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Beauteque Mask Maven July 2015 Review

Mask Maven is one of those subscriptions that I feel has become a necessity for me. At first, I kept thinking, "I totally don't need to build my hoard of sheet masks." However after getting this subscription for the past few months, I've noticed I've become more diligent about acutally using the sheet masks in my collection. What's great about Mask Maven is that you don't need a big ol' stash of sheet masks to immediately start using masks on a schedule. most months have 9 masks included, you could do at least 2 per week and have an extra by the time your next bag showed up. Sheet masks are a great way to target specific skin issues in a way that typical skincare might not be able to. If you're dealing with dry patches, a nourishing and moisturizing sheet mask will help work wonders. Feeling like an oil slick in this hot Summer weather? An oil control mask will balance your skins oil production and put you back on track. Having a stocked arsenal of sheet masks is super important to my skincare routine now. So much so, that I've started slowly building my eye, hand and foot mask collection as well!

What is Mask Maven?
Mask Maven is a monthly subscription service that sends you 9-11 masks each month. These masks range from sheet masks, hand and foot masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more, although it seems that it's usually sheet mask-heavy. You receive a different variety of masks each month.

Subscription Details and Pricing
You can subscribe Month-to-Month, or prepay for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. You are billed on the 20th of each month if you subscribe for the month-to-month option. If you subscribe after the 10th of the month, you will have to wait until the following month to receive your bag. Bags are shipped starting on the 20th of each month, although they have shipped earlier occasionally.

 Month to Month: $16 per month
3 months: $16 per Month
 6 months: $15 per month
12 months: $14 per month

Shipping costs range from $3.95 to $9.95 depending on where you live. Beauteque currently ships Mask Maven to the following Areas: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.
Something that is new to Beauteque is a more detailed info card. I love this change because even if some of the masks are varied from subscriber to subscriber, it's good to have a little information on the masks that we're receiving!
Tonymoly: I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet
The "I'm Real" line of sheet masks from Tonymoly is pretty well known at this point, and I've tried quite a few of the already. My personal favorite are the Red Wine masks, but most of the types I've tried have been quite good, even if for temporary improvement. I haven't tried the Avocado mask yet, but it seems like one that would be good for all skin types as it delivers vitamins and nutrients deep into the skin. I like the thicker cotton of these sheet masks as well. 
Holika Holika: Collagen and Pomegranate Sheet Mask
What's great about pomegranate in sheet masks is that it helps regenerate tissue in the affected area in which you are using it. In other words: it helps get rid of acne. Score. While collagen can't really work it's magic on skin when applied topically, it is an excellent hydrator for skin. What makes pomegranate a good match in this sheet mask though, is that it helps extend the life of fibroblasts, which are the cells that actually create collagen and elastin in your body.
Esfolio: Gold Mask- Gold Essence
 I have never seen this mask before, so I have to admit I was excited! Any time I see a new sheet mask I just get the weird urge to try it immediately! Although I've been holding off on this one because I'm forcing myself to use up the ones I already have before digging into my new masks. Regardless, this mask contains colloidal gold, which helps alleviate stressed skin and adds elasticity and nutrition.

SNP: Beijing Opera Brightening Sheet Mask
These SNP masks are seriously all the rage this year. I was watching an episode of a Korean TV show called "Roommate" not too long ago, when Jackson of GOT7 was suddenly shown wearing a sheet mask and it was the SNP Tiger Mask:
(Like...he and I are clearly meant to be best friends!)
But anyway, these cute masks basically have a print on the rather than just being a typical solid white sheet. Some people find the freaky, others find them super cute. I just think they're a more fun version of your everyday sheet mask!
This particular version is The Beijing Opera Mask, which is modeled after the masks used in Chinese theater. It contains coconut water, which replenishes moisture to the skin, brightens, and improves skin's defense functions. 
Esfolio: Milk Essence Mask Sheet
 It seems like the Western world is finally getting around to talking about milk in skincare. I keep seeing Allure and other beauty websites posting articles like, "Cleopatra swears by this beauty secret!" and it's always about bathing in Milk and milk-based skincare. Korea has been producing Milk skincare products for quite some time now, so many of us already know of it's benefits! This particular sheet mask contains milk protein extract, which help clean the skin and increase it's moisture and elasticity. 

Urban Dollkiss: Welcome to Korea Money Masks X2
Uhm. How freakin' cute are these sheet masks? I genuinely thought they sent money in the bags when I first saw them! So cute. Apparently every subscriber got a random 2 masks in their bag and these are exclusive to Beauteque? I did check around a bit and wasn't able to find them, although I'm pretty sure that Urban Dollkiss is a brand under the same umbrella as Baviphat. There was no details about these masks other than some very vague words on the back of the package like "Moisturizing" etc, so I suppose you'll have to just wing it and hope for the best when trying these ones out. You could potentially message Beauteque as well to see what each mask is used for if you wanted!
AngelLooka: Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack
YESSSSSS! I've been saying for months now that I wanted to see more hand and foot masks in Mask Maven, and my wish was granted! Next I'm going to be praying for a foot peeling mask! This one is a moisturizing pack that also helps remove dead skin cells. What's neat about this one is that it heats up upon application, which is something I haven't actually tried before! Can't wait to give this one a try!
Mediheal: Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask Sheet
Most of you know I obsess over eye masks/gels etc, so I of course was insanely delighted to see this mask as well. I like these kinds of eye masks because they focus on the eye area specifically, but I do find that the eye holes tend to be too big. I want the masks to hit my under eye area and the area where I get crows feet because those are the places that need the most help. Looking at the picture on the front, I'm guessing this one is also going to have "too big" eye holes, but I'm sure it'll be a nice soothing treatment regardless!
Overall Thoughts
Mask Maven costs $16 per month (less if you pre-pay for a longer subscription) and the July bag contained 9 masks, making each mask cost under $2.
This is definitely my all-time favorite Mask Maven bag since I started receiving them. While I expect it to be heavy on sheet masks, I love that there is such a wide variety this month. With the fun "money" sheet masks and the SNP Opera mask, especially! I love that there is a foot mask and an eye mask included this month as well. I couldn't have asked for a better selection, and I really hope they continue to curate well-rounded bags like this in the following months. Can't wait to see what August has in store!

If you'd like to learn more about Mask Maven or sign up for yourself, you can do so HERE.
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