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The 3B Box: Beauty Beyond Borders May 2015 Review and Unboxing

Since Memebox has been basically a ghost town for most of 2015, many of us had to find other outlets to get our Kbeauty fix. If you were anything like me, once you crawled out of the haze of pink boxes you may have realized that your bank account was practically empty and your closets were overflowing with endless kbeauty goodies. Even though I had more product than I could ever use, I still had that desire to get a surprise box of kbeauty without spending $30+ a pop. 3B came at the perfect time, since they don't drown me in products (it only comes once a month) and they're very affordable! I was able to recuperate from my Memebox addiction while still getting my kbeauty on a budget!

What is 3B?
3b (stands for Beauty Beyond Borders) is a subscription service that I have coined the KBeauty Birchbox. While you receive mostly Korean products, they have also included Japanese brands in the past as well. Normally the boxes contain deluxe samples, however they have been known to also include full sizes! 

The Cost
Only $12 a month! (that includes shipping!)
(3b currently only ships to the US)

What's In the Box?
Each box contains a collection of  4-5 deluxe samples that are new or popular in Asia but hard to get your hands on. The products will change each month, and you’ll get to try new skincare, haircare, nail care, and cosmetic products. Sample products range from go-to brands such as Lioele, Etude House and Skinfood to high-end premium brands like SK-II, K, and Sulwhasoo.

Where Do I Sign Up?
You can learn more about 3B, and sign up for their monthly subscription HERE. 3B has become quite popular and there is currently a waitlist to subscribe- so if you're interested I would get on that list asap!
While this is called the 3B box, and it does arrive in one, your products are housed each month in a cute organza bag. I really prefer these bags to getting full-on makeup bags (like ipsy for example) because these are easily stored away to be used again, are lighter to ship and take up less space. I can only use so many makeup bags, so I'm never a fan of receiving them each month through various subscriptions.

Etude House: Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam
 This is a generous sample-sized tube of the Etude House BB Deep Cleansing Foam. This is a pretty popular cleanser that is formulated with baking powder and helps deep clean the skin and remove excess oil and impurities. I won't be using this as the pH is 9 and that's incredibly high for my personal tastes. I also feel a bit bummed that we we received a cleanser last month and again this month- not to mention they were both high-pH cleansers which made them unusable for me. I'm sure I can find a good home for this, but I would love to see a low pH cleanser in the future, or maybe just a break from them in general.

TonyMoly: Lovely Eyebrow Pencil
 I have naturally blonde eyebrows, so I go through brow powders and pencils like water. Unfortunately, unless you have incredibly dark/black hair, I can't imagine that a black pencil would work too well for many people brow-wise. Since this is a brow pencil, it applies slightly differently than an eyeliner, so I wouldn't be able to comfortably use this around my eye, either. I left it in the wrapping so I could put it into a future giveaway or possibly give it to someone. I feel like a dark brown would have worked better for a larger amount of subscribers.

Skinfood False Lashes in "Daily 3"
 Interestingly enough, the last time I received lashes from a Korean beauty subscription, it was these exact same ones. I don't hate false lashes like a lot of other people do- in fact I used to wear them literally every single day! I have no idea how I used to have the patience for them, but it's been well over a year since I've regularly worn falsies. They really are a great thing to have on hand when you're going out and want your eyes to have a more dramatic look to them. This pair in particular is actually quite cute for daytime/casual wear. The lashes aren't too long or thick so they can be blended into your own lashes with a pretty natural look. These would definitely be the ones I use if I just want a pinch of drama during the day without overdoing it.

Tonymoly: Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream
Even though I recently received this hand cream in the Beatueque Head to Toe Tonymoly bag, I genuinely couldn't be more happy to see it in my May 3B box. It has such a nice scent and the packaging is just way too cute for words. I have noticed that this lotion really does a great job brightening and evening skin tone on your hands with regular use, which is something I tend to need more in the Spring/Summer when I find my hands are getting red or splotchy due to the sun. This lotion really isn't travel-friendly but it's great to have on your night stand!
Overall Thoughts
I still feel like I have to review 3B objectively and say that if you're not completely overloaded with products like I am, or not super picky about your cleansers etc- they're a truly fantastic subscription for trying kbeauty products before committing to buying a full size. $12 is not a large investment at all, and while not every product I receive works for me personally, I still feel like I'm getting my money's worth as well as a wide variety of popular brands and products. This may not have been my favorite month of 3B, but I still feel like great brands and products were represented, just not for me personally. I would still highly recommend this subscription to anyone who is new to kbeauty and wants to dip their toes in the water, or for anyone who just needs to get their kbeauty fix at a reasonable price!

There is currently a wait list to subscribe to 3B, so if you're interested I would sign up as soon as possible. You can get on the wait list here. Right now they're only shipping to the US, but they have been openly asking their customers where we would like them to ship to next. So if you live outside the US, make sure you get in touch with them and tell them you want them to ship to your country!
 If you'd like to learn more about 3B, you can do so HERE.
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  1. Rachel, I actually really liked the TM Eye Brow pencil and did you check the color #? Is it 05 Black Brown? Because I originally thought it was a Black color too but I decided to risk opening mine and trying it out. I did a swatch and have pictures up close of the product on my blog if you want to check it out. http://cecibeautytherapy.com/2015/05/22/unboxing-may-3b-box-beauty-beyond-borders-finally-off-the-wait-list/#more-208 The Eye Bow pencil was the only thing I was really excited about.

    1. ooh that's awesome Cecilia! I'm going to have to dig it out and try it! I was going to say that it was super odd of have a black brow pencil as so few people have black hair! ;)

  2. This also was not my favorite box (and not because I didn't get the lashes). However, the inclusion of the full size Tony Moly Tangerine made my day. Yes, I agree that for a kbeauty beginner, this is going to be an EXCELLENT way to dip a toe in and experiment. Definitely still in love with 3B.

    1. I still try to do my reviews on 3B objectively, because I'm a lot picker as someone who has been into kbeauty for a long time, but like you said, for someone who is new to kbeauty and doesn't really know where to start or isn't familiar with brands and products yet, this is such a great and inexpensive way to familiarize yourself with products!

  3. I thought my eyebrow pencil was black too. But on the end, there was a brown sticker. I unwrapped the plastic over wrap and it is brown. I hope yours is too, Rachel. :)

    1. I just discovered mine is brown too! hahah :) Good thing I have my readers to let me know these things! lol I usually open and swatch everything but i have SO many black liners that I figured I'd leave this one sealed and pass it on to someone who might like it, but now I'm glad it's brown- I got through brown liners like crazy!