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Beauteque Mask Maven June 2015 Review

I would be lying if I said I needed more sheet masks. I probably have well over 100 at this point but I honestly feel like I can never have too many! There was a time when I was using one every single night during my skincare routine, but I noticed it was a little bit of overkill and I started to break out a bit. Since then, I probably use a mask 3-4 times a week. The great thing about having so many sheet masks is that you always have the right one for whatever skin concern you may have. Everything from soothing, to moisturizing to oil control and acne care- I have it on hand. Of course I find there are masks that instantly work wonders for my skin and others that do little more than moisturize temporarily, but even having cheap sheet masks in my collection can be useful! My friend Tiffany over at Sample Hime had made a suggestion to use cheap sheet masks to help remove stubborn wash-off clay masks, and I've been loving that method! Once your clay mask has dried, you simply place a sheet mask over the top for a few minutes to loosen it up and then wipe away! I have purchased lots of inexpensive sheet masks that I no longer use regularly for skincare purposes, so it's nice to have some use for them!

The thing about sheet masks is that there are simply a ridiculous amount of them. I feel like it's almost impossible to ever imagine trying them all, even though I want to! I really love mask subscriptions because they give me the ability to try new and different masks that I might not normally pick up on my own. Beauteque's Mask Maven subscription is a great service not only for it's affordability, but also it's variety and worldwide shipping!

What is Mask Maven?
Mask Maven is a monthly subscription service that sends you 9-11 masks each month. These masks range from sheet masks, hand and foot masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more, although it seems that it's usually sheet mask-heavy. You receive a different variety of masks each month.

Subscription Details and Pricing
You can subscribe Month-to-Month, or prepay for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. You are billed on the 20th of each month if you subscribe for the month-to-month option. If you subscribe after the 10th of the month, you will have to wait until the following month to receive your bag. Bags are shipped starting on the 20th of each month, although they have shipped earlier occasionally.

 Month to Month:
$16 per month
3 months:
$16 per Month
 6 months:
$15 per month
12 months:
$14 per month

Shipping costs range from $3.95 to $9.95 depending on where you live. Beauteque currently ships Mask Maven to the following Areas: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

While they haven't done so in the past, Beauteque is finally offering a fully-detailed info card for the masks included in Mask Maven. I love that this is happening because there are many subscribers who are new to kbeauty and would like to have more information on each mask, but I think everyone can benefit from getting more information on each mask, as the uses aren't always clearly listed on the packaging. 
3W Clinic: Pomegranate Sheet Mask
Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that help reduce inflammation, which makes this particular sheet mask great for acne and irritated skin. It also helps protect the skin from sun damage. These 3W clinic masks are incredibly inexpensive- I know because I've purchased them in bulk before, however they aren't bad for basic use. I have over 10 of this particular type and I'll admit they happen to be the ones I use to help me remove my clay masks. In a nutshell: it's not a bad mask, but it didn't impress me enough with it's results.
3W Clinic: Fresh Red Ginseng Sheet Mask
Red Ginseng is also full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help to increase blood circulation in the skin. It's also great for lightening under eye circles and diminishing puffiness. Having said that, I have no idea how well this mask would work or any other with Ginseng for that matter, because my skin absolutely hates it. While I have combination/acneic skin, there aren't too many ingredients that my skin hates. Ginseng is one particular ingredient that I noticed consistently irritates and breaks me out no matter what product it's in. 
I'll be passing this one on to a friend who doesn't have the same Ginseng-issues as I do!
Nature Republic: Royal Jelly Real Nature Sheet Mask
 Royal Jelly is used in skincare products to increase moisture and help the skin produce collagen. I love Nature Republic and I love Royal Jelly masks, so this was a win for me. While I have combination skin and I don't always need a moisturizing mask (especially in the Summer) I find that Royal Jelly masks tend to give me just the right amount of moisture without making me feel greasy. I surprisingly haven't tried this one yet, but it's definitely the next one I'll grab when I need a little moisture!
Tosowoong: Pure Propolis Sheet Mask
Propolis defends and protects the skin while encouraging skin cell growth, which helps to repair damaged skin. I love honey and propolis products, but I also love Tosowoong. They're a brand that doesn't get nearly enough attention and love in my opinion! Everything I have tried from them I've really loved, so I'm excited to give more of their sheet masks a try. I also recommend their heel patches if you tend to get rough heels from sandals during the summer- they're less expensive than other brands and you can easily find them on ebay!
It's Skin: Blueberry Sheet Mask
Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants that are great for your body, so why not for your skin as well? They can help treat acne and blotchy skin with soothing and repairing damaged skin cells. Interestingly enough I've never tried the sheet masks from It's Skin, so I'm interested to see the shape and the fit of their masks as well as how long they stay saturated. The blueberry one sounds perfect for my skin type, too!
Nature Republic: Avocado Sheet Mask
Here we've got another Nature Republic sheet mask, only this time it's avocado! Apparently, Avocados contain high levels of vitamin E and C which help prevent skin damage and signs of aging. They also help protect the skin from UVA/B rays while keeping the skin soft and moisturized. I've used avocado sheet masks before and while they're not the type to show visible results right off the bat, I do think they're great at moisturizing and soothing my skin!
Medicos: Pure Snail Essential Sheet Mask
I love, love, love snail sheet masks! Snail mucin is rich in allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which all work together to give your skin a myriad of benefits. While snail masks are great at moisturizing the skin without overdoing it, it also has worked to treat redness, acne and irritation for me. It's one of those ingredients that seems like it does it all. Love.
My Beauty Diary: Imperial Birds Nest Sheet Mask
This is one of my favorite sheet masks ever. I notice results as soon as I use it, and that is not very common with sheet masks. The Imperial Birds nest mask is amazing for keeping my combination skin hydrated but not overly-so, yet it also brightens and evens my skin tone as well as minimizing the appearance of pores. It's a wonder-mask for me and one that I highly recommend to others!
The Face Shop: Sparkling Wine Sheet Mask
At first, I thought this was a wash-off mask due to the way it's packaged, but then I remembered I've tried a mask from The Face Shop that was packaged this was all well. It's basically rolled up rather than folded. This mask is different from the others included this month in terms of it's benefits. The antioxidants in Grapes help exfoliate and cleanse the skin. I love natural exfoliators since I don't use anything abrasive on my face, so I'm very interested to see if this mask provides any immediate/noticeable results!
Overall Thoughts
Mask Maven costs $16 per month (less if you pre-pay for a longer subscription) and the June bag contained 9 masks, making each mask cost under $2. There was only one mask in this bunch that I won't be able to use, and I was also happy to see one of my all-time favorites included this month as well! My only complaint here is that Mask Maven does send a variety of mask-type products, like hand/foot masks and wash-off packs etc. The June bag only included sheet masks, which I was a bit let down about. I would absolutely love to see a foot peeling mask included in one of the Summer bags- I'm always trying to get my feet in good shape for all the sandals I wear! Fingers crossed that the July or August bags have some foot masks!
Other than that minor gripe, I think this was a nice selection of sheet masks with a variety of different uses and purposes, so I'm happy overall!

If you'd like to learn more about Mask Maven or sign up for yourself, you can do so HERE.
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  1. I also love honey and propolis masks (+ all skincare products with that in it) Have to shop that nature republic mask someday, looks promising :D

    1. I totally agree! honey works SO well for my skin and I especially love honey/propolis sheet masks! :)