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XO Memebox Kyunsung Bad Girl Shadow Palette Review

I admit, I've been going Memebox palette-crazy lately. I recently grabbed and reviewed the 2 Pony Palettes and of course, as soon as I saw the Kyungsun Bad Girl Palette I knew I had to have it as well. The Memebox eye shadows have really impressed me regarding their pigmentation and length of wear, so I felt pretty confident that this palette would exceed my expectations. I love well-put-together shadow quads, and the shades included in this beauty were perfectly up my alley: neutral, yet fun and interesting.
The Bad Girl Palette contains 4 eye shadows. There are no matte shades: all have some sort of varying shimmer to them ranging from semi-metallic to micro glitter.
I think that this is the perfect combination of shades for a quad. It's important to have a highlight shade, a crease/liner shade and two mid tone shades, preferably one slightly lighter than the other. This combination allows for a easy application and quite a few varieties of looks. This palette came with two sponge tip applicators and while most people find these useless, I have used them in the past and they'll work in a pinch. I've seen beauty bloggers/vloggers actually throw these away when they get a palette, but I think they're nice to have on hand in case you find yourself on the go in need of a touch up and don't have your brushes with you!

Shimmer Gold Beige
Shimmer Gold Beige is the lightest shade in the palette, and I think it's the most deceiving in the pan. It kind of looks like a frosty white before you swatch it, however it's definitely closer to it's name in that it's a creamy, light beige tone with a very subtle golden sheen. This is a perfect brow bone highlight shade, although it could also be used all over the lid if you're going for a daytime look.

Shimmer Burgundy
This is definitely my favorite shade in the quad, mostly because I find burgundy shadows to be so visually appealing. I would say that this shade is metallic, and comes off differently depending on the light. Sometimes I find it to be more brown, other times it swatches more red or purple toned. I think most commonly it appears like a rusty brown-red. This is an incredibly pigmented shade. It's easy to work with, beautiful and versatile. It can be used on the entire lid, or as I like to use it: on the outer half of the lid blended into Glitter Gold. For a really dramatic smokey eye, I like to bring this shade down onto my lower lid and blend it out- it really looks beautiful!

Glitter Gold
This is a full-on glitter shade even though it looks more metallic in the pan. In some swatches I've done with this shade, it almost looks like it's made up entirely of tiny golden flecks. Even with it's glittery nature, it really doesn't have a lot of fallout which is fantastic. I love patting this shade on the inner half of my lid and blending into Shimmer Burgundy. It creates such a warm, sunset-like look on the eye that is just gorgeous. I've received lots of compliments when I wear this quad, and I think a lot of it is from how beautiful this shadow looks when it catches the light.

Glitter Brown
Glitter Brown is also a bit deceiving in the pan, as it looks like a black-brown with gold glitter. When swatched however, it's a mid-tone brown with a slight golden shimmer to it that is just gorgeous. This shadow is super pigmented. If you're using this as a crease shade, as I normally do, just a couple of light taps into the pan with a crease brush will give you plenty of shadow to work with. this is also deep and pigmented enough to be used as a liner above the upper lashes if so desired!

Swatches: Dim Natural Light

Swatches: Bright Natural Light
As you can see, these shadows all work really well together and I find them to be perfectly suited to each other in a quad like this. I think that these shades will compliment any eye color, and depending on the brushes you use and the amount of shadow, they can be used to make a light and sparkly daytime look, or a more sultry nighttime smokey eye. I love how these shadows apply, and they really do last throughout the day, especially when used with a primer. I apply my eye shadow around 11am on a workday, and when I get home at 6:30, these all look freshly applied. They're that good! At the end of the night around midnight when I take off my makeup, these shadows are still going strong.
Overall Thoughts
Even though I have a huge amount of new palettes to play with, I keep going back to this one again and again. I love that it's small in size, includes a mirror and applicators (if needed) which makes it perfect for traveling or carrying with you for touch ups. The main draw to this palette are the shades. While they still lean heavily on the neutral side, the pop of burgundy and gold really makes this quad stand out on it's own. I was hooked the very first time I used this palette. Even though it's smaller than all the other XO Memebox palettes I own, I would probably recommend this one over all the others solely due to shadow quality, lack of fallout, pigmentation, long-term wearability and overall color selection. Definitely a favorite of mine!

If you're interested in grabbing this palette, it costs $16 on the Memebox website. You can also grab it in a value set with other Kyunsung products. You can check out all the products and option HERE.

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  1. Omg, I need this! Shimmer Burgundy is so gorgeous!

    1. No reall, you NEED it!!! LOL I normally don't demand that people buy things but this palette got NO love from Memebox and hardly any promotion and I can say it's my favorite one I've purcahsed from them. It's a good price (especially with the 15% off and free shipping on purchases over $30, so I just added some extra goodies to my cart to get the free shipping haha) idk this palette is the only one from their site I would actually re-purchase if I lost all of them lol, and I wear it almost everday because I love the look of it so much! It's really a must have in my opinion! :)

  2. This does seem like a really nice quad. Especially the burgundy and brown shades. Memebox should really slow down their product releases... they've been coming out with so much new stuff lately that it's easy to completely miss a little gem like this.

    1. I totally agree- I almost completely missed this one when it came out- luckily someone on makeuptalk mentioned it and I really loved the shades so I picked it up, and honestly it really is my favorite out of all the 5 memebox palettes I have!

  3. It really is my favorite quad of the bunch. The darker colors and pigmentation really make it a winner

    1. I couldn't agree more- it was a definitely a dark horse. I had no idea I'd end up loving it so much!

  4. What a beautiful eyeshadow palette! I kind of overlooked this one, but seeing the colors up close makes me want this one too- even though I already have like a 100 eye palettes! ;) #kbeautybloghop

    1. You DEFINITELY need this one!! Use the code WELCOME to get 15% off and it's an even better deal. Seriously if you're going to get any of the memebox palettes, I would tell you this one is by far the best in every way! And LOL I totally understand- I have SO. MANY. PALETTES. they're my weakness!!

  5. I want this so badlyyy. But I JUST bought all 3 of the Pony 3 palettes... BUT I'VE HAD MY EYE ON THIS ONE FOR A LONG TIME NOW??? But then I've been debating Pony 2 as well.. H E L P

    1. ooh the new pony palettes are quite lovely, I must say! I definitely still recommend this one, though! I have quite a few of the XO Memebox palettes and this one is the one I use the most hands-down!