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Mask Genie: 10 Days in the Wild Limited Edition Bag Review

 My addiction to sheet masks is definitely not a secret. If I had my way, I'd have hundreds of them on hand at all times, however I try to keep my obsession under control and tend to keep 50-75 masks "in stock" at a time and only buy more when I get down to 20 or less. I know there are ladies that have way more than I do, and I'm sure there are also those of you who think I'm totally insane for having that many! The thing is, sheet masks come in so many styles and types and there's a wide variety of uses and treatments for specific skin concerns. Whether your skin is feeing a bit dry, irritated, or if you have a break out- there's a sheet mask to help with your problem! 

Along with the wide variety of sheet masks, there are also sheet masks subscription services! There are so many masks out there that it can genuinely be overwhelming for anyone to shop for them. I tend to just buy the cheapest ones I can find with an occasional splurge on some higher end ones. Because of that, I love sheet mask subscriptions like Mask Genie! They give me the ability to try new masks that I never would have seen or purchased, and really help me find new brands and styles of masks to add to my regular rotation.

Mask Genie is a great service because it's run by a fellow beauty blogger, and she tests all the masks on herself before adding them to the Mask Genie bags. Mask Genie offers a 10 mask pouch for $22 or a 5 mask pouch for $12. That includes shipping by the way, AND Mask genie ships worldwide- so no one has to miss out on the awesomeness!
Mask Genie also releases Limited Edition Mask bags, and the one I'll be reviewing to day is the Limited Edition bag, "10 Days in the Wild." The Limited Edition bags have different pricing, and this one in particular cost $34.

This mask bag is super fun because it features a type of mask that has become really popular lately: Animal-print masks! As if sheet masks weren't silly-looking enough, there are now wide varieties of masks that have animal faces printed on them- and boy are they cute/hilarious/creepy all at the same time! I'm kind of obsessed with them because they make me crack up whenever I try a new one!
Penguin Luxury Soo Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask
While the majority of this bag contains facial sheet masks, this fun eye mask was also included! I have a thing for eye masks and eye gels in particular because I'm starting to see signs of aging around my eyes that I want to keep at bay for as long as possible! This mask is made to help reduce signs of aging as well as the appearance of dark circles while repairing damaged skin. I like the idea of this mask since it goes around the entire eye rather than just under it like a typical eye gel. I haven't tried this one out yet, but I'm excited to see how it works. I feel like I'm going to look like Batman when I wear this one!
Fox Royal Skin The Animalian Mask 
Sheep Royal Skin The Animalian Mask 
The first animal masks of the bunch are a fox and a sheep! How cute yet also sort of creepy! I've never been so conflicted about a product before I saw these animal masks! I think they're so fun and whimsical, but you have to admit they're a little weird looking too! The Fox mask contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The Sheep mask has the same ingredients from what I've seen, so I'm assuming the only difference in the two masks are the animal that is printed on them. 
 Cat Berrisom Collagen Mask
 Monkey Berrisom Snail Mask 
Raccoon Berrisom Placenta + Adenosine Mask
Next up on our safari of animal sheet masks: Monkey, Raccoon and Cat! Each one of these Berrisom masks have different purposes- I recently used the Monkey mask which is your standard snail mucin sheet mask ingredients-wise. I use snail masks frequently because I feel like snail mucin is a great skincare product that solves a variety of my issues in one go. The raccoon mask is a whitening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing mask while the cat is a anti-wrinkle, plumping collagen mask. I'm not really a fan of collagen products as there is no proof they actually work on the skin, but I'm going to use this one anyway. Because cat mask. 

Oh what's that? you want to see my goofy face in the Monkey mask? 
You asked...
Yep. It even has ears. I can't tell if I think these are cute/goofy or just super weird and creepy! Regardless of the conflicting feels, This mask actually fit my face quite well, although I wish that it was just slightly wider as it didn't reach back to my ears on either side of my face. Having said that, the fit is better than most of the lower-end masks I've tried.
SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask
This mask is used to bring back elasticity and firmness to the skin while also brightening and rejuvenating. It uses fruit and herb extracts to provide moisture to the skin.
SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask
This is a hydrating mask that that helps protect the skin against environmental stresses, UV rays and pollution.
SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask
This is a whitening mask, which also helps to brighten and even out skin tone and balancing hydration levels.
SNP Animal Dragon Soothing Mask 
This is acne control mask that is used to soothe troubled skin by reducing oil production and balancing moisture levels in the skin. It also reduces acne and calms redness.
Overall Thoughts
Wow- what a wide variety of animal sheet masks! Not only is each mask unique animal-wise, but there is such a large variety of types: anti-aging, acne control, brightening, firming, moisturizing...even an eye mask is included! This particular Limited Edition bag cost $34 (a little over $3 per mask), and while I don't think that these 10 masks all together retail at much higher than that, I don't think I would normally come across many of these during my internet shopping travels. I really appreciate the thought and curation that went into this bag, and I think it's one of the most fun sheet mask bags I've ever received! Definitely worth the money if you want to try some new and unique sheet masks and have some fun with them as well. :)

If you're interested in learning more about Mask Genie, you can visit the website HERE.

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  1. These look adorable!!! I always have a collection of masks in stock like you, but I'd typically stare at my pile with big eyes like a hoarder rather than wear them haha..I have issues.

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  3. The theme of this bag is fun and hilarious, but I have to be honest, the animal print sheet masks creep me out. I've been seeing a lot of them in my Insta feed lately because of this bag too, lol.

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