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Clean Bar Box May 2015 Review and Unboxing! (Plus Coupon!)

My fiance is obsessed with bar soaps to the point where he gets grumpy if he runs out of them and has to use a body wash. He doesn't like to use those basic store-bought soaps either, but fancy/interesting ones! I have never discovered a use for bar soaps cleansing-wise as I myself prefer to use liquid soap. Even so, I have this weird affinity for them. Something about a stack of pretty bar soaps in a guest bathroom or sticking them in my lingerie drawers to make everything smell pretty just makes me super happy! There really are endless uses for bar soaps that go far outside of simply using them on your body! 

I was contacted by Clean Bar Box to do a review, and of course I said yes because this is a perfect subscription for my fiance. Having a monthly/bi-monthly stock of soaps for him always on hand is awesome, plus who doesn't love a box of delicious-smelling beauty goodies showing up each month?
Clean Bar Box sends artisan crafted soap to your door each month that are  free from all kinds of baddies like preservatives, parabens, animal products, lauryl sulfates and petroleum products. Each soap is packed in recycled packaging that is free from glues and chemicals.

Pricing and Subscription Options
Clean Bar Box has quite a few different pricing options and delivery options that would work for anyone! If you can't have enough soap, or if you just want a couple every few months...they've got a subscription option for you!

Monthly Large Box: $19.99 per month for two 5 oz bars and two 2.5 oz bars
Bimonthly Large Box: same as above, except you receive a box every other month 
Monthly Half Bar Sampler Box: $13.99 per month for four 2.5 oz bars
Three Months Large Box: $54.99 every three months, save $5!
12 Months Large Box: $209.99 every 12 months, save $30!

Shipping is free to the US, Canadian shipping is $6.99 and $17.99 to everywhere else in the world.

Although this is my first Clean Bar Box, I know that they send seasonally-appropriate scents each month, so I was admittedly a bit nervous for the May box. I'm not a huge fan of heavy-floral scents like Rose, and May is one of those months when a lot of floral-perfumes and scents are used. Having said that, I must say they definitely impressed me with their scent choices!

I received the Monthly Large Box, which includes two 5oz bars and two 2.5oz bars. Let's take a look at the small ones first!
Cherry Almond
So Clean Bar Box nails it with the first soap! Cherry Almond is one of my all-time favorite scents for anything, and this one smells so good that I could eat it! This particular soap also has oatmeal in it which is lovely for gentle exfoliating and soothing irritated skin.

White Tea Mint
This soap was an immediate favorite of my fiance's. It has a gender-neutral scent that is just so fresh and clean. It's scent is very cool but also slightly sweet. The mint is apparent but not overwhelming- it's calmed by the light white tea scent. Unique, but also really lovely!

And now for the 5oz bars!
African Violet
When I first saw the name of this soap, I didn't think I was going to like the scent. I don't mind florals but anything that is super strong or smells like an old ladies perfume is a no-go for me. However the scent of this soap is just so lovely. It's very feminine and fresh, the violet scent is subtle, but apparent. This is one of those soaps I would cut up and put into my clothing drawers because it's so lovely!

I love the colors in this particular soap- so vibrant and pretty! This soap does have rose petals in it, however I can't detect a rose-scent at all, luckily! This is another soap I expected to be too floral for me, but it's a fresh-floral scent that really works well. Even my fiance enjoyed the scent of this one! 
Overall Thoughts
I think that Clean Bar Box is just fantastic, and that's coming from someone who is lukewarm regarding bar soaps. I think the scents are a mix between unique and classic, and they're all chic and simply packaged. I also love that Clean Bar Box includes a clearly written ingredients list on each soap. Individually, the soaps would make a lovely gift, as would a subscription. I love that the scents have a similarity/theme each month but they still manage to have a wide variety. I only wish that the Cherry Almond and White Tea Mint were the full size bars and not the mini ones! They were definitely my favorite scents! 

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  1. Totally agree with you on the African Violet soap. I don't normally like florals but it has such a nice, balanced scent. I also love the White Tea Mint!

  2. Just checked their site & they have a men's soap box coming up. Thinking this is for Father's Day?