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Swiss Ultimate: Renewal Negative Ion Eye Massager Review

Since I've had a packed schedule lately, I haven't been accepting too many products for review. Since I only work a part time job at a school, I usually can't afford to purchase all of the wild and amazing things in the beauty and subscription box world so it's nice to be invited to review products. I hate having to turn companies down more often lately, especially when I think it's something you guys might really love. I am so looking forward to having more free time soon so I can start picking up the reviews again!
I mention this because I recently had the opportunity to apply to review something I've never actually seen before: a Negative Ion Eye Massager. What is this contraption and what does it even do? I had to know!

I did a little research on Negative Ion Massaging and there are quite a few claims to it's benefits, the most notable with this particular device are:

 IONIC FLOW (using gentle, negative-ion, micro-electric pulses to gently 'push' treatments deeper) can result in noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines under eyes & around mouth.

SONIC INFUSION promotes increased circulation, DEEPER under-eye treatments & reduced dark circles... delivers noticeably firmer skin in 2-3 weeks.
 The idea behind this device is that it is specially-designed to enhance the effectiveness of serums and creams by massaging the skin and helping the product absorb better into the skinand deepen the effects of your skincare treatments. It's designed to assist build your skin's resilience & flexibility and prevent future damage around your eye area.

This works by gently tapping the skin around your eye at around 140+ sonic bps (beats per second) which is supposed to help boost absorption of serums and creams in a way just not possible when using your finger alone.

This device can be used on the lower & upper eye area, but it can also be implemented on the brow, forehead and lip areas.

There is a battery included, and the company claims it will last for 6-8 hours of use if you use it for 2 minutes per day (1 min on each eye)
The massager came packaged in a really nice box complete with a battery, a warranty card, instructions and an inspection confirmation sticker. While you could easily store the massager in this box, I prefer to just stick it into the bag I keep the rest of my skincare products in. It is incredibly lightweight and slim so it doesn't take up much space.

-Apply your cream or serum as you normally would around yoru eye area. Then, using the rounded silver-colored massaging tip, make contact with your skin to start the massage. You should massage the eye for 30-60 seconds per eye.

- Follow the same instructions for the other eye. You should also massage the out-eye area wherever you are wrinkle-prone. The area above the eye may also be massaged.

-One the massage session is complete, wipe the massage head clean using a towel or tissue. Do not immerse the device in water at any time. 

Massage Patterns:

There is not on/off switch for the eye massager. You simply touch the silver conductive bar with your finger and then make contact with your face or eye area with the massaging tip to activate.
Thoughts and Results
 While there have been many studies discussing the benefits of facial and eye massages regarding anti-aging, I still have yet to be convinced that these types of products (the Clarisonic included) can help my skincare products "absorb better" into my skin. As a matter of fact, whenever I applied my eye serum and then followed up with the Eye Massager, I actually had to go back in with my finger and continue to massage the serum in completely. If this product was helping absorption so much, I feel like I probably wouldn't have to do that. So speaking on "better absorption" alone, I'd say that this product most likely doesn't do that.

Swiss Ultimate recommends using this product for about a month until you start looking for results, and I've been using this for about 3 weeks now. Here's the thing: I don't have wrinkles. I cannot speak on whether or not this product helps deep wrinkles become lighter over time, I can only talk about the effect it had on my dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around my eyes.

What It Did:
I did find that after only a few uses of this product in conjunction with my regular eye care routine, the puffiness around my eyes subsided noticeably. Not only does the gentle massage feel quite nice around the eye area, my eyes do look visibly more refreshed and awake after use. I started using this product before I went to bed each night, but now I use it in the morning because of how awake and de-puffed it makes my eyes look.
What it Didn't Do:
I don't know if this product claims to do so, however I didn't notice much of a difference regarding my dark circles. Some other reviews I've seen have said that the increased circulation to the eye area helped with their dark circles, although I didn't notice much of a change, unfortunately. That is the one stubborn thing that nothing seems to work on for me. 
Also, as I mentioned above, I did not feel like the massager helped the absorption of my eye serums and creams. I still had to go in with my finger and blend in what was left of my serum.

What I'm Still Not Sure On:
Since I don't have deep wrinkles, I honestly don't know if this product will actually work to decrease them in any way. What I can say, is that this particular massager has quite a few 4 star reviews on Amazon, with some before and after photos as well. Since I didn't notice much of a difference in my eye area personally, I didn't take any before/after pictures- but again- I think that there isn't enough aging around my eyes for there to be a major difference anyway. I highly recommend checking out their Amazon page and looking at some of the other reviews if you're looking for something to combat deep wrinkles around your eyes.

Final Thoughts
This product is very interesting and something brand new to me, which I absolutely love. While I don't think it has done anything miraculous for me personally, I will definitely continue to use it. The fact that in just one use I could notice a decrease in the puffiness around my eyes makes it worthwhile enough to continue using to see the long-term effects. I would highly recommend checking out the Amazon reviews of this product to see if it might work better for your anti-aging needs. 
What is really great about this product is that it costs less than $20 AND has a money-back no-hassle guarantee. I love that you can try this product and see how it works for you without the commitment.
Feel free to check out the other reviews and/or order the Negative Ion Massager HERE.

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