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Beauteque Head-to-Toe Lip Essentials Bag Review and Coupon Code!

The Beauteque Head-To-Toe bags are some of my favorites to receive each month. While not a subscription, the Head-to-Toe bags are released on the Beauteque website once a month, and each one features a different theme. They are one-time purchases instead of a monthly subscription, and almost always feature customizable products (choosing the shade/scent of a product for example). This month's theme was a bit different from what they normally do, which made me even more excited to get it! The Lip Essentials bag may not be usable from head to toe, however it truly does include every single thing you would need to get your lips into perfect shape from lip skin care to a variety of makeup options- this bag really does have you covered!
 This month's bag was a metallic silver with a black velvet floral overlay. I personally found it to be a bit wintery for a May bag, but I tend to give these away to friends and family anyway or use them to "wrap" small gifts, so I suppose it would be very nice for that!

I'm going to start with the lip care items first and then work my way through all the makeup goodies!

Nature Republic: By Flower Lip Scrub ($8.50)
 While most people tend to get dry lips in the Winter, mine tend to peel and get chapped during the Summer. No matter how much SPF I use on my lips, I feel like they dry out, get irritated by the sun, and just feel less healthy during the warmer months. I have a few lip scrubs in my arsenal and none of the have impressed me or worked as well as I would like them to. I always find them to be lacking in the actual scrub department! This scrub is actually quite nice for exfoliating! I love that this scrub comes in a squeeze tube with an applicator too because it's less of a mess and applies with ease. It has a light, fresh scent and while it is definitely more "scrubby" than some of the other lip exfoliators I have, it doesn't feel rough or harsh when buffing it onto my lips. Do I think it's the most brilliant scrub ever? Not really, but I can honestly say it's better than the few others I have in my collection. It won't take care of serious dry patches or peeling on the lips, but it will buff away the surface layer of dead skin and keep your lips looking fresh!

Etude House: Cherry Lip Gel Patch ($4.50)
 After you've exfoliated those lips, you're going to need to pamper them like you do the rest of your skin! Using one of these gel lip patches is a great way to hydrate, sooth and restore moisture to the lips. I actually cannot stand using these because they never seem to stick to the contours of my mouth, and this one was no exception. For some reason they always end up peeling up or falling off. Having said that, after using this particular patch I felt my lips were noticeably softer and more moisturized. I'm willing to put up with them being a bit of a pain to wear if they work well- and this one did!

Etude House: Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner ($6)
Now that I've exfoliated and hydrated my lips, it's time to apply the makeup! Lip liner is not something everyone uses, however I personally cannot be without it! I love how long my lipstick lasts when I apply a liner first. I think too many people actually line their lips and that's it, making for a very strange-looking finish, but it's great to line the lips and then fill them in entirely with a lip pencil before applying lipstick. I chose a dusty rose shade because it's light enough where it would look nice on it's own with a bit of balm on top, but it would also work with a variety of different lip shades. I have used these particular liners before and I really enjoy them!

Etude House: Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Shine ($13)
After lip liner, or course comes the lipstick. While this was one of the products you could choose the shade of, I think I made a terrible error in judgement when I picked this one. For some reason, the shade looked much more muted and crossed between a pink and a red on the Etude House website. Here it looks like a neon pink. I cannot imagine this ever looking flattering on my no matter how I wear it, so I'm going to pass it on to someone who might be able to pull of fun lip colors better than I can! I do love the packaging of these Etude House lipsticks- they're so feminine and look so adorable on a vanity!

Lip Brush ($5.50)
A great way to apply an intense lip color (like red or the neon pink shown above!) is to use a lip brush. I don't always have time to use these as they take a bit of time to apply an even coat of color, but applying a bold lipstick straight from the tube can prove to be difficult. Using a lip brush to at least apply color around the perimeter of the lips helps get a really perfect application. This lip brush is actually quite fun! It has a cap that you remove and stick onto the end, which makes the brush pop out! To close it, simply take the cap off the bottom and the brush will slide back in again. The brush itself is drugstore quality. It's nice, doesn't shed much, although I do wish it was a bit more dense. I'll still get a lot of use out of this though since it's so travel friendly!

Holika Holika: Holy Berry Tint ($11)
If you don't have time to put on a fancy lipstick but still want to look put-together, a lip tint is a great option. Lip tints are super popular in Korea because of the gradated lip look where the tint is applied on the inner parts of the mouth and blended out, however whenever I try this look on myself I end up looking like I have chapped lips. Not to mention, whenever I do manage to pull it off, someone ends up telling me that my lipstick is wearing off or that I put it on unevenly etc. It's not a very popular look here in the US, yet. Having said that, lip tints are still excellent to literally tint your lips to a brighter shade and have it last throughout the day. Even deep tints like this one from Holika Holika come out much lighter on the lips and can be deepened depending on how much you apply. I love having a tint on hand for those days where I'll be busy and don't want to constantly re-apply a lip color.

Aritaum: Baby Lips Balm in "Hyaluronic Acid" ($11.50)
It's absolutely necessary for me to have a really great lip balm to apply at the end of the day. While I tend to wear a heavier, goopier lip product to bed to restore and protect my lips while I sleep, I like to have a balm on my side table so I can apply it throughout the night. I work at a school and since the weather is warmer lately, we've been outside for hours at a time, which can wreak havoc on my lips. This Hyaluronic Acid lip balm feels a lot like my favorite Nivea lip balms, and really does a fantastic job re-hydrating my tired, irritated lips. It feels super smooth and I don't need to reapply it as often as some of the other balms I have. Plus hyaluronic acid is amazing at drawing moisture to the skin, so my lips feel extra soft and smooth.
Overall Thoughts
The Head-to-Toe Lip Essentials Bag costs $26, and has a total retail value of $60.
While I'm normally not interested in makeup-heavy subscriptions or curated bags etc, I think this one is a home run for me. It's reasonably priced, and I love that it's a complete lip care collection all the way from a scrub, to skincare, to lip color and a lip-related beauty tool! This is really a must-have for kbeauty lovers, but especially for lip product fanatics!

If you're interested in picking up the Lip Essentials bag, you can do so HERE.
Beauteque ships to many countries, so even if you're not in the US you can grab one of these for yourself!

You can also save 10% off your Lip Essentials Bag with the coupon code:  RACHEL-HEAD2TOELIP

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