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Scent Trunk for Women May 2015 Review and Unboxing (Plus Coupon!)

I am on a never-ending search to find my new "signature scent." Since I was 18 years old, I've been wearing and obsessing over Dior Addict, and while I love all kinds of other perfumes, I always go back to Addict. The problem with trying to find a new scent is simple: perfumes are expensive. There are some out there that you can get samples of, sure, but the smaller, more niche brands don't always provide easy access to sample-sized versions of their perfumes. So you either stick to a widely available brand, or invest the money in a niche scent through description alone, which can sometimes be misleading. 

I recently was able to try Scent Trunk, which gives me exactly what I've been missing from my life. While I've talked about some perfume subscriptions here before, this is the first one I've tried that provides unique scents from niche brands that you cannot find easily (or at all) in any store. I feel like this subscription is my best bet at finding a unique scent that can someday overtake my Dior Addict obsession!

What is Scent Trunk?
 Rather than go all out and explain Scent Trunk to you, they have provided a fantastic video to explain how the subscription works. I do want to mention that Scent Trunk started out as a Men's Fragrance subscription and their Women's subscription is a brand new launch! You can still purchase a subscription for either gender at $15 per month, and you will receive 3 trial-sized perfumes from a variety of niche brands each month.

You can also opt for a subscription that sends you 4 perfume samples each season (4 times a year) for $20 per quarter.

Scent Trunk is based in Canada, and shipping is free to both CA and the US.

Note From Scent Trunk!
Our Scents these are unique, niche perfumes that you can't find in department stores. Many have unique stories and conceptual notes that are sweetly pleasant and uplifting. We're happy to source, in many cases, from small-batch and handcrafted by skilled artisans. Many use real botanicals and essences rather than the phthalates and synthetic compounds found in mainstream perfumes. We encourage you to check out the brands on their respective websites to get a feel for the brand! We know that each person is unique, every day is different and we all have different moods. Niche fragrance best expresses your individuality. Adding new fragrances to your collection lets you experiment and explore. Scents react to people differently so samples are a perfect way to try before purchasing. Rating and reviewing your scents just means you get better and better scents. We continually add new brands from all over the world to our boxes and shops. We do offer FULL SIZE fragrances in our shop! 
Each perfume included in the box also features a really pretty (and detailed) info card. It describes the scent, what season it's best worn in and what time of day it should be worn for etc. 

Scent School: Fragrance Concentration
One interesting thing you’ll find with Scent Trunk, is that you’ll get a different amount of each of your fragrances, and you’re probably wondering why!
The fragrance oil is what makes a scent rich, and long-lasting.  Different fragrances have different amounts of oil and this affects its longevity.  Here are the different types of fragrances and the amount of oil in them:

1)Eau Fraiche: 3% or less
2)Eau de Cologne: 2 – 5%
3)Eau de Toilette: 4 – 10%
4)Eau de Parfum: 8 – 15%
5)Soie de Parfum: 15 – 18%
6)Parfum: 15 – 25%

Now let's get onto the Scents I got in the May Women's Scent Trunk!

Panda by Zoologist Eau de Parfum
Since I received this box for review purposes, I did not fill out the Scent Profile that is offered to subscribers. Therefore, these scents were not scent to me based on my perferences, and they may not be "my thing." This was one such perfume. However I know perfume preferences vary greatly, so I'm going to not only give my opinion, but also give objective thoughts as well. 
Panda is a very Green scent with a bit of an aquatic undertone. It has a very similar feel to a unisex perfume in my opinion. The scent features Bamboo and "zisu leaves" and Scent Trunk suggests that it be worn during the day. I'm not usually fond of "green" scents but this one would be a great option for someone who is. It's very fresh and would work beautifully for a Summer fragrance.

Pauline by Rance 1795
This scent is pretty unique in that I don't think I've smelled anything similar before. Scent Trunk claims it's god for Spring and Fall, which I would agree with. It's a light floral scent, however it has a deeper dry-down to it that, while still floral, definitely has a moodier, muskier scent. I do detect something that smells a bit like baby powder to me, so that's why I'm not a huge fan of it, but if you like scents that have that slight powdery undertone, this might be a great one for you!

Darcy by Parfums by Marly
This scent was definitely my favorite of the 3. While it says it can be used year round or any time of year, it's a deep scent that would best be used in the Fall or Winter/ Evenings in my person opinion. Scent Trunk doesn't list the scent notes on their cards (although I wish they would) however I find this to be a spicy, musk scent with a pretty floral dry-down. This perfume starts like a dream for me because I love musk, although once it sinks into my skin the floral notes are most apparent, which make this not 100% a winner for me. I do really love it though, and will probably wear this again- although I don't think I would purchase a full size. It's definitely the sexiest and most mysterious of the 3 scents.
Overall Thoughts
 Scent Trunk costs $15 per month for 3 scents, or $20 per quarter for 4. I find myself feeling a bit mixed on my overall thoughts, to be completely honest. I absolutely love the idea of trying niche scents from brands I haven't heard of- I feel like it's very unique and helps me step out of my perfume comfort zone. Having said that, it's hard for me to gauge the accuracy of their subscriber survey. Since I received this for review purposes, I did not complete a survey, therefore I believe I received scents that don't really work with what I normally prefer. Looking at this subscription just as it is, it wouldn't be something I would purchase again. However, if I had taken the scent preference survey and received 3 perfumes that worked perfectly with my preferences, I definitely think I'd be singing a different tune. 
I think that Scent Trunk's packaging is lovely. I love the sturdy box that the perfumes arrive in with the pretty tree printed on the inside, and I like the small velvet bag and nicely printed and informative info cards. My one gripe is that there are no scent notes listed on the card, so it's hard for me to decipher what is in them that I like/ don't like without having to research each scent on my own. I think it would be a benefit to them to list out some of the scent notes in the future. I have also read that they don't always send the small sample-sized vials, but occasionally send slightly larger sample bottles as well. Since I only received 3 small samples, I don't know if I would continue to spend $15 a month unless I really wanted to mix up my scent wardrobe. As someone who tends to stick to 2-3 scents year-round, I would personally prefer one mini-sized bottle each month rather than 3 samples- I feel like I'd be getting my money's worth more that way. This subscription would be absolutely perfect for someone who simply loves perfume, and wants to try new, unique scents from niche brands and is open to trying many different scent profiles. Because of it's uniqueness and classy packaging, I think Scent Trunk would make a great gift for the perfume lover in your life!

Right now, you can save 33% off your first Month of Scent Trunk with the Coupon Code: SmellGreat.

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  1. I feel like the price is too high for what it is. It's so hard, though, not to compare it to Scentbird.

  2. Hi there, Jolisa here from Scent Trunk. Thanks so much for the review. We are continually making changes with our growing company. We've already changed the cards that accompany the box to feature notes. We also have launched our seasonal box for people who would like to try more scents but on a seasonal basis. Any questions feel free to reach out to us!