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Beauteque Head-to-Toe Tonymoly Bag Review!

Tonymoly might be one of the most recognized Korean brands in the world. I know when I first started getting into Kbeauty, it was the cute packaging and interesting products in the Tonymoly product line that originally drew my eye. Even years later, I still find many of their products to be incredibly fun, great quality, and reasonably priced. I was really excited to see that Beauteque chose Tonymoly as the featured brand in their most recent Head-to-Toe bag, as I think it's a great brand to help introduce someone to kbeauty. Not to mention, anyone that has been into Korean skincare for awhile now will most likely include at least one Tonymoly product on their "must-have" lists! The Beauteque Head-to-Toe Bag is not a subscription, however each month, a different bag with a new theme is featured as a one-time purchase on the Beauteque site. 

The Tonymoly bag is still currently available for purchase for $28 (shipping not included) and can be purchased HERE.
The Head-to-Toe Tonymoly bag arrived in this cute blue gingham drawstring pouch. I prefer pouches to actual makeup bags because they are so much easier to fold up and store away, plus they can be reused to replace gift wrap or simply to store things like jewelry, hair accessories etc. Makeup bags are a more bulky and I only need a few in my collection- not dozens!

So let's take a peek at the Tonymoly products that showed up!

Tonymoly: Strawberry Seeds 3-Step Nose Pack ($3)
I've used these 3-step pore packs a few times, although not this particular one. Essentially, it includes 3 different nose treatments which all work together to clear your pores of blackheads and impurities. The first treatment is like a mini sheet mask for your nose, and it's ingredients help to open up the pores on your nose and loosen any of the gunk trapped inside them. Once that one has been left on for 10-15 minutes, you can remove it. The second step is your typical pore strip (like the Biore ones at the drugstore). Simply wet your nose and place the strip on top of your nose, pressing it down so it's adhered to the skin. Wait 10-15 minutes until the strip has hardened, and peel off. The end-goal here is for you to be able to see all the grossness that has been pulled out of your nose right there on the strip when you peel it off. If you suffer from blackheads, this can be a grossly satisfying experience! The 3rd and final mask is sort of like a hydrogel sheet mask for your nose. It's purpose is to soothe the skin after you've extracted everything from your pores, as well as shrinking your pores up again. These work really well for people that suffer from endless blackheads on their nose. I have crater-pores on my nose, however I don't get many blackheads, so these treatments never do anything very noticeable for me. However I always pass them on to someone who can use them!

Tonymoly: Face mix Primer Lip Concealer ($12)
I love when I get products in subscriptions and bags like this that I don't already own. I don't own a lip concealer, and haven't actually heard of one before for that matter! In reality though, this isn't actually a concealer, but it works as a way to even out the tone of your lips and create an even, prepped canvas for lipstick. Priming your lips is a great way to get excellent color payoff from your lip products, but it also keeps them in place for much longer! My daily lip routine consists of a pale mauve lip liner (I line and then fill my lips) and a slightly darker lipstick that I pat over the top of the liner. While the liner helps my lipstick stay for longer, I used this primer underneath my liner and it really did make the application easier and the color more vibrant! It makes my lips feel a little dry once it's applied though, so I'm not entirely sure how often I'll use this. I think I'll keep it for when I need my lipstick to last a long time, but probably wouldn't use it daily.

Tonymoly: Make HD Hair Straight Cream Kit ($16)
This product is creating quite a buzz on social media and beauty forums, I've got to say! Upon first glance, I thought this was a Shampoo and Conditioner, however once I read the details, I realized it was a perm system! Not the kind that gives you those crazy 80's ringlets, but one that permanently straightens your hair. It's a ridiculously tedious process to actually use this. You have to wash your hair, towel dry it, apply first product and wait a while, then rinse. Then you blow dry hair on cool setting. After all that nonsense, you then apply the second product to your dry hair and wait a while. You must rinse second product out as well, and blow dry hair on a cool setting  for the second time. Yeesh.
There are also tons of warnings about using this product and chemicals I'd rather not risk putting on my thin, damaged hair. Many people complained that this is the high value item in the bag, and it can't be used by many people. Some already have straight hair. Some have hair like mine and cannot use heavy-duty perms or hair products, some people just aren't interested in having straight hair. Either way, I'm not sure this was a good idea to include in this bag for everyone. Having said that, this may be something that some people are interesting in trying. My roommate has super-tight curls and straightens his hair daily, and he's purchased these straightening perms many times in the past, so he was quick to grab this from me. I'll let you know if his hair falls out, but I'm thinking he'll be fine!

Tonymoly: Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub ($10)
Beauteque is offering two different options here: you can pick either the lip balm or scrub depending on your preferences or needs. I have enough lip balm to last me a literal lifetime, and I've yet to find a really fantastic lip scrub, so that's of course what I chose! This scrub as a light fruity scent, and is creamy with small granules for scrubbing away the dead skin on your lips. It's a very gentle scrub, and it really does a nice job at removing flaky skin on my lips, however I personally prefer a scrub that is a bit more packed with granules. This is absolutely perfect for "maintenance" on the lips- I would use a slightly more intense scrub first and then continue to use this one nightly or every other night to keep your lips nice and smooth!

Tonymoly: Gold Black Sugar Mask Scrub ($11)
This facial scrub contains gold and honey extracts, and is used to gently exfoliate the skin. It comes in such a large container that I assumed it was a body scrub at first! I was really looking forward to giving this a good sniff, because I imagined it to smell like maple brown sugar, however I'm sad to say I cannot detect any scent at all. Even so, this is a very gentle scrub, so I would give it the go-ahead to be used on the face as intended if you suffer from dryness, however I don't like to use manual scrubs on my facial skin as it tends to exacerbate acne and irritation. While I stick to chemical exfoliants on my face, I love a good sugar scrub for my body. Since this one is so gentle, I think it's going to work really well as a way to get my body ready for all those skin-baring Summer clothes!

Tonymoly: Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream ($12)
It's no secret that I have an addiction to hand creams, but I'm actually super excited to say that I don't yet have this one in my collection! A lot of Korean beauty bands have adopted the cute fruit-jar packaging, but I always associate it with Tonymoly. This is the Tangerine hand cream, and it smells exactly like a juicy tangerine! I could smell this stuff all day! It contains vitamin C, which helps improves the skin's texture and evens out the skin tone. This is a really creamy lotion but it absorbs nicely into my skin and leaves a light, citrusy scent that I really love. I haven't used it long enough to speak on whether or not it brightens or evens out the skin tone, but even if it doesn't, it feels very moisturizing, smells great, and looks adorable- what more could you ask for?

Pumice Stones ($3 ea)
There's not a whole lot to say about these! Everyone is familiar with pumice stones, although we get two heart-shaped ones in this bag! I don't think these are Tonymoly branded, however Beauteque tends to add a fun lifestyle item or beauty tool to each of their bags. I got a pale green and a pretty blue color. These are an essential to your foot care routine for sure. Very few things remove the dry skin on the surface of my feet as well as a pumice stone, and I'm happy to see that these are perfectly hand-sized so they're easy to use. Happy to have these on hand!
Overall Thoughts
The Head-to-Toe Tonymoly bag cost $28 (not including shipping) and has a retail value of $70. Looking up the products separately, you find that many different sites have various prices on these products, however taking the average prices into account, I'd say the value is around $50-$55
Straightening creams aside, I think this is a really fantastic bag! It has a wide variety of products from the Tonymoly brand, and I especially like that Beauteque included some of the "cute" packaging that Tonymoly is known for. I'm happiest about the tangerine hand cream and the black sugar scrub, but I will definitely use and enjoy all the products here other than the hair product. I do think it was a major misstep on Beauteque's part to include something like this in the bag, however it's possible that they didn't realize it was a chemical perm-type product. Even taking those out of the equation, I would have liked to see one of the Tonymoly skincare products outside of scrubs and hand creams. Possibly one of their egg Pore products or Panda's Dream products, which are super cute and also inexpensive. Overall, I was pleased with the majority of the products I received, and I think it's a great value if you're new to the brand, or these products in particular interest you! 

If you'd like to grab the Head-to-Toe Tonymoly bag, you can do so HERE.
Beauteque ships to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Shipping rates differ depending on where bag is being shipped, so keep that in mind when checking out!

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  1. I love Tony Moly. When Memebox had their and the Holika Holika boxes out, I chose Holika Holika. I chose wrong.

    1. haha omg we made the same mistake! I got the Holika box too hoping for some of their great skincare and...nope not at all. It was an OK box for someone totally new to kbeauty or someone who liked korean makeup, but it was SUCH a let down for me now that I look back on it!