tint balms" in the sense that they have a very subtle color payoff and feel very soft and moisturizing on the lips. After applying and removing so many lips shades for this review, it was very nice to apply these at the end as they felt very soothing.

Flashy Neon Pink
The name of this shade gave me pause, as I really didn't want anything neon on my lips. This is no where near the same pigmentation, glossiness or appearance that appears in the advertisements on the Memebox website, however it does give my lips a very subtle pink sheen. It feels incredibly moisturizing too. Kind of like a super chic lip balm!

True Red
The balm also looked way more glossy and pigmented on the model in the advertisement than it does on my lips, however I admittedly prefer the subtle tint of the real thing. This red-toned tint seems to compliment my similarly pigmented lips, while giving them some moisture and subtle shine. I think the tint balms are my favorite in the collection because they're incredibly comfortable to wear, and give a bit of color without overdoing it. These are perfect to wear at the gym or running errands!
Overall Thoughts
I am super impressed by the Memebox line of cosmetics, and these lip products are no exception. The XO Memebox product range has a prices that falls in line with US drugstore brands, yet consistently surpasses them in terms of quality. The packaging feels high end and sturdy, and the products themselves perform like comparable prestige brands. It seems like this line was well thought out prior to it's release, which I greatly appreciate. So far, everything I've tried from the Memebox line has been fantastic, and I'll admit I was pretty skeptical of the quality at first. I highly recommend these lip products, especially if you want high quality at a drugstore price! 

If you're interested in checking out the other shades or picking some of these up for yourself, you can do so HERE.

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  1. Your links seem to be broken, lovely.

  2. Oh it was! Thanks for letting me know! I think it's working now! <3

  3. The colours are so pretty, perfect for spring ^_^

  4. Nice to see swatches of a bunch of them in one place, yay! I still only have one Meme lip crayon, but the lipsticks are on my wishlist. Reddish Coral is such a beautiful color.

    1. I really didn't think I would like reddish coral because I tend to stray from those tones of red, but I was so pleased with it- the pigmentation of the lipsticks is kind of insane...they almost apply like paint for me. I'd say they're more pigmented than almost any other lipstick I've tried, so they can be tough to apply until you get the hang of it. So worth it for a really knockout lip color though!

  5. I ordered a bunch of XO products from them over a month ago, they sent me a tracking number two weeks ago, it never was received by the post office, I emailed yesterday, got a response and a new tracking number... and then today get another email that they no longer have some products in stock. I think their new format may need some customer service and logistics help. So disappointing. Think I'm done.

    1. I definitely don't blame you- I haven't purchased a single thing from them outside of the XO Memebox cosmetics. I just purchased both Pony Palettes and the "Bad Girl" quad. Took longer than usual for them to arrive, but they finally did today. If I had your experience I don't think I would be too thrilled, either- that is awful. :(

  6. I buy from the US Memebox site ALL the time and get wonderful products!! Never had a shipping delay and have never had a broken or otherwise damaged product from them, I did from Korea, but not from CA.

    With that out of the way, it looks to me like you caked some of the more tinted lip colors on. Please consider using a nice lip primer next time, and using a lip brush to apply your products for review.
    None of us use enough lip goo to look like clown's mouths, but you have come very close in the first photos, and this is simply not representative of the products Memebox has produced in terms of the formula on lips or the colors in general.

    I usually like your reviews, but I felt that you were somehow mocking Memebox with your review. The formulas are very pretty on my lips and do not look smeared, caked, or greasy.
    Your two new best purchases if you really want pretty lips will be a lip primer and at least one good lip brush.

    1. I'm truly sorry that you feel that my tone was mocking in some way...I have no idea where you would get that from.
      This is exactly how the products showed up on my lips when I applied them. I feel that most women (including myself) don't have the time every day to apply a lip product that comes in a tube with a lip brush and a primer beforehand. I feel that lip products should be able to be applied with ease. Of course there are always instances where using a lip brush and a primer would be necessary or wanted, however to show a swatch of a product, I don't feel that it was necessary as not everyone uses those items daily.

      I didn't find my swatches to look caked or greasy, personally, but if that is how you're viewing them, then clearly that's the product talking and not my ability to wipe a product across my skin. As I mentioned in my review, my lips has little to no pigment to them, so products tend to look more intense on my lips than others.

      If you have issues with the way I apply a lip product, or the way I have portrayed them in this review, then I'm not sure what to tell you. I worked hard on this review and did my absolute best. I don't use photoshop to perfect the colors or even the lines so I'm sorry if the swatches aren't perfect. The rudeness in your comment comes out much more so than your concern for the swatches or the representation of the product. Not entirely sure why you would take time out of your day to post such a condescending comment in some attempt to try and hurt my feelings, but if it somehow made you feel better to try and knock me down a few pegs, then I hope you got what you needed. If you were genuinely that concerned about my application abilities, I'm sure you wouldn't have left your comment anonymous, nor do I think you would have posted it publicly.

      Not a fan of bullies, even underhanded ones.

    2. (((MissJexie)))

      I find your blog to be informative and never mocking, and your swatches are just FINE. Don't let the cowards get to you.

    3. Rachel, I thought your review was very positive and thorough. It even made me curious to buy more XO products even after my own negative experience. I'm glad you don't let the haters get to you. Don't change a thing. You're one of the best on the net. :)

  7. Your swatches are perfect. I see no caking and I appreciate that you didn't use primer since it gives a truer representation of what the product looks like on it's own and without help.

    I also appreciate that you didn't go "Memebox fangirl" but were fair and honest. While I like the Memebox like Memebox lip products generally, they are not created equal and some shades definitely applied better than others (in my experience).

    1. Thank you Sarah! <3
      I agree with the lip product applications- I think the XO Memebox line is really fantastic overall, and the lip products are all nice, but as you said, some are definitely better than others. Not sure why people have to get personal and nasty...water off a ducks back, though- no worries ;)

  8. Wow to the crap from your Anonymous commenter. These look like very pretty colors & I had no problems with your review or swatches. Whoever the person is came with an axe to grind & they made their comment personal.

    1. Thank you Marcey! :) I appreciate the sweet words! I had no idea that there was someone out there that would want to try and upset me or hurt my feelings, but geez...I guess when you have a public forum of some kind on the internet you're bound to come across a few mean apples. I've been lucky so far that this was my first one, haha ;)

  9. Oh anonymous, only chicken-sh$t people post harsh comments anonymously. I mean, hey-own up to it if you're gonna be rude and condescending just for the sake of being rude and condescending. Rachel, your swatches are great and true to color as I have most of these. Who the hell has the time or inclination to use a lip brush and primer every time? Honestly I just don't care that much, the priduct should be able to stand up to being applied as made and intended. What a truly bizarre, over the top, anti-social comment!

    1. haha that's what I always say, Krystyn. If you have something to say to me, at least be brave enough to own up to it, otherwise it's just an insecure internet bully trying to make themselves feel better. And thank you! I get that the swatches will look different on everyone, but I thought it would be nice to throw in some lip swatches too...I'm not a pro at applying lipstick- just thought I sweep them on so people could get a better idea. I agree I rarely use a lip brush and primer...the only place I go is to work with a bunch of children who could care less if my lipstick is on-point or not! LOL ;) <3

  10. Wow, some people! I'm sorry that you had to even take the time to answer that!
    I'm one of those girls who likes to know that I can just swipe and go. I do very occasionally use a primer but I don't even own a lipbrush (really should get on that!). Those pictures that you see that are all edited, photoshopped and perfectly lighted are a pain because they look so pretty and make you want to buy the product but then you are always sorely disappointed when you get it and it looks NOTHING like that on you!
    Here's to honest, true to life reviews!

    1. haha thank you Charlotte! I agree- I think the photoshopped/airbrushed photos of makeup are always so pretty and artistic, but I don't think they have any place in a review format- they don't show the true application or color of the product! I think most ladies are swipe-and-go, which is why I try to do my swatches as true to that as possible :)