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PopSugar Must Have May 2015 Review and Unboxing

The May PopSugar Must Have Box is the last in my pre-paid 6 month subscription. While most of you know that PopSugar is by far my favorite subscription service, I'm actually going to take a month off (possibly longer) to see if I can actually live without it. Since I'm out of work for the Summer, I'm going to need to cut back on my subscription boxes so I can have a little spending money! Let's hope the June box isn't so good that I regret not renewing my subscription! I think that because I saved so much money on Black Friday getting the 6-month subscription, it's hard for me to pay the full $40 a month for this box, although I admit, it's always more than worth it for me.

The Deets
PopSugar Must Have Box is a subscription that sends you full size "must have" items from all areas of interest: fitness, beauty, skincare, home decor, books- you name it! You never know what is going to show up in these boxes, and that's why they're always so much fun to recieve! 
PopSugar costs $39.99 per month, however you can save more by buying a longer subscription, or if you gift yourself a box each month, you can use the frequent coupon codes they have available. You can use the code (REFER5) to save $5 off your first box, currently!
Each month, Lisa Sugar (PopSugar's Founder) will put all of the things that inspired the box on the info card. 
This month was inspired by:
Glowing skin, Mother's Day, Fresh Flowers, Beach Bum, Colorful, California Sun
Sage & Row: Bare Shave Cream ($17)
I am pretty loyal to my Whish Almond Shave Cream, however this one looks really nice as well! It has a really lovely scent and it's a non-foaming cream which I love. It's aloe-based and is good on sensitive skin as well. I think this is a great addition to a Summer box- who doesn't need a really good shaving cream during the warmer months?

Batiste: Dry Shampoo ($4)
I have no problem with drugstore brands being included in PopSugar boxes, especially if they're an "extra" in the box as they have been in the past. What I don't understand with this dry shampoo, is why it's not a full size and why it's not listed as an extra. If PopSugar promises all full sizes, why did they include a 1.6oz can of drugstore dry shampoo? Hmpf. Complaining aside, I never used to use dry shampoo, but I have been using them in my roots lately to give me a bit more volume, and surprisingly the Batiste brand makes very good dry shampoos. I suppose this small sized can is good to toss in a beach bag or in my purse for touch-ups, but a full size would have been much more exciting for me!

Middle Kingdom: Mini Plum Vase in "Coral Red" ($20)
I absolutely LOVE this simplistic, yet chic bud vase. During the warmer months, when I can drag my butt out of bed, I like to head over to the Farmer's Market hosted in my city each weekend. A lot of local businesses and farms come out and set up tables, so it's a great place to shop for food and products from small businesses. One of my favorite places to stop is the Five Fork Farms booth- which is a flower farm! They have some of the most beautiful and unique flowers I've ever seen, so I'm excited to have a cute little vase like this so I can buy some smaller flowers to go nicely with it. I don't think we've received a vase in a PopSugar box before, so it was a really nice surprise!

Kitsch: Tri'd & True Y-Shaped Necklace ($32)
Not too long ago, I decided to use up some of my Birchbox points to purchase a few gifts for myself. I wanted a unique piece of jewelry so I picked up a really lovely ring that also happened to be from Kitsch. I find that this brand is very much my style aesthetically and they have really nice quality jewelry for a reasonable price. I also love the packaging for each item- look how pretty this box is! I'm not a huge fan of silver metal jewelry though, so I do kind of wish this was gold/brass-colored. I've never worn a necklace like this so I'm not sure how long the y-chain will drop down or if It'll look good on me. If not, I know I can definitely gift this to someone as it's super chic and perfect for a light summer outfit.

Hammond's Candies: McCraw's Flat Taffy ($1)
This taffy is the perfect snack to add into a Summer-themed box! It reminds me of my childhood, of old-timey carnivals and those sticky summer nights sitting on the grass watching the fireworks while eating junk food and laughing with my friends and family. I love things that make me nostalgic! This is another thing I feel like should have been...larger? A snack valued at $1 is fine and all, but give us more than one, maybe? I don't know, maybe I'm just confused as to why there are 2 items included in the box that are valued at less than $5. Regardless, I still think it was a good choice to include this!

Sisters of Los Angeles: Surf Sand Love Beach Towel ($40)
I don't go to the beach very often, as I'm one of those people who despises getting a tan, I am super sensitive to sunlight and I just hate hot weather overall. The beach is best for me during the off seasons! Having said that, there are times when I will brave the sunny outdoors and head to the beach with friends covered head to toe in SPF 900 with a parasol in hand just waiting for the sun to set so I can take off a few layers of clothing. Having a beach towel is great because I currently don't have one, although I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the print or the colors of this one. It's fine in the sense that I don't need my beach towel to be super fancy or classy looking, but I would have loved a cute floral print or something along those lines. I also think $40 is a bit crazy for a towel that looks like it was bought in a gift shop on a boardwalk somewhere.
Overall Thoughts
The May PopSugar Must Have Box cost $40 and has a total retail value of  $114
As I always say, the value is always substantial when it comes to PopSugar. I never feel like I'm getting ripped off, and I very rarely feel disappointment when I open up my boxes each month. This box really nails the Summertime vibe without being too obvious. I like the wide variety of product types: home decor, beauty, fashion, snacks etc are all represented well here. I like to base my overall thoughts on each PopSugar box on whether or not I would gift the entire thing to a friend or family member. I'm pretty confident that most people would enjoy this box if they were gifted it, so I'd say it's a good one! 
I am taking a break from PopSugar in June, however I read that there is going to be a pair of sunglasses included! I am a weird collector of sunglasses, so while it pains me to skip it, I want to try my best to save a bit of money so I can get my hair done and have some fun this summer! Hopefully I won't be too sad when I start seeing the June spoilers!

If you're interested in signing up for a PopSugar subscription, you can do that HERE.
(Use code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month!)
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  1. I love Batiste dry shampoo, but I agree that a mini is sort of weird when PopSugar gives off "deluxe" vibes. The bud vase is adorable! I would probably just end up using the beach towel as a regular towel though, lol. Hiss booooo sunlight