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Beauteque Head-To-Toe Fun in the Sun Bag Review

While the mystery of the Beauteque Monthly BB Bags is always fun, sometimes you just want a bag of goodies that are based around a specific theme or brand. There's also the kbeauty-crazed (like me, let's be honest) that just want more products than what they get in their BB Bags each month. The Head-to-Toe bags fill in all those gaps for you with ease. Each month, Beauteque curates a bag of kbeauty products based on a theme, and this month it was 'Fun in the Sun.' Everything you could need to get your skin and makeup Summer ready! 
While I'm normally not overly excited about summer-based bags, I am a huge fan of fancy sunscreens and waterproof products, so I was hoping to see those things in the bag this month!
Head-to-Toe Bag Details:
Not everyone is interested in beauty subscription services. Now if you're reading my blog, you're most likely not one of those people, however you may be on a strict budget that doesn't always leave much room to pay for a monthly subscription. The good news is, every month Beauteque releases a new limited edition bag called their "Head-To-Toe" series. This is not a subscription, but a one-time purchase bag that is curated around a specific theme. So if you have a little extra month on a particular month and want to treat yourself to something special without committing to a subscription, the Head-To-Toe bags are perfect for you! could subscribe to the BB bag and grab the Head-to-Toe bag if you're really addicted to kbeauty!
The cost variess from bag to bag since it's not a subscription. This particular bag is still available for purchase for $28 plus shipping HERE.

Nature Republic: Cucumber Mask
My Beauty Diary: Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Sheet Mask 
Starting off the bag, we've got two sheet masks! The Cucumber Sheet Mask from Nature Republic is fantastic for soothing irritated skin that spent a little too much time in the sun. I use these kinds of masks frequently when I come home after a long day of being outside. Since I have combination/oily skin, I find it a little odd to see a Hyaluronic Acid mask from My Beauty Diary in this bag, since I associate moisturizing masks with colder weather. However, I do know that people with dry skin tend to suffer a lot in the summer just as much, especially with the sun constantly trying to do it's damage, so this could be a useful mask for dry skinned folks!

Ostia: Cucumber Soothing Gel
Aside from the fact that the tube is probably the most...ahem...suggestive shape imaginable for a skincare product, this Ostia Cucumber Gel has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Actually, soothing gels in general have been building in populary, and I'm seeing more and more vegetable soothing gels in matching packaging. The cucumber soothing gel works similarly to an aloe gel in that it's really great to stick in the fridge and apply to your skin after a long, hot day in the sun. I also find soothing gels to be absolutely amazing to apply right after shaving- it helps keep the red bumps and ingrown hairs at bay!

Tonymoly: Blueberry Lip Balm
Beauteque allows customers to choose between this lip balm and the cherry flavor. I am pretty overloaded with cherry scented lip balms in my life, but blueberry is definitely one I haven't had much experience with. Plus, look how cute this is?! Not only does it smell heavenly, but it does have a bit of a tint to it as well, which I love! It's perfect for getting that flush of color of the lips while still looking natural.

Paraon: Cellabon RX Naturatox 3-in-1 UV Essence
Wow. This stuff is pretty fancy pants! It looks really futuristic- I has an on/off button! But what exactly is it?
This product works as a 3-in-1 SPF, Essence and Makeup Base. I love multi-fuction products as long as they work as well as if I applied everything separately. What's great about this product is that it has an incredibly light texture and leaves no white cast on the skin. It contains an oriental tea complex, deep sea water, and aloe to soothe skin, while also being infused with a very subtle pearlescence to help make your skin glow and give it an even tone. What's even better is that it's SPF 50, which is right around what I like to use, and it can be used on the face and all over your body.
The on/off button is really to keep the dispense locked so there's no leakage during travel, making this a great one to toss in your beach bag. I love the packaging of this product as well. Not only does it look really neat, it has it's own little stand since the bottle is actually round on the bottom. It's a really impressive presentation.
I've used this product twice and honestly, I really like it. I'm not entirely sure how well it works as an essence, but the ingredients are definitely good for the skin. I do have one complaint: it smells like sunscreen. Like the kind of sunblock you buy at the drugstore on your way to the beach kind of scent. I don't tend to notice it once I put on the rest of my makeup, but if that's a scent that bothers you, especially on your face, you might want to use this on your body only. Either way, it really works beautifully and I'm really pleased with it so far!
It's Skin: Babyface Waterproof Eyeliner
This was the second product that customers could customize between the choice of brown or black. While I tend to use a lot more brown when I use eyeliner, I am in desperate need of some waterproof black liners. There are way too many liners that claim to be waterproof and end up wiping off my face after an hour or so in the heat. It's Skin is pretty well known for it's cute packaging regarding cosmetics, and this liner is no exception. The tube has a soft matte finish and has cute little water drops on the cap. Kind of love it. In terms of staying power and pigmentation, I was actually pretty impressed. This liner glides on without any tugging and is very pigmented. It does take a minute or two before it completely sets, so if you like to smudge your liner a bit, you have plenty of time to do so. In terms of staying-power, I'm really a bad person to judge completely due to my insanely oily eyelids. This definitely didn't stay on perfectly all day like my dream liner would, but for low-priced liner, I haven't found many that stay as long as this one did. While there was some fading and wear on the outer corners of my eyes (since I draw winged liner on) it was still pretty much perfect everywhere else after wearing it all day.

Palis: Facial Oil Blotting Papers
I think that blotting papers are pretty standard when it comes to summer necessities for a lot of people. You'd think that since I have combo/oily skin that I would be going through these things like crazy, but I honestly don't use them. Since I wear foundation/blush/bronzer etc- I find that most blotting papers mess up the finish of my makeup, and I rarely need to use them when I'm makeup-less and hanging out at home. Even though I won't use these, I know a lot of people that love having the on hand to take the shine off their forehead, nose etc throughout the day, so they'll go to a good home. This particular package is so cute too, isn't it?
Overall Thoughts
The Head-to-Toe Fun in the Sun Bag cost $28, however I did not recieve an info card with my bag so I have no idea how much these items are valued at for Beauteque. Doing a little googling, I can estimate the value to be around of around $64. I'm normally not super thrilled with Summer themed boxes for some reason, but I actually really enjoyed this one. I love that the Ostia Cucumber Gel was included because I've seen so many people talking about it and I really wanted to try it out! The sunscreen/essence/makeup base product is very different from what I'm used to getting in subscriptions etc. It seems like a higher end product from the information I can find about it, and it really works well for me so far. I like that its more than just a simple sunscreen. I'm also please with the rest of the curation. I'm a weirdo for toner (it's like my favorite skincare product for some reason) so while I would have loved to see a good oil control toner in here, I'm still quite happy overall and would definitely recommend this one!

If you'd like to purchase the Head to Toe Fun in the Sun Bag, you can do so right HERE. And don't forget: Beauteque ships to many more countries than just the US and Canada- so no matter where you are you can get your kbeauty fix!
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  1. Ooh these guys ship to rainy old Britain! So tempting! I wonder if they add the 20% tax we pay on stuff like this though. I've heard people have had things stopped at customs before and when that happens you get a 'handling fee' too. Grr.
    Also, that cucumber thing. I lol'd. I may be a child in a womans body haha.

    1. I would shoot Beauteque an e-mail and ask them about any international shipping charges or weird fees that you might encounter- i'm totally clueless to that stuff but since they seem to ship to lots of countries, they'll probably have a better idea of what it would cost you (if anything) when it comes to tax/fees etc. International shipping is such a pain in the butt!

      And haha I HAD to laugh at it, I can't lie. My fiance just looked at it and said, " that?" LOL's probably a great product but it'll be an even better thing to pull out at parties for a good laugh! ;)