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Luxe Pineapple: "Small Luxuries" Limited Edition Box of Joy Review and Unboxing

  Back in February, I introduced you guys to a fantastic company called Luxe Pineapple by unboxing their "Build Your Own Box of Joy." Luxe Pineapple's business model is much different than your typical subscription box; In fact, they're not a subscription service at all! (More details on that below!) I think what I love most about Luxe Pineapple, is their incredibly customer service: they are always interacting with their fans through social media, and they make it feel like you're part of a little family of like-minded, beauty-obsessed ladies. I just think they're awesome, so I was so thrilled to find out about something brand new to them: a Limited Edition Box! I was one of the very lucky bloggers to receive this box early so I could review it for you guys!

What is Luxe Pineapple?
Luxe Pineapple is a company that sells discounted high end and name brand beauty products; From makeup to skincare, beauty tools and more! What they are most known for though, are their "Boxes of Joy." These usually have a specific brand theme, however you can also have an opportunity to build your own box! To find out more about the details of their usual Boxes of Joy as well as where they source their products etc, please check out my detailed review HERE.

Limited Edition Box
Luxe Pineapple is doing things a bit differently this time around. The Limited Edition box does not contain the usual products and brands featured in past boxes. This box has all brand new, unique products from small companies that you won't find in any subscription box! 
From Luxe Pineapple: 
All of the brands featured in the Limited Edition Box of Joy are independent companies and have been hand selected by the LuxePineapple team.  In a first quarter poll we learned that the Pineapple Lovelies are very interested in trying new brands. We decided to get two birds with one stone and do both at once. This was a very different curating process for us. The theme of this box is “Small Luxuries” in staying true to the mission of LuxePineapple. We hope the contents of this box will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling beautiful.
We selected to collaborate with these brands because the owners share philosophies similar to ours. We worked with the owners and creative teams to select products and shades that are complimentary to a wide range of ages and complexions.
 We hope you enjoy trying out some fantastic new brands and products that have never been featured in ANY beauty box. 

The retail value of this box is $90. It’s uncommon to find any of these items at less than retail pricing. This box is being released in limited quantities at a price point of $42.50 shipped USPS Priority.

The "Small Luxuries" Limited Edition Box will be available for Purchase on the Luxe Pineapple website starting on the 15th of April. Boxes are very limited, so sign up for their mailing list and keep checking their website!
 The Limited Edition Box was a beautiful bright pink and wrapped in a white bow. Inside there was even more pretty details!
 As always, Luxe Pineapple included a lovely card/quote with the Limited Edition Box, and it was custom designed specifically for Luxe Pineapple by Sergio Escalona, who is the artist and founder of one of the featured brands: ArtOnIt Makeup!
Here's a first look of the products! There are 6 items in total, and 3 different brands represented. Since this is such a special box, I'm going to put a bit of information about each brand before revealing the products they've included in the Limited Edition Box of Joy. 

Sergio Escalona is a true artist who discovered he could translate his artistic talent from the canvas to the artistry of makeup. When using ArtOnIt you extending a work of beautiful art onto yourself.  Sergio has put his heart and soul along with countless hours of creativity, inspiration, passion and pure joy into his brand.
All ArtOnIt products are certified Cruelty Free by PETA.

Eclat Visage Angelo ($25)
This highlighter will blend easily into your skin by adding a glow to the bone structure while absorbing excess oils. This gorgeous formula is talc free, gluten free and paraben free.

The first thing I took out of my Limited Edition box was this highlighter, or what they call a "Face Glow", and glow it does! I am obsessed with the ArtOnIt packaging- it's truly unique and eye-catching! I love a really fantastic highlighter so I couldn't wait to get it out of the package and sneak a peek.
Upon first glance, it really reminded me of The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer in appearance. But how did it swatch in comparison?
Wooo girl, is this stuff pigmented and insanely gorgeous?? With barely any effort, I was able to get a intensely pigmented, buttery swatch with absolutely no fallout. This is a golden-toned highlighter that has a LOT of metallic sheen to it. I think this would even make a stunning champagne-colored eye shadow. As a highlight, it looks beautiful if used correctly. You need to be careful with this because it's so incredibly pigmented. A light tap of the brush into the pan will pick up enough product to properly highlight the tops of your cheekbones beautifully. I would avoid using this on other areas like down the center of the nose- it's a bit too shimmery, for an all-over highlight.

Le Rouge à lèvres de Caractère in "Renoir" ($25)
This is the perfect coral lipstick; not to orange, nor to pink.  This shade is wearable by almost every complexion and has been selected especially for the Pineapple Lovelies. It’s very creamy and highly pigmented. This lipstick won't fade, feather or smudge. It is long lasting and the antioxidants and vitamin C moisturize and nourish the skin.

When I first read the word "coral" in the description, I immediately got worried. I cannot pull off coral lipstick of any shade, so I was sad that this shade most likely would not work for me, either.
The packaging is just as lovely and unique as the highlighter. The sleek, silver tube has a rather, ahem...interesting sketch on it (teehee). It feels very well made, and is definitely a conversation piece. I really love lipstick tubes that make a statement- it makes it so much fun to take it out of your purse to reapply throughout the day!

So...was Luxe Pineapple right in saying that this coral can be worn by almost every complexion? Take a look at the swatch!
I mean...yes, this is a coral shade, but it almost morphs into a cool pink toned melon when applied to my lips as well as in my swatches. I truly cannot think of a more perfect shade to help transition me away from the purples/mauves of the colder seasons. I've been looking for my go-to Spring/Summer lip color, and this one takes the cake! I've been wearing it non-stop since I got this box, and it looks stunning with every eye look I've combined it with. I have to say that discovering this brand and this lipstick in particular made this box so much more valuable to me.

Elucx is an {ECO & LUXURY} apothecary, organic skin | bath | body care brand that uses the highest quality, sustainable and organic ingredients in its creation. The ingredients are chosen for their therapeutic purposes., and no fillers are used. They believe that less is more, and quality over quantity.

Rose Absolute Lip Balm ($9)
This beautiful balm is made with jojoba seed oil, rose petals and beeswax. These ingredients are certified organic. Elucx believes that whatever goes in the skin should be pesticide and preservative free.

This was another product I was immediately a bit reserved about. As many of you might already know, I really dislike the scent of Rose. Anytime I see the word "Rose" on a beauty product, I walk the other way. However, this balm smells SO amazing that I wish I could make the photos scratch-and-sniff for you!
While there is a lovely little dried rose petal on the top of this balm (more for aesthetic purposes than anything, I assume), this balm smells exactly like the most delicious cocoa butter you've ever sniffed. Seriously, it's heavenly.
Here's a closer look at the balm. How pretty!
I cannot stop applying this balm to my lips. I always have a lip balm on my bedside table so I can apply it as needed, and I usually save all my jar-container balms for this purpose. While it can sometimes be a pain to apply lip products with my fingers when I'm out and about, I have no problem digging into these when I'm at home. This balm in particular has really kept my lips soft and smooth, and the smell is seriously to die for. I'm 100% percent sure that even though I have dozens of lip products, I will be repurchasing this once I finish it up!

When the founder of Ouish was young, she would pick up dandelions and her mother would tell her to blow on them and make a wish.  Many years later, her wish came true and she is now the founder of her very own bath and body boutique." Nadia, the amazing owner is here to make your “ouish” of a few relaxing minutes to yourself come true.

Vanilla Hazelnut Bath Muffin ($5)
Relax in the tub and let this bath muffin do it's job. It will leave you skin soft and moisturized. Its jam-packed with cocoa butter and will tantalize you with it's sweet, nutty aroma.

Uhm, how cute is this "bath muffin?" I love how it looks like a little scoop of ice cream all wrapped up in a bow. This might be the best-smelling thing in the box for me. The vanilla-hazelnut scent is mouth wateringly delicious! I haven't had time to take a bath and try this out yet, but I can promise you it will be the first thing I use in my next "tub time!" 
To use this product, you simply remove the "muffin" from it's paper cup and then re-wrap it in the green tulle that it came in. The simply drop it into your bath water. You can massage it with your hands to aid in the melting process.
Here's a closeup so you can see there are tiny sparkles all over the top! Seriously this smells (and honestly, looks) so delicious that I have to keep reminding myself its for the bath and not a little snack! I cannot wait for my vacation next week- first thing I'm going to do is use this in a warm relaxing bath and read my new book! ( It's called, "The Knockoff" btw- I got it from the Birchbox Book Club!)

Acai & Hibiscus Day Cream ($15.95)
Each Box includes either a day OR a night cream. Both formulas are gentle and the Ouish signature scent will fill the air with notes of hibiscus and acai sprinkled with currant, plumeria, jasmine and amber.
This cream is lightweight, yet rich in Vitamin E to help moisturize and regenerate the skin. This is a generous 2oz size jar of cream, and it's incredibly rich and thick- I think this would be perfect for normal to dry skin, since I found it to be a tiny bit too rich for my oily skin. The scent is also quite lovely, but very floral and strong. If you're sensitive to perfumes, you may want to avoid this product. Otherwise, I think you'll really enjoy this fresh, floral scent. It's almost like aromatherapy as you apply it to your skin!
Here's a shot of the cream- as you can see it's quite rich. I think I would have preferred to get the night cream, mostly because I tend to use a much more moisturizing cream in the evenings, and a lighter gel in the mornings so I don't get super oily throughout the day. I know my mother will absolutely die over this product- it's really feels like a dream when you apply it! I considered keeping it as a hand cream, but I think it's way too luxurious for that, so I'll be generous and pass it on!

Soothing Eye Serum ($9.95)
This serum is filled with antioxidant properties to sooth and relieve tired eyes. Its non oily texture nurtures and moisturizes the skin with the gentle care of coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. Bonus: this product can also act as an eye makeup remover. Roll a liberal amount around eyes and wipe off. You will be left with clean and moisturized skin around your eyes. 

I love the idea of an eye serum in a roller ball, as long as it applies smoothly without tugging the sensitive skin around my eyes. Luckily this serum from Ouish slides on with ease and has no noticeable scent, which is good when it comes to products being applied around your eye area. I love that this product can be used as a makeup remover as well, because I sometimes take off my eye makeup in bed so I can wash my face more quickly later. I like the idea of using a remover that is also an eye serum containing lots of nourishing ingredients. I've been using this as a makeup remover at night, and an eye serum during the day, and I really love how non-greasy this feels. It absorbs quickly and makes my eyes feel soothed and moisturized. I haven't noticed any major results in the short time I've used it, but I'm really loving how it makes my skin feel!
Overall Thoughts
 I'm not sure where to begin with my love for this box! First off: Price. I just recently saw Glossybox release their Mother's Day box for the same $40 price range as this Limited Edition box, and it looked sad compared to this one- in my opinion!  Considering the $90 retail What I really love about the Small Luxuries Box of Joy, is that it include 3 very unique brands that I have never tried before. I cannot tell you how many times I get a subscription box and see the same brands featured over and over again! I feel like Luxe Pineapple has introduced me to a whole new world of makeup with ArtOnIt. I cannot get enough of their packaging and amazing fomulations! I mentioned earlier that the Elucx Rose Absolute Lip Balm is definitely a re-purchase when this one runs out, and Ouish has such a lovely line of whimsical, yet chic products that are not only fun to use, but work harmoniously with your skin. I already have an order for their body wash ready to go for payday this week!

You can truly see how much work went into this box regarding everything from brand choices, to curation, to packaging. Luxe Pineapple has really put their hearts into this box, which I appreciate since it's really not common to see with companies anymore. They didn't throw this together to simply make money. This was an answer to requests from their Pineapple Lovelies (their fans and customers), and I think they delivered a wonderful box with a fantastic value. I think that the Limited Edition Box of Joy would be a fantastic gift to treat yourself with, but even more perfect as a Mother's Day gift!

The Limited Edition "Small Luxuries" Box of Joy goes on sale TODAY, so keep checking the Luxe Pineapple site/social media for it's release if you're interested!
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  1. Rachel, thank you for such a lovely review <3

    1. Thank you for including your fantastic cosmetics! Absolutely love the lipstick- it's truly the perfect Spring shade! :)

  2. I really like that lipstick (even the weird sketch on the tube, lol). This would make an amazing gift!

    1. The lipstick is fabulous- it's such a pretty Spring shade, and it applies really nicely- lasts a long time and has such unique packaging. I am such a sucker for a cool lipstick!