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XO Memebox Pony Shine Easy Glam Palette 1 & 2 Review and Swatches

When Memebox collaborated with Pony to release the first Shine Easy Glam palette, I convinced myself I didn't need it- and to be honest, I didn't. I have more eyeshadow palettes than anything else in my makeup collection, but they're definitely one of my weaknesses. I have a soft spot for neutral palettes in particular so it was hard to say no, but I resisted temptation and was pretty damn proud of myself.
Flash forward to when the Shine Easy Glam 2 palette came out, and it had some pretty pops of color. The temptation was real, but I again resisted and told myself I already had enough palettes to last a lifetime.
Then I saw that Memebox has restocked a value set of both palettes at a discount. I had some lingering Memepoints wasting away, and I pulled the trigger before I could stop myself. So while both of these palettes have been out for awhile now, I'm thinking some of you were like me, and may have held off on purchasing them. Because of that, I decided to do a review on both palettes so you can decide if they might be worth it for you to pick up!
Both Shine Easy Glam Palettes retail at $22 each, which is a ridiculously good price considering the prices of similar palettes from high end Western brands! At first, I thought that the palette were around the same size as it's hard to tell from the pictures on the Memebox site, however, you can see that the original Shine Easy Glam palette is much larger than the 2nd Edition!
Here's both palettes, Shine Easy Glam 2 being the one you see on top.
Here's a first glimpse of both palettes side by side. Shine Easy Glam 1 is shown on top, Shine Easy Glam 2 is on the bottom. You can see that the shadows in the original palette are not only round, but much larger than in the 2nd edition where the shadows are housed in smaller square pans.
Here's a shot of the tops of both palettes. The larger of the two is the the original Shine Easy Glam palette.

I'm going to break down and review each palette individually, but I wanted to include them in the same review so that you can compare them and decide which one works best for you!

Shine Easy Glam 1 is truly a perfect neutral palette. It's split into 2 halves- one being matte and the other being shimmer.
I really think each side has some great options to create quite a few looks, and it's also great for anyone who is a bit unsure about how to put shades together. There are clear highlight, lid and crease shades making it great for a beginner, or someone who is simply looking for simple, yet pretty neutral eye looks.

A lot of people have had negative things to say about the applicators, although sponge-tip applicators do serve their purpose especially if you're a beginner at applying shadows. While I rarely use them anymore, most of my high school years and even later in my early 20's, I used sponge tipped applicators and they usually work pretty well, although they're nothing compared to my current shadow brushes. Regardless, There's a large classic sponge tip and a smaller one for detailing. The opposite ends are a fluffy brush and a more densely packed brush. You're not going to do amazing eye looks with these, but they will do in a pinch on the go, or if you don't have any other brushes on hand.

The Mattes
The matte shades are broken down into a cream colored highlight, a light and mid-tone brown, and a deep brown. I find that all of the matte shades apply beautifully. They have the perfect amount of pigmentation, feel soft and are easy to apply and blend. There's nothing I hate more than a chalky matte shadow, and thankfully, there are none of those here!

Easy Bake
Easy Bake is a matte cream shade that works beautifully on the brow bone to blend and to highlight. It doesn't show up very well on my pale skin tone, however it does a beautiful job on the eye blending out any harsh lines and highlighting the brow bone to really finish off a look. I've even used it to finish off eye looks when I'm using the shimmer side of the palette.

Easy Shadow
Easy Shadow is a light brown matte, which I find works perfectly on the lid when you're looking to do a very natural eye. While it is similar to "Easy Brown" once applied to the lid, it can work along side it for a multidimensional look by applying it to the inner half of the lid, and applying easy brown to the outer half.

Easy Charcoal
While this is called "charcoal", it's actually more of a cool deep brown with a hint of a black undertone. It really is the perfect shade to work into the crease in a neutral matte eye look, however this could also be used to line the upper lid, or to blend into the outer corners with a fluffy brush.

Easy Brown
Finally, Easy Brown is a slightly deeper, warmer version of "Easy Shadow." As I mentioned above, it's great to use on the outer half of the lid along with Easy Shadow on the inner half, however you can use it all over the lid for a deeper, more pronounced eye look. 

The Shimmers
The shimmers, while still neutral, clearly have more of a rosey tone to them, which I love. It makes for a palette that can really give you some options in terms of neutrals. I find that all of these shades go on beautifully, and again, are perfectly pigmented. I do have a bit of fall out with the two lighter shades, but not enough to consider them difficult to work with. The shades are very soft and blendable overall.
Shine Rosegold
 Shine Rosegold is an absolutely beautiful shade! I love rose gold and rose-toned shadows in general, which is why I worship the Naked 3 palette! This one is actually lighter that I usually prefer my rose gold shadows to be, however it works beautiful when dusted on the brow bone with a fluffy brush, or applied all over the lid. It's very versatile depending on how you apply it and with what brush, although it tends to end up on the inner half of my lid, or very lightly on the brow bone.

Shine Gold
 While this is called "Shine Gold", I find it closer to a peach-toned rose gold. It has a coppery-feel to it, I think, and it's slightly more intense in pigmentation than Shine Rosegold. If you're more into a dramatic eye look, this one would be a perfect option to use all over the lid, or on the inner half of the lid combined with a deeper shade. I use this one frequently, and paired with a smudged-out deep brown liner, it really makes my eyes pop!

Glam Espresso
Glam Espresso is one of my favorite shades in the palette. Many years ago, I had a shadow palette that had a gorgeous, shimmery pewter shade that I used religiously until I was scraping the edges of the pan. This particular shade is very close to my old favorite. The best way to describe it would be a silvery brown with a slight hint of pink tossed in. It's seriously gorgeous! I use this shade on the outer half of my lid, blended into one of the lighter shades on the inner half. I really like using two different shadows blended together across my lid, as it makes my eyes look larger and set further apart, plus it just looks super glam with that pop of color on the inner half of the lid!

Glam Coco
Finally, the deepest shade of the 4 shimmers is, "Glam Coco." This is your standard crease shade, and it works beautifully as such. It's a warm, shimmery brown that really warms up the entire look without being too heavy or too intense in the crease. This can also be used to line the upper lid or dusted and blended into the outer corner for more definition. 

Shine Easy Glam 2 is much different from the original with it's pops of pink and purple, however it still has some neutral shades included as well. There are no matte shades in this palette, so if that's something you're looking for, you'd be better suited to get the original. As I mentioned earlier, the actual shadow pans in this palette are much smaller than SEG1. I'd say they're very close to the size of the Urban Decay Shadows of the same shape.

Rather than two small applicators like in the first palette, this one has a single, long dual-ended applicator that includes a classic sponge tip on one end, and a fluffy blending brush on the other. As I said above, sponge tips can do the job in a pinch, but they're not something I'd recommend or choose to use over my usual brushes.
There are some really gorgeous shades in this palette. The entire color scheme overall is kind of a shimmery neutral with pops of peach and purple, which is fantastic for my green eyes. The pink shade kind of scared me at first, but it comes off on the lid much different, as you'll see below.
Since this palette is set up differently from SEG1, I'll be showing you the shadows in groups of 4. The first group being the large peach shade on the far left, along with the top 3 shades in the center. The second group will be the bottom 3 shades and the large bronze shadow to the far right.

The Pops of Color!
Shine Peach
Admittedly, I'm not entire sure why they chose this peach shade and the bronze shade on the other side of the palette to be larger than the others. I feel like it would have made more sense to make the palette 10 shadows instead of 6 small shadows and 2 larger ones, but whatevs. This peach shade is very shimmery with a pretty microglitter. The picture I have here really doesn't do this shade justice since it's kind of in the shadows, but I think if a mythical fairy were to wear eyeshadow, she might wear this shade. It's very ethereal-looking. It's not crazy-pigmented since it's a lighter shade, but it looks really gorgeous as a highlight on the brow bone or on the inner corners of the eye. 

Glam Violet
I mean...just take a look at that purple! I have green eyes, so I cannot tell you how many purple shadows I have purchased over the years that have a sort of grey undertone to them. This one is really like a royal purple. It's beautifully pigmented, although you really can apply this with a lighter hand and not get such an intense color payoff if you prefer. It also contains a speckling of silver microglitter, but nowhere near as much as Shine Peach has. This is definitely one of my favorite shades in the entire palette!

Shine Rose
This is the shade I was most worried about when I first purchased this palette. Neon pink is not the kind of shade I want anywhere near my lids. Maybe when I was 15, but not now that I'm 30! Even so, I do like a nice pop of color on my lid, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how lovely this shadow is once applied! I would say this is more of a watermelon color and it looks absolutely gorgeous paired with the purple if you want a fun look. It's nicely pigmented, has some microglitter, and does tend to be a bit on the soft side, so be careful putting your brush into it. I did get some fallout when I first used it. If you go easy and apply this a little at a time by patting in onto the lid rather than sweeping, you should be able to avoid microglitter falling all over your cheeks!

Shine Beige
This shade is really so lovely! I feel like it doesn't do itself justice in the pan and even in photos. It does live up to it's "beige" name, however there is a slight peachy-tone to it in certain lights. It's very buttery and pigmented, and while it does have a touch of micro glitter, it really looks more of a shimmer on the lid. This is a really versatile shade that can be dusted lightly as a highlight, or used all over the lid with something a bit deeper in the crease. It might not be the shade that catches your eye when you see this palette, but it's a workhorse shadow that you'll find yourself picking up quite a bit when using this!

The Neutrals
Shine Dew
This shade is your typical, frost white, and while it's probably a shade I have dupes of in a lot of my palettes, it works well here as an inner corner/browbone highlight. It's not too densely packed with shimmer, so it can be used as such without making you look like a disco ball. This is another shade you do have to be careful with when it comes to fallout though- it's very soft and very shimmery, so use a light hand when applying!
Glam Mocha
Glam Mocha is such a stunning, deep brown shade. It's an incredibly pigmented, almost metallic brown with gold microglitter/shimmer. This shade is so pigmented that you can finger swatch this on the back of your hand without primer, then try to wipe it off and find that some of it is still hanging on for dear life. The formulation is buttery perfection, and there's little to no fallout. I find myself reaching for this one quite a bit and using it on the outer half of my lid and blending it with a lighter shade on the inner half. It makes for a stunning brown smokey eye!

Glam Choco
Another absolutely beautiful neutral shade, and from what I see, it's the only shade in the palette without an obvious microglitter swirled in. This is a satiny, metallic grey-brown that has (to my eyes, at least) the sublest hint of burgundy when it hits the light. It looks a lot darker in the pan than it comes off on the lid, and it's also a shade that will hand around on my hand even after a quick finger swatch, so you know it's very pigmented. This is a gorgeous shade to put in the crease, but if you're going for something more dramatic, this can also be blended onto the outer corner of your lid for a really gorgeous smokey effect. That burgundy undertone really makes this shadow unique.

Glam Bronze
The second of the larger pans contains the shade, Glam Bronze. This is definitely your classic bronze shade- so it's true to it's name, however there are also some gold and pink microglitters in here that really make it an interesting shade. I find that this one is a bit on the powdery size, so there is some fallout, but if I pick some up with my brush and tap it off, it' works really well as a transition shade between the lid and the brow bone.

Overall Thoughts
I am yet again impressed with the quality of the Memebox eye shadows! I was hesitant to purchase the original Pony Shine Easy glam Palette, not only because of the overabundance of neutrals I already own, but because it was Memebox's first palette release, and I wasn't sure what the quality was going to be like. I am pretty picky with my shadows, and it's one of the few things that I almost always avoid buying at drugstore prices. I have oily lids, so I need to make sure that my shadows will hold up throughout the day, and these really do that beautifully. I think that both palettes have their own pros and cons, though. While someone might find both of them appealing, I really think purchase one or the other would work for most people, depending on what they're looking for. 

This palette works perfectly for anyone who really doesn't stray out of the neutral shades of eye shadows. While the shimmer side of the palette does have a rose-tone to it, it's not so "out there" that it couldn't be worn by someone who avoided bright or noticeable shadows. I think that the two lighter brown matte shades are a bit too similar to be included in the same palette together, however if you're looking for a do-it-all neutral palette, this is really a great option. The mattes are great for a natural eye look, and the shimmers perfect for something a bit more fun, while still staying on the natural side of things. What's great is that the quality of the shadows is fantastic. The mattes are buttery, pigmented, and don't show up on the eye with that chalky appearance. The shimmer shades are also beautifully pigmented, and well suited to create an easy, yet impressive look.

If you still love your neutrals, but are ready to experiment with some pops of color, this is definitely the palette for you. I find it odd that this one is significantly smaller than SEG1, however it seems that most of the palettes that have come out since have been similar in size. Having said that, this palette looks like it would be hard to work with upon first glance. It seems like it would be hard to pair shades together, but really, I haven't found a combination that didn't work really beautifully together. Some of the shades are more pigmented than others, and some have a bit of fall out, but overall I think I prefer this palette to SEG1. It seems like many of the other reviews I've read disagree with me, but I just find this palette to be a lot more fun to use. The neutrals included are really unique, yet versatile, and the peachy/purple pops of color work perfectly alongside them. I got quite a few palettes all at once, and this seems to be the one I reach for most often. 

Overall, I'm very happy I purchased both of these palettes as they've become my go-to's that I keep at arms reach.  I've been using them exclusively since they showed up on my doorstep, and that's saying something considering the massive amount of palettes I own!

If you would like to purchase either of these palettes, you can do so on the Memebox website!

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  1. I love your review! So thorough. I like these palettes but like you said, I have way too many eye shadows. And I'm green-eyed as well so, yeah, purple. Memebox is still giving me so much trouble with shipping and getting the right products. I've spent at least $600 with them in a year, you'd think they'd like me, right? My next Meme review may not be a happy one.

    1. Thanks Shannon! And I agree- I just made a purchase on Rose Rose Shop and that is my only one for the month unless I desperately need something. I really need to start digging into the products I already have!! And I have had a couple of shipping hiccups with memebox, but they've worked them out each time, so I haven't mentioned it in any of my reviews because I've usually had a positive experience. I've spent...well, way more than I want to admit lol, although it does seem like they've been having regular issues getting the right products to the right people as well as keeping up with orders. I think I was on the memebox website daily last year lol. This year I'm lucky if I stop by once every couple of weeks. I'm a sucker for a good shadow palette, and theirs are great quality, however they keep churning out neutral palette after neutral palette, so luckily I haven't been tempted other than grabbing these and the "bag Girl" quad.

    2. I would never dog the products, so long as they are good, but I will have to mention the customer service issues... know what I mean? :)

  2. Great review! These palette's are so pretty! T_T

  3. I knew you would end up buying a Pony palette, but you actually bought both! I have the first one and I love the colors, I just need to buy a primer to start using them. I like the packaging of the second palette better, but not the colors, I really love neutrals and I don't like purple at all. Great buys!

  4. I was like "meh" when the first Pony palette came out, but finally caved when they released the second. They're both pretty nice... personally I've ended up using the second one a lot more often though. I think it's the purple shade that always gets me!