Monday, April 13, 2015

Birchbox Man April 2015 Review and Unboxing

Birchbox Man arrives very early in the month, and for some reason I totally forgot all about it until I saw the folder of pictures I took sitting there on my desktop- whoops! I suppose it's because it's not really my box, but Jeff's. He's usually quite happy with his BB Man every month, although we've had a few dud boxes. It's been over a year since we first subscribed though, and out of all the boxes he's tried we're both happiest with the value and curation of Birchbox Man. Plus the Birchbox Points every month don't hurt, either!

If you're unaware, Birchbox Man is a men's lifestyle and grooming subscription box that costs $20 per month. While the women's Birchbox is only $10 per month, the men's box tends to have more lifestyle products such as clothing, electronics, gadgets etc. There are many different varieties of box each month, and what you receive may be totally different from what you see here. The box contents are chosen based on your profile that is filled out when you subscribe, as well as your sample choice. Birchbox Man allows you to choose from a selection of lifestyle products each month so that you can be sure to love what you get in your box. Although if you'd rather have a surprise, you can also skip making a choice and leave it up to chance.
This month's theme was more of a collaboration with Mad Men, to celebrate the show and it's final season.

Whether you wear jeans, khakis, or slacks for your daily grind, Mad Men has plenty to teach you about style. First and foremost: The clothes might not make the man, but they sure do tell his story to the world. Which is why a tailored suit jacket can improve a man's career prospects, and a drawer full of crisp white shirts can save him from ruin. Join us as we raise a glass to the seven seasons of impeccable style. 

Billy Jealousy: Illicit Pearlized Body Wash
English Laundry: Cambridge Knight Eau de Parfum 
The Billy Jealousy Pearlized Body Wash is a Birchbox exclusive, and at first I was a bit confused as to the "pearlized" part of it. Honestly, Jeff tried it out and didn't say that it left his body looking shimmery (haha!) so I suppose it's simply referring to the appearance of the cream itself. This is a moisturizing body wash with hemp seed oil and agave leaf extract. He found the bottle to only have maybe 2 uses in it, and neither of us were too fond of the scent. He normally likes Billy Jealousy products, although they seem to pop up a bit too often in Birchbox Man. This wasn't a win for him, unfortunately.
English Laundry's "Cambridge Knight" is a warm, musky scent that Jeff and I both really liked. It's very masculine, yet clean-smelling. I've mentioned before that while I despise getting perfume samples in my Birchbox, Jeff absolutely loves the cologne samples! He has his favorite Bulgari Man cologne, but he enjoys mixing it up and using the samples he gets from his BBMan box. So far we have yet to be disappointed with their cologne selections, I only wish they sampled more affordable scents- they're always pretty pricey!

Royal Rose: Three Chiles Syrup
W&P: Mason Stones
There were a few really nice sample choices this month, however Jeff has always wanted a set of whiskey stones, so he had to go with this set! The sample choice came with both the full size box of whiskey stones as well as the simple syrup. We're not fancy cocktail drinkers, although Jeff does enjoy whiskey! We were both hoping that the syrup would be a different flavor since neither of us are into spicy things, but it'll be a nice thing to have on hand at parties! The whiskey stones are already chilling in our freezer for when we have friends over. They're super cool and pretty dang classy if you ask me!

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain: Reworkable Hold Paste
This is a new haircare line that has also popped up in the women's boxes, however this hair pomade is new to me! It's a very light, flexible cream that has a soft hold, however jeff doesn't really use pomades and pastes in his hair as it's pretty thin (like mine!) so he prefers to just use a bit of hairspray. If this was thicker, he may have tried it out in his mustache, but it's almost the consistency of lotion, so we're going to pass it on to someone who might enjoy it more!
Overall Thoughts
While not everything in the April Birchbox Man was a home run, it's still a nicely curated box that fits the Mad Men theme nicely- especially the whiskey stones and syrup! Those two items alone made up more than the cost of the box, so I'd say it was definitely worth it this month! I think I'm always excited for Birchbox Man sample choices since they get lifestyle products in their boxes, and much of the time (like this month) the choices are a duo of items. While we weren't that thrilled with the grooming products in the box this month, the lifestyle items definitely made up for a box that could have potentially been a bummer. Birchbox usually gets it right in regards to Jeff's taste in products, so I'm hoping this one was just a fluke. Either way, I'm excited for the May Sample Choice to show up soon!

If you're interested in signing up a lucky guy in your life for a Birchbox Man Subscription, you can do that HERE!
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  1. My boyfriend and I picked the whiskey stones this month, too. I swapped my chili syrup though because I like spicy things, but I don't think I would like it with my alcohol.

    1. I haven't tried the chili syrup yet! My fiance really just wanted the whiskey stones SO badly that the syrup was a bonus haha ;) I'm not super into spicy things actually, but I'm curious enough that I want to try it out and see what it's like! :)